Friday, December 31, 2010

Happ New Year Everyone.

Is it true? Is today the last day of 2010?
In that case, Happy New Year and have a GOOD 2011.

Well Done Kitties.

We are thankful that on the last day of 2010, our Wild Bunch and JeffryBiy are ok. We hope all kitties are ok at leats for today, the last day of 2010.

Toro's Vet Visit

We were the first one in the hospital. So Toro had a good rest.
Toro: I can see effurything! Don't think I don't know what will happen san!
I remember this place!

I was glad Toro was very curious about everything that was happening.

After his ultra sound of his abdomen and throat, the injection for his urine sample, his blood test and his sub q. He was still very alert and good-humoured.

One of the asistants asked if she could take his picture. Toro obliged of course.

The blood test for 13/11/10
The numbers were not bad but not so good either esp for his calcium and creatinine.

Today's blood test was more encouraging. Hurray!
BUN, creatinine and calcium numbers were ALL much better. :))

His new diet.

The hero at home in shorn glory.

Oohhh...I am do tired~~~ zzzz

His ultra sound showed no dark shdows or tumours which was excellent. BUT Dr P was very concerned as his right kidney was much bigger than his left and there was a crystal or urolith that was partially blocking his urethra. As a result his right pelvic canal was swollen. Dr T had told me that this was a possibity and this condition is dangerous as he would need surgery if the crystal does not dissolve.
His right parathyroid was also a little bigger than his left one. Dr P said it was better to take the ultra sound of the thyroids as even when the iPTH is negligeable, it would be better to see the size and condition of the parathyroids themselves. So she shaved his throat. Poor thing Toro. But he was very good about it and behaved very well. Dr said she was not worried about the parathyroids and the enlarged one was within the norms.

Dr P tried to test his urine to see if she could determine if the crystals were struvite or oxalate calcium but it was not successful as there was only sand in the bladder. But she advised me to give him a new diet for his urinary tract. She said if its struvite, the diet would take care of it. f its oxalate calcium then the diet is of not much help.
We would need to come back in one month as Dr P was concerned about the enlarged pelvic cavity and the swollen kidney. She did say that it would take about 3 months to dissolve the crystals. Her final opinion is that the high calcium indicator was the secondary result of his kidney failure.
On the positive side, Toro really likes the new diet :)

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Goodnight Sunday

Toro likes watching outside at night when the lights are low. The night breeze totally captures him :)

Cats in Malacca Town

things :))

Melaka Town

A very seedy Golden Mile Towers where we got our bus at 7.30 am
Our bus to Melaka. It was spacious with good leg space. You can even fold your legs and get comfortable. It was good value for money and it took us 4 hours to get to our hotel.
The famous Hainan Chicken Rice balls. In Melaka Town, you can get these 'wonders'. Its more glutinuous and sticky. It seems Melaka is famous for this. Its nice though.
We went to St Paul's Church from our hotel. It was a good thing we can walk to all of the sights :) I think we counted 167 steps to the top of the hill!
The fort is also used by couples to take wedding pictures :)
This is the famous Dutch Square, the admin heart of the Dutch. Now its full of souvenir shops and trishaws for tourists.
Align CenterOne of the colorful trishaws bedecked with artificial flowers and what not. They also blare Chinese and Malay songs :) Will cost you RM$40.00 for an hour.
Jonker Street is a very colourful street for tourists and supposed antique shops :) It was unfortunate that when we were there, it was too hot to be walking very far.
This must be a very popular Hainan Chicken Rice balls place as there was a long line waiting for the shop to open at 10.00 am. The queue seemed endless and when we finished our chendol at 12.00, there was still a long queue.
The waterfront at Sungai Melaka, transformed into riverwalks and eating places.

I went for a very short break to Malacca last week. It was a good break and I enjoyed myself thoroughly in Malacca which is now a World Heritage Site (for the Studhuys or Dutch Square). Only trishaws and bisycles can go into the actual Heritage site and so there is not much pollution. It seems you can't even smoke when you are at the site! But I enjoyed the simple pleasures of eating grilled sweet potatoes and roasted chestnuts best :)

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Just Because

Its Christmas, I have decided that I should post for us. san just came back home from Malacca and she said I should post as today's Just Because pikshur, I mean picture is mine ..ahemmm. As you can see I have used my 'look' at san many times before and this morning I give thanks that I got fresh wheat grass from this. :)
We also got a group picture for Christmas. san took this throughout the day and as you can see we have been rather lazy this Christmas. But Tanaka said he was thankful that he gets as many scritches as he wants and Toro says that he wants to give thanks for all the time that he had tried to hide from san when it came to medicine and she gave him the medicine anyway. I told Toro that the medicine was good for him and he believed me as I am his big bruffer. Megat just wants to give thanks for good breezes and sunshine. Ms Akira just likes sitting on san's lap at the computer.
We also give thanks that the Wild Bunch including JeffreyBoy were in good spirits and had a good Christmas dinner in peace.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Boys hanging out together...
Megat showing his Rambo self...
Quiet Ms Akira in the mornings...

We are glad to report that everyone is fine. Only san has been down with cough for 2 weeks! At least she is home for that time with us. That is always good except for her cough but we take anything we can get :)

Toro At Home

I wonder when all this would get better san?
His iPTH test. So its not his parathyroid that is causing the elevated calcium in his blood. Back to the drawing board!
I really do not think this is funny san. YOU should try swallowing 6 pills and now the kaolin too?
See? I know what I am doing. Its just I won't slip off the couch of course.
I know you are still looking at me!
There is nothing I can do about it. A nap would be best!

The iPTH test came back negative so I guess it has to be from somewhere else. Dr Lee said it could be from some other source and may be a tumour somewhere else!! She advised an ultra sound (which he is getting on the 31st of Dec) and another blood test to see his calcium levels. She said that 13.9 is not overly high but we should monitor his calcium levels. Other than tis very worrying aspect, Toro is very well and chasing shadows as usual :)

Megat just hanging out with me

Megat is the only one of my cats whose tongue would do this at each scratch. he's a funny kitty :)

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

At Long Last...

I know I am well. There is really no need to prod me anymore Dr L...
Megat's blood test looked very good. Actually his kidneys are so much better than Toro's. I told Dr L maybe I should give Toro the Sang Hwang also. Dr L laughed and said in that case I should get a second job! Hmmm..
Sleep innocent sleep...

Dr L said I should consider writing about Megat in Facebook so that owners with senior cats with lymphoma concerns would take heart that there is something that could be done for their cats. He said that I should just talk about the meds and not the clinic nor the vets concerned as he wanted them to concentrate on the possibility of getting their cats some help. I could just link megat's blog to Facebook I guess as I know people would also want to know where they can get the same help if they want. Dr L said only about 70% of his lymphoma patients do well and at present the oldest one is 7 years in remission.

Megat is much more able to move about these days. he has new found confidence and would climb all over the cat trees and high spaces which he did not do before his sang hwang. Dr L said the sang hwang has rejuvenating properties. so I guess he is 15 years young :) Here is a cat with renal failure (now better), lymphoma (now in remission) and asthma. We have yet to better his asthma condition although he does not wheeze too badly and only has coughs about twice a month on average.

Sunday, December 05, 2010

Goodnight Sunday


Its THAT time again

Yes san. Can I suggest that you stop blogging and brush know, take up the thing with the brushy end and brush me..your cat? When you say? NOW please...

Naps on Sunday

Clean linen means a good nap...
I like taking naps on san's bed cos the new line smells nice and fresh. It is good to be the first one.