Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Toro At Home

I wonder when all this would get better san?
His iPTH test. So its not his parathyroid that is causing the elevated calcium in his blood. Back to the drawing board!
I really do not think this is funny san. YOU should try swallowing 6 pills and now the kaolin too?
See? I know what I am doing. Its just I won't slip off the couch of course.
I know you are still looking at me!
There is nothing I can do about it. A nap would be best!

The iPTH test came back negative so I guess it has to be from somewhere else. Dr Lee said it could be from some other source and may be a tumour somewhere else!! She advised an ultra sound (which he is getting on the 31st of Dec) and another blood test to see his calcium levels. She said that 13.9 is not overly high but we should monitor his calcium levels. Other than tis very worrying aspect, Toro is very well and chasing shadows as usual :)

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KXBC said...

That's good to hear. At least you can strike something off the list.

As long as he looks healthy and is running and playing, don't worry too much.

My view (may not sync with yours though): A shorter life but one whereby one is happy and mobile is better than a longer life but where it is sickly and in constant pain.

For my XX: I rather she be happy, mobile, not in pain and go earlier than her supposedly average age. I can't bear to see her living longer but in constant pain and totally immobile being sustained by medication/drips.

I wish the same for myself too.