Friday, December 31, 2010

Toro's Vet Visit

We were the first one in the hospital. So Toro had a good rest.
Toro: I can see effurything! Don't think I don't know what will happen san!
I remember this place!

I was glad Toro was very curious about everything that was happening.

After his ultra sound of his abdomen and throat, the injection for his urine sample, his blood test and his sub q. He was still very alert and good-humoured.

One of the asistants asked if she could take his picture. Toro obliged of course.

The blood test for 13/11/10
The numbers were not bad but not so good either esp for his calcium and creatinine.

Today's blood test was more encouraging. Hurray!
BUN, creatinine and calcium numbers were ALL much better. :))

His new diet.

The hero at home in shorn glory.

Oohhh...I am do tired~~~ zzzz

His ultra sound showed no dark shdows or tumours which was excellent. BUT Dr P was very concerned as his right kidney was much bigger than his left and there was a crystal or urolith that was partially blocking his urethra. As a result his right pelvic canal was swollen. Dr T had told me that this was a possibity and this condition is dangerous as he would need surgery if the crystal does not dissolve.
His right parathyroid was also a little bigger than his left one. Dr P said it was better to take the ultra sound of the thyroids as even when the iPTH is negligeable, it would be better to see the size and condition of the parathyroids themselves. So she shaved his throat. Poor thing Toro. But he was very good about it and behaved very well. Dr said she was not worried about the parathyroids and the enlarged one was within the norms.

Dr P tried to test his urine to see if she could determine if the crystals were struvite or oxalate calcium but it was not successful as there was only sand in the bladder. But she advised me to give him a new diet for his urinary tract. She said if its struvite, the diet would take care of it. f its oxalate calcium then the diet is of not much help.
We would need to come back in one month as Dr P was concerned about the enlarged pelvic cavity and the swollen kidney. She did say that it would take about 3 months to dissolve the crystals. Her final opinion is that the high calcium indicator was the secondary result of his kidney failure.
On the positive side, Toro really likes the new diet :)


KXBC said...

His Creatinine is still high. :(

Does Toro eat wet food with added water? It does not do a lot but it helps to introduce just that little bit more water into his body. We do that for XX everyday and replace the water bowl daily just to get her to drink. She prefers the water really fresh and will usually be waiting in front of the water dish area to be the first.

san said...

I tried to put a little water in his wet food but he would then refuse to eat it. So when I give him his pills, he gets about 10 ml of water 2X daily from a syringe.

He now drinks water that we put on the table for Megat. So that water is changed quite often so it remains fresh. The boys now all drink water from there apart from the water fountains.But I notice he does not drink water very much even so.

KXBC said...

The other alternative may be to do a sub-Q a couple of times per week. If he gets dehydrated at night (when the vet is closed), you may wish to do a sub-Q to make him more comfy over the night before you can rush him to the vet the next morning.

We know that cats are kaypoh and like to explore new things at home. Not sure if this will work but what about besides your usual water dishes/fountains at the usual places, to place maybe a small bowl/cup (cup prob not a good idea in the longer term) of water at funny places? When they discover it, they may just take a sip here and there. And to change the location every couple of days to keep them interested and curious.

I did that unintentionally with one of the cat trees and they have been scratching it, playing, sleeping on it non stop. We now switch the locations of the cat trees (we have 4) once a week. Just to keep it fresh. Maybe this works with water bowls as well.