Sunday, December 26, 2010

Melaka Town

A very seedy Golden Mile Towers where we got our bus at 7.30 am
Our bus to Melaka. It was spacious with good leg space. You can even fold your legs and get comfortable. It was good value for money and it took us 4 hours to get to our hotel.
The famous Hainan Chicken Rice balls. In Melaka Town, you can get these 'wonders'. Its more glutinuous and sticky. It seems Melaka is famous for this. Its nice though.
We went to St Paul's Church from our hotel. It was a good thing we can walk to all of the sights :) I think we counted 167 steps to the top of the hill!
The fort is also used by couples to take wedding pictures :)
This is the famous Dutch Square, the admin heart of the Dutch. Now its full of souvenir shops and trishaws for tourists.
Align CenterOne of the colorful trishaws bedecked with artificial flowers and what not. They also blare Chinese and Malay songs :) Will cost you RM$40.00 for an hour.
Jonker Street is a very colourful street for tourists and supposed antique shops :) It was unfortunate that when we were there, it was too hot to be walking very far.
This must be a very popular Hainan Chicken Rice balls place as there was a long line waiting for the shop to open at 10.00 am. The queue seemed endless and when we finished our chendol at 12.00, there was still a long queue.
The waterfront at Sungai Melaka, transformed into riverwalks and eating places.

I went for a very short break to Malacca last week. It was a good break and I enjoyed myself thoroughly in Malacca which is now a World Heritage Site (for the Studhuys or Dutch Square). Only trishaws and bisycles can go into the actual Heritage site and so there is not much pollution. It seems you can't even smoke when you are at the site! But I enjoyed the simple pleasures of eating grilled sweet potatoes and roasted chestnuts best :)

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