Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Accidents Will Happen

It was an accident san...I promise...

This evening grandma came out of my bedroom to tell me that Megat had peed on the scratching board by the wall. She said Megat used the scratcher and then wiggled his butt and sprayed onto the wall. I was surprised as Megat was sitting beside me quite unconcerned. It is always the case that if one of the boys had done something 'wrong', they would either hide out (Megat and Toro) or meow very loudly (Bujang after he throws up somewhere).

I cleaned up the mess and discussed with Cousin R and grandma why he had done something like this as the bins were clean. We thought it could be a case of him forgetting what he had wanted to do. He wanted to scratch the board and then forgot and thought he was in his litter. The amigos of course enjoys digging and scratching at the litter itself before doing their business.

Admittedly, Megat is a very senior cat at 14 years old. He may be even older as when I adopted him, the vet told me that he was 'ten years or more.' So he could be more than 14 years old. He is just a sprightly and active senior citizen :) So he could be experiencing the onset of senility. I read that senior cats sometimes forget where they are and where their litter is. We just have to monitor him more closely than what we are already doing.


KXBC said...

Cat pee is tedious to clean up.

Sometimes, my gang will spray too ernestly inside the litter box onto the hood and due to the poor design of the hood, the urine may seep out of the box and drip onto the floor. I really hate cleaning it then.

Getting rid of the odour is difficult but vinegar helps a lot.

Anonymous said...

My mantra while cleaning up after accidents is: better pee&poo than none ;)