Thursday, October 31, 2013

Is it true that it will be my bifday?

                                         T: san, do you know something?
                                         S: what is that something?
                                         T: my birthday is this Saturday. I gotch'd you at Deepavalli. 
                                         S: this Saturday is only the 2nd of November. It's true that its Deepavalli but       it's not your birthday. Your birthday will be in two weeks. 
                                         T: WHAT!! Am I not a Deepavalli baby?
I think you are up to shenanigans san. I am not pleased and will not look at you any more for tonight.

This Saturday is Deepavalli and its true that Tanaka is our Deepavalli baby but I have always gotten into a lot of trouble every time I publish something about it. Someone in the net would be upset about Deepavalli (or Diwali or Deepawalli). It is just my cat's Gotcha day or it is actually the day that he gotch'd us instead :)

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Just Because

pbbbbhhttt to san for not helping us with the blogging for these many days. 

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Tanaka on Sunday

No I am just resting. I am not thinking of jumping about ...yet. 
     Ok. Maybe Dr Lalani has a point. 
I brought Tanaka to see Dr Lalani , his osteopath last Friday. He behaved very well and allowed the doc to massage his left hind leg very hard. He was relaxed and stayed calm throughout his therapy. Dr Lalani asked me if he had hurt himself before but I was not able to help since I didn't notice any limp before this. 

Dr L said he must have hurt himself more than once as he has some scar tissue but only at his left hind leg. His right leg is ok as are all his other legs. It could also be the case of him favoring his left leg as well. It could result  in his spine not being as straight as it should be but we will only able to know this if I can take a video of him jumping up and down from a height. I despair of ever being able to do this but I think I can watch if he does favour his left leg when jumping up and down surfaces. 

Dr L is confident that he could stretch his muscles more and more and then see what could be done to the spine (if it is not aligned well).  I suspect his spine is stiff as he is always trying to stalk Ms Akira. 

We will be seeing him again in 3 weeks. I am quite thankful that Fern told me about this. Tanaka had told her that he had hurt his leg while jumping and it was only then that I had scrutinized him walking. If not I would be oblivious to it. These things could get pretty bad the longer they remain  untreated, like Ms Akira's case. 

I am glad Tanaka likes the massage and allows Dr L to help him. If this was Bujang we would have a more difficult time of it!

When we were at the osteopath, a woman came and told is that she reads our blog. She said she always walks past the osteopath as she works around the area. We were very pleased she came to at hello and although we know that people do read our blog it was good to meet someone who does :) 

At this point we would like to thank everyone who has come to see us as well :)

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Saturday Easy

Just sitting here on Saturday. san is clicking like there is no tomorrow. So I am just looking at the camera this once so she would go away. 
WHAT?Another one? Just one more ok?
       Have a good weekend everyone. 

hmmmm...san is wondering why the pics are blurry this morning in blogger, although they are ok in the camera. 

Friday, October 25, 2013


...just resting...

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Thursday Meditations

Here I am looking much thinner than I usually do. I am much better at defending myself against my brother Tanaka and do not yell so much now when he comes near me. I know that he is just being a silly brother. Last night I decided to tell san that it was time to go for a walk and not wait for her to tell me. I pushed open her bedroom door with my paws and head and it opened immediately. THAT was not such a good idea as my brother Tanaka was waiting for me and he ran out and we had a short stand-off. But san then scholded my brother for chasing me and put him to bed. 
My brother Bujang then came over to me and told me to behave myself. Hmmm..maybe I should be more careful next time. 

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Wednesday Thots

hmmmm.....actually I am just happy hanging out here. I only have good thoughts about everyone.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

What's dat?

     What's outside the window? Hmmm 
     If only I can get him. C'mon birdie ...

Monday, October 21, 2013

Remembering Megat

Yesterday was the 15th day of my brother Megat's going to the Bridge. san decided to put his urn next to Toro's. So Cousin R and san did it last night.
 Totoro jasmine pot is the one on the left.
san thought the smiling  fat cat angel would make Megat happy. We see them from our window all the time and sometimes the butterflies and small birds would also say hello. san thinks it is better that he is with Nature than kept in a cupboard or in a columbarium although Dr Ly had offered her a space in the prayer room at the hospital. Run Free and Fly High Megat, my brother.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Easy Peasy Sunday

Easy napping on Easy Peasy Sunday. My favorite kind of Sunday. 

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Friday, October 18, 2013


san has been taking me out for a walk effuryday. I fink she feels badly that I had hurted myself but I am not in any sort of pain. But it breaks up my day when we go out, even if its is only along my corridor. I dun really like going downstairs. Grass is for eating only, not for walking on. 

Today I fink she may take all offur us out as its TGIF. Hurrah.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Finally Outside

 I had not brought Bujang downstairs for his walk for a whole year. It began with renovation works for the place - repainting, retiling, building of temporary shelters for workman things, hammering and moving things about. I had brought him downstairs sporadically but he  refused to go out of the carrier. For the last 4 days, I had brought him down to see if he would take a walk and yesterday was the day he took his first walk downstairs but not without some trepidation and hiding behind pillars.

 He did this more times than I can count. I guess the sudden openness was overwhelming.
 I am glad all the broken down bicycles were removed and so was Bujang.

 Finally he crossed the drain and ate some grass. 
He even crossed over the drain several times and he went backwards and forwards. I think he quite enjoyed his day out. I am glad that it was quiet enough for him to enjoy the day.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Community Cat Wednesday

 This guy is a sometime-dinner guest. I don't know where he hangs out but he sometimes appears quite hungry. He is a very handsome boy with a marvellously straight tail.
This boy lives around Tampines St 11 and I see him working hard to get people to go into the pet store. He has a nice house and toys as well. His tail is also beautifully straight and long. He lives near the vet and so gets vet care as well.
Ginger was the kitty that broke both his hind legs after being chased by dogs. He was found bleeding in the drain near my house. We got him emergency vet care, an operation to fix both his ankles and somewhere safe to recuperate. Now he lives with someone but unfortunately he is let out to roam the area in the mornings and sometimes at night. But at least he now knows where he can go to escape if he needs to.
 These 2 kitties are called Baby (tabby) and Jeffrey Boy. They come to dinner together. although Baby (female) is the younger of the two, she often slaps Jeffrey because she can!
This is our long-time resident Putih. She is very pretty and allows people to pet her. 

We have a new resident whom we have named Kira as he/she is a black cat.  He/She looks young and is still uncertain of us. But once we are friends, he/she would be off for sterilisation as well. We are lucky the community cats in our area are all healthy and relatively safe from harm. The residents know them are as long as caregivers feed them responsibly, the residents do not threaten their safety. They are all sterilised, frontlined, get vet care and regular food. We are really lucky.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Just Because

Ok. That's enough for now. Thanks san. 
It's easy to get san to give me scritches. I only need to be myself and that is easy. 

Monday, October 14, 2013

Just Because

It's good to have a bright Monday don't you think?

And one from my favorite brother as well
Yup. I am sitting on his blanket but he does not mind it. He is a good brother. 
Have a bright cheery Monday everyone. Tomorrow is a public holiday here so we are all in good cheer.