Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Community Cat Wednesday

 This guy is a sometime-dinner guest. I don't know where he hangs out but he sometimes appears quite hungry. He is a very handsome boy with a marvellously straight tail.
This boy lives around Tampines St 11 and I see him working hard to get people to go into the pet store. He has a nice house and toys as well. His tail is also beautifully straight and long. He lives near the vet and so gets vet care as well.
Ginger was the kitty that broke both his hind legs after being chased by dogs. He was found bleeding in the drain near my house. We got him emergency vet care, an operation to fix both his ankles and somewhere safe to recuperate. Now he lives with someone but unfortunately he is let out to roam the area in the mornings and sometimes at night. But at least he now knows where he can go to escape if he needs to.
 These 2 kitties are called Baby (tabby) and Jeffrey Boy. They come to dinner together. although Baby (female) is the younger of the two, she often slaps Jeffrey because she can!
This is our long-time resident Putih. She is very pretty and allows people to pet her. 

We have a new resident whom we have named Kira as he/she is a black cat.  He/She looks young and is still uncertain of us. But once we are friends, he/she would be off for sterilisation as well. We are lucky the community cats in our area are all healthy and relatively safe from harm. The residents know them are as long as caregivers feed them responsibly, the residents do not threaten their safety. They are all sterilised, frontlined, get vet care and regular food. We are really lucky.


Tom, Tama-Chan, Sei-Chan, Bibi-Chan, Gen-Chan, Vidock, Violette said...

It is nice to know that all of these kitties do have people who care about them and look after them.

The Chans

meowmeowmans said...

Such an appropriate and wonderful post, seeing as how it is National Feral Cat Day here in the U.S. It is great that your community cats are so well taken care of.

Jasmine said...

I miss Ginger! Is he still staying near our area? Baby and Jeffrey are 2 sweetheart. She really loves her tummy rubs and is not ashamed to let you know ;p I've also noticed the new black kitten and pray he/she warms up to you soon :)

san said...

Ginger has been adopted by someone in the block but is still let out early in the morning and sometimes at night unfortunately. The black kitty is male and is named SunnyBoy because of his friendly and playful nature.