Sunday, October 27, 2013

Tanaka on Sunday

No I am just resting. I am not thinking of jumping about ...yet. 
     Ok. Maybe Dr Lalani has a point. 
I brought Tanaka to see Dr Lalani , his osteopath last Friday. He behaved very well and allowed the doc to massage his left hind leg very hard. He was relaxed and stayed calm throughout his therapy. Dr Lalani asked me if he had hurt himself before but I was not able to help since I didn't notice any limp before this. 

Dr L said he must have hurt himself more than once as he has some scar tissue but only at his left hind leg. His right leg is ok as are all his other legs. It could also be the case of him favoring his left leg as well. It could result  in his spine not being as straight as it should be but we will only able to know this if I can take a video of him jumping up and down from a height. I despair of ever being able to do this but I think I can watch if he does favour his left leg when jumping up and down surfaces. 

Dr L is confident that he could stretch his muscles more and more and then see what could be done to the spine (if it is not aligned well).  I suspect his spine is stiff as he is always trying to stalk Ms Akira. 

We will be seeing him again in 3 weeks. I am quite thankful that Fern told me about this. Tanaka had told her that he had hurt his leg while jumping and it was only then that I had scrutinized him walking. If not I would be oblivious to it. These things could get pretty bad the longer they remain  untreated, like Ms Akira's case. 

I am glad Tanaka likes the massage and allows Dr L to help him. If this was Bujang we would have a more difficult time of it!

When we were at the osteopath, a woman came and told is that she reads our blog. She said she always walks past the osteopath as she works around the area. We were very pleased she came to at hello and although we know that people do read our blog it was good to meet someone who does :) 

At this point we would like to thank everyone who has come to see us as well :)


Tom, Tama-Chan, Sei-Chan, Bibi-Chan, Gen-Chan, Vidock, Violette said...

Tanaka-Chan, you are a very lucky boy to be living with San who talked to Fern and brought you to the osteopath. It i so wonderful to be loved and so well taken care of!

The Chans

Katnip Lounge said...

We are so happy that Tanaka is feeling better! You certainly have a great vet.

Eileen said...

Dear Tanaka, I do hope you have a bit of rest for your poor leg. I sounds like like you are in good hands with Dr. Lalani. Meow, Jessica

Anonymous said...

Get well soon Tanaka. D