Thursday, April 28, 2011

Just Because

I stumbled on this very pretty picture of Ms Akira when she was a frisky little kitten as I was re-reading an older entry. This was before Toro, Megat or Tanaka came to live with us. Then she has only Bujang and they became fast friends. Now of course she is a calmer kitty but she lives in a more confined space of her Princess Room [thanks cat_aunty] (see entry below) and comes out to walk about only when I put the boys in the bedroom.

Thursday Thots

only quiet ones with san...

I want to be Prime Minister

Tanaka: Yesh, I fink being Prime Minister will be furry nice. He would get lots of money to buy lots ofur treats fur himself.

san: No, he needs to work for the country

Tanaka: Would he be able to buy treats fur himself even if he does that?

san: I guess so.

Tanaka: Then I fink I would make a good Prime Minister as I will buy treats fur every cat in the world :)

PS: We are having our General Elections next week and the whole country is gettng quite excited because for the first time in our histroy, every constituency will be contested, except of course the one belonging to the Senior Minister.

Tanaka: Then san, I fink I would rather be the Senior Minister.

san: !!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011



Tanaka's Tuesday

Tanaka: The breeze was furry nice when san opened the window for us. I sat here minding my own biznez when san asked me to come down. So..
I did. san wanted to show me her book and told me that it was furry good reading. I was not konvinced! I told her fanks you furry much but I would rather...
look outside! So san, take note! I do not like reading thick books. Maybe if its somefing about tuna...maybe...

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Goodnight Sunday

Tanaka: NO! I am not sleepy yet.

san: Its half past 10. Surely you would like to be up and early tomorrow.

Tanaka: I am always up and early today and today and today.

san: Tomorrow

Tanaka: okie. Today.


Oh the price of good looks

We have someone P, in to help us with the housechores and grandma, now that she is having some difficulty moving about. P likes cats but is afraid of the boys because they have claws but not Toro. Toro has claws too I told her but toro is a much more even -tempred kitty, quite used to being handled and cuddled as he has to take meds everyday. I told P that if she is going to cuddle Toro, she should also be nice to the others as they are apt to beat him up (especially Megat) just because he gets extra affection and that would give him stress. More stress means his UTI would act up. P understands this and I hope she can stop herself from removing him from his favourite perches just so she could cuddle him.

It is sometimes dififcult being handsome :))

Just Because

Easy Peasy Sunday will be hot this morning san...
Ooohhh too hot for running about....zzz

No san. We acn still go out. Its only a little hot..just a little...

Best just to stay in Bujang. There is more breeze here than out.

Just hanging out usual ...

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Sitting with san

just that...sitting...

Morning Walk

Bujang was yelling the whole morning and so I brought him downstairs at about nine-ish. He spent quite a happy time walking
and eating grass. The grass was long...

and looks juicy because of all the rain were had been having. I was glad for Bujang as he got to eat grass from the ground rather than wheatgrass from the supermarket. I was told that there are some places where they sell wheat grass in pots but I have not been able to find any.

Bujang looked quite longingly at the open space and spent some time ruminating if he should even venture out there...

Then he suddenly decided and went up the easy way. No stairs for him!

A moment of indecision. To go or to stay...

After half an hour, he decided that he had enough as there were more and more people walking about. I managed to persuade him to get into his carrier and was surprised that he actually agreed. He allowed me to clean his paws and then he decided a nap on the new blanket was a good reward for his morning walk :) The both of us had quite a good morning to be sure!

Friday, April 22, 2011

The Invisible Cat

I am furry good at hiding...sometimes san cannot find me even if I am infront offur her.

Just Because

In conclusion

I had such a busy Good Friday morning and so I decided to take a nap

Ms Akira's Good Friday morning

I thought it would be good to allow Ms Akira some morning time out. As the boys were in my room looking at the pigeons outside the window, it was a good opportunity as everyone would be happy.
She decided to sit quietly with me by the door. She is by nature a quiet cat who loves contempation and meditation although she also loves running after ribbons at night.
For Ms akira every opportunity is an occasion for grooming...
and looking at the world from the safety of her house...
Then she decided to take a risk and put her head out the window. My heart skipped a beat but I thought it better to allow her this than pull her inside immediately as she might get freaked out and may not want to sit here again. But after a minute, she decided to put her head in again and got down. PHEW! As I was sitting with her on the table (where this cat seat was) I was not too scared that she might slip out as she does not really like the outside and would prefer sitting on my lap the whole day if she could.

Is he gone san?

What is Bujang doing in my room san? I fink I will sit on your chair instead of mine. Its much safer as Bujang doesn't like it.
Ok. Maybe I will see what he is up to, much closer. he can't get me as I am taller than he is. See? he is looking at me now..aieee...

san: No Akira, he is just interested in the open window. You'll see..

Bujang was indeed just intereste din climbing up the chair towards the light :)

He was determined to get there...


Hmmm...There is nuffing here that I have not seen before from outside!

Ms Akira: Is he gone san? I fink this room is not big enough for the both of us :)

Monday, April 18, 2011

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Time to sleep...

any time now....goodnight just in case

Sititng wif grandma

both of us together...

Its not often that the 2 boys can do this amicably and in front of me. Grandma had been trying to convince me that the boys sometimes do this in the afternoon and I guess now I have proof :)

Wake Up cat from You Tube

Wake Up cat from YouTube

Sister S, who is in A, sent us this very funny video we thought we would put it here :)

The dialogue is - Tosha, Tosha enough sleeping, enough sleeping, lets go and eat. Toshy little one. Tosha! Eating!Let's go eat little one.

I'm so thirsty...

A good drink of water always hits the spot

Vet Visit for Toro

Toro's blood test results
Last March : BUN 28: CRE 2.3
Toro usually sits quietly for evening meds...
Yesterday I had to reward him with a bout of grooming after his morning meds. He knows its time for meds immediately after breakfast and would play hide and seek.
Toro rewarding me with some US time after the grroming session. Toro waiting for his blood test results.
Yesterday we got to the vet a little late as we could not get a cab to go to the vet but Dr H saw us almost immediately. Toro got sub-Q fluids and then his blood test. Dr H said the test was rather good but his creatinine levels were 2.4 from 2.3 last month. He said kidney cats usually has some troublw with this aspect and wanted us to come for another blood test 3 months from now. I guess 3 months means its not at dangerous levels.

We met another cat called Boy who was 12 years old. It seems Dr H suspected kidney problems as Boy had some urinary problems. His mom was very worried and we talked about Toro for abit. We had to go home quickly as I was afraid it would begin to rain again but hope that Boy was ok.

Easy Peasy Sunday

Tanaka heard the laundry man and quickly looked up to see if we needed anything to be carried to him. Tanaka likes laundry days as the man talks to him and calls him 'The Golden Cat". :)
Whats that?

Bujang likes lazing about with grandma. This is his fav mattress. We have several of different colours but he likes the pink the best. When he was a very young cat, his favourite ball was a red wool one and he likes the red catnip fish. I thought cats are colour-blind to red though ...hmmm

Ms Akira spent the sunday on my lap. This is HER favourite position. She can stay like thsi for hours if I do not persuade her to get down so I do not get cramps.
Ms Akira: I deserve to sit there. san puts me in the room all day by myself.

san: She is very affectionate and would very often tidy me up and groom me :)

Btw we had to change our router again and has been without internet connection for several days. We hope all are well with all our friends.