Monday, October 25, 2010

Wild Bunch

We now have only 2 cats in our original 4. Minah is looking strong although a little thinner these days. This could only mean good things as she was too fat before :)
Putih is looking well and fit. He face has lost all the scabs and marks and now she looks just as good as before. I am glad her good looks were not marred by her experience.

This is not part of the Wild Bunch. She live sin one of the blcoks near the SACH, where grandma is in presently. She is very healthy with a good coat.

This kitty lives at my workplace. She is quite and moves around quietly. She also hides when there is a lot of people traffic. This is a clever kitty.

Finally News

We are sorry we have been MIA for a long time. Work and hospital have taken up much of our time but by Friday, we should be able to blog much more frequently as grandma will be back from hospital.
I have been a nice kitty and not given san much trouble. Do not let san tell you that I tried to bully Toro all the time. I was just trying to be friendly and to convince him to stand up for himself instead of making san save him all the time. But he does not listen to me and insists on doing his own thing :)
On a personal front, I had coughed twice this month. The last time was on Saturday and san was very worried. But I tried to butt her hand to tell her its okay. We then sat together to watch TV. I like the quiet times with san and my bruffer Toro although I don't think he likes me all that much.
See? We are bruffers after all.

Vet Visit for Totoro

His monthly blood test came and went yesterday. The results were not good but at least he was not carted off to hospital.
Dr T said he should take the Fortekor for his blood pressure, added to the concoction that he alreday has.

His indicators are high for his creatinine - 2.6 compared to 1.8 in September. His BUN is also higher. At least his PCV is going strong. Dr T recommended 3X Sub Q instead of twice a week and now he needs to change the hartmanns for sodium chloride 0.9%. His calcium indicator is also high and as he already has calcium deposits in his kidneys, it was a little worrying for me.

September tests...
Dr T told me he was sorry that the news was not brighter. I told him that it was not good but it was certainly not bad. It would only be bad if he had told me to bring Toro to hospital asap as he did in August. We will just have to monitor him. He has to go to the vet again in 3 weeks.

In the Meantime...

I was furry bored all this time. san is never home and didn't play wif me much. I fink she has too much work and then she has to go see grandma. I am glad grandma will be home this Friday. I fink I would have more time wif san then.
I tried to persuade san to play wif me. she gave me this blanket and it smells offur us. It was a good blankie.
We played catch the paw. I was furry fast and gotched san's paws all the time.
Hehehe...I am a good hunter! I am invisible!
I hope to have many more good times wif san.

When I went outside

san said we had to be careful when we went outside last week as the haze was very bad. She didn't want me to get sick and cough or get asthma. So when we went outside I tried to see if I could see the haze. I thought that would be a wise thing to do. san told me I should get out quickly so I could walk for a longer time but I told her, "No san. It is good to see first." So she sat and let me look at the surrounding and smell the air. Once I thought we were safe, I walked outside (much to san's relief)...

I walked slowly as I had not seen the grass for some time..

Then I decided to sit in the drain. It was very comfortable. I can see everyone but no one can see me.

I also smelled the rain. It was a funny smell but I liked it.

Then there was some noise and I thought it was the haze coming for us...

san told me it was just some children running about. I think they were very careless not to care about the haze!

Then san and I sat for a while, just looking at the grass. It was very restful for the both of us. But it was very short. san told me that we had 1.5 hours but I don't think so. It was a few seconds only. I was sure of THAT!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I am NOT just a cutie pie!

Bujang: I don't believe you are falling for this Cousin R! Really! Tsk!
Toro: Watch and Learn Bujang. I can do almost anything with Cousin R...haha
First, you have to be nice and tell her you would like a scritch please. BUT nicely and play cute!

Then move away a little so she would feel guilty for not giving in to your polite request.

After which she would let you lie on her legs and give you as many scritches as you want!

Then look up cutely, so she can see your pretty face. Human beans can be CONTROLLED very easily.

See Bujang. I got scritches, treats and Cousin R thinks I am the cat's pajamas. Simple really.

Bujang: Its true what san says. This Toro is a pretty face with a disarming personality. He always gets wat he wants. Hmmm...there must be a lesson in there somewhere.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Tis Family After all

Plan view
Side View

Whatever view it is, it is still a miracle to have both of them sitting so close together. Toro very fearlessly showed his tummy as well as allowed his foot to touch Megat! I think it took all of both of their courage to sit there for a full minute before Megat decided to sit someplace else.

Of cos it helped that I was sitting close by and told Megat to behave himself. I was very surprised that they even sat so closely as yesterday Cousin R reported black and grey fur in the bedroom - the aftermath of Fists of Fury and Clueless!

Twas a noisy Sunday

If you fink I looked shocked..I AM! It was furry noisy here. We heard singing and loud music. I fink it was from downstairs. san told us there was a Malay wedding at our void deck, and so I fink the whole day would be r_u_i_n_e_d. I asked san what was the song and she said it was a Hindi one and she didn't understand it!

Then san decided to take our piksurs. She finks we looked calm but we were actually quite shocked at the sudden noise.
Then my bruffer Bujang came into the pikshur. hH wanted to sit wif us but there was no place. san told him to behave and so he sat a little further away. You can see his ears. Bujang was also shocked at the noise.
Bujang: OMG! What is that?
The only calm one was Megat. I fink he is too old and he has seen and heard many Malay weddings when he was living by himself in the carpark. I have never seen a carpark and so I don't know what that was like but I don't think I would like living there. Megat said there were no treats and san didn't not live there! Also he had nuffing good to eat. Hmmm...better stay here I fink.

Sunday Morning

We were up and about very early. san gave us breakfast but she had no grass for me. I saw her putting the grass seeds in the small plastic container. I think I will get some fresh grass next week but for now..I think grandma's plants look rather good...

Ms Akira got a chance to hang out wit Bujang and me in the living room this morning. She made the best of it as later she would have to be in her room as I have to go visit grandma at hospital.Grandma is doing very well and she slept on Bujang's pillowcase so we could wash her blanket. Later Bujang would get his pillow case back and I think he would stop meowing then.

I had put grandma's blanket in the laundry this morning and he was not pleased!

Monday, October 04, 2010

Who Dat Monday?

Who dat taking my pikshur? Gimme a break. I just came back from hospital...
Who dat walking outside our window? Maybe its yummy, like treats...

Who dat wif the flashing box? Its san! Stop it mad lady! I wanna sleep....
Who dat? Who dat? Leave me alone please. This san never lets me alone, even under the table!

Who Dat Monday is rather busy for us. And Ms Akira? She much prefers Who Dat Monday to leave her be :)))

Sunday, October 03, 2010

Goodnight Sunday

We went OUT today...YAY

Bujang and I went out for a short bit this evening. He ate some grass and spent a lot of time just lazing about on the cool concrete. Since it has been some time since we went out, he also spent a few times getting in and out of his carrier as he got startled rather easily by strange noises and people walking about. It was a pity that it started to drizzle and we had to go home. I hope to be able to take him out again next week in between work and grandma's visits :) He would enjoy it.

Toro ALL Clear for now...

His pcv is 34.7 from 25. At least he is within normal levels of 30-40. Dr T said that he may need intermittent doses of eprex as his kidneys need a little help. I think we can both do that for as long as he needs it.

He is eating much more these days and I do give him some wet food, morning and night (1 teaspoon each time) which he seems to enjoy. I think as long as he is taking the alutab it should pose little problem especially when most of his diet is a renal one. He has put on a little more weight :)

His subq is twice a week. We should know if that is ok at the end of the month for his monthly review.

Friday, October 01, 2010

Eh...who is this cat?

Eh? Who is this cat?
Its Megat in his new striped carrier...looking at the a dog and his owner from behind the glass window of hospital...
Megat: When will Dr L see me? its already 4.30!
Megat resting on grandma's blanket with Bujang after his review.

Dr L was pleased to see Megat after so long. He said his hello and he weighed Megat, who is now 4.59 kg! He looked at Megat's records as it was 3 months ago that we came and asked the usual questions. Then he checked Megat again for lumps and said , "NONE!" It seems even his kidneys were smooth, with no awkward ridges or bumps!

"Do as what you had always done. DO NOT change anything!" Dr L said, "14! Wow. This cat is growing strong but he is very expensive." I agreed of cos. Then he gave Megat Laurabolin for his joints.

So immediately, when he stepped into the house, he lay on the floor to rest. Then he boxed Toro, threatened Bujang (therefore he got grandma's blanket) and make a move to slap Tanaka! Aieee!!

I did ask Dr L about holistic meds for cats with Leukemia but he said the lingzhi is not so effective to help with this illness. he just had one cat called Lucky who died of it last week. The lingzhi it seems works wonders with lymphoma and cancers and only 4 of his patients did not do well on it. Most of his patients, like Megat, do very well.