Monday, October 25, 2010

Wild Bunch

We now have only 2 cats in our original 4. Minah is looking strong although a little thinner these days. This could only mean good things as she was too fat before :)
Putih is looking well and fit. He face has lost all the scabs and marks and now she looks just as good as before. I am glad her good looks were not marred by her experience.

This is not part of the Wild Bunch. She live sin one of the blcoks near the SACH, where grandma is in presently. She is very healthy with a good coat.

This kitty lives at my workplace. She is quite and moves around quietly. She also hides when there is a lot of people traffic. This is a clever kitty.

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Rivkah Singh said...

Wonderful! A blog devoted to cats! Love it!