Monday, November 01, 2010

Questions for kidney cat moms and dads


For all kidney cat mums, dads and caregivers
There have been many questions asked about many things and if you have a kidney compromised kitty, the expenses can be exorbitant. If you have more than 1 kitty on a special diet plus meds, the expenses can be worse. So if you have answers to this question, pls show us the way.
Note from kxbc
XX takes half a tab of Fortekor everyday as well. It is expensive at $60+ per box of 28 tabs.You can actually get it off the web but it will need a prescription from your vet (must be certified to be able to practise in the UK). Now that the GBP is cheaper, it makes sense. I am trying to get that too.
Question from Anon
Any idea how to get cheaper Fortekor5? Not sure that local vet prescription wld be accepted by overseas online pharmacies. I need 3 tabs Fortekor a day (5 senior kidney cats & senior dog). Was told that enalapril works as well but Fortekor is especially for animal treatment
Note from Totoro: Ambassador :)
Please help these mummies and daddies and san too :)
dear xx's dad. san has never not given me the sub q as directed by the vet cos she is a scaredy cat mom. But when she gave the sub q twice a week, I was not feeling very frisky. I am trying the 3x a week sub q and we will see in 3 weeks if I am better. The vet did not say that I was dehydrated but we are trying to see what is better for us. Megat ony has 1 a week sub q and he feels well. So we do not know yet.


KXBC said...

You can buy Fortekor on line. But it's a little tricky.

See these:


Anonymous said...

Do you know of an online UK pharmacy who would accept a local vet prescription? It looks like US online pharmacies do not carry Fortekor (for animal treatment) though a prescription is not nec for benazepril. I have heard of a care-giver giving enalapril (another ACE inhibitor family) to kidney community cats but it was not as effective as Fortekor. I did contact Fortekor local agent. No, not interested to sell to individuals even if you have a prescription. So I paid full price at vet clinics-gave up yrs ago.

Fortekor's price has gone up 2x since our HCat first took it in 2003. It was in a 14-tab pack then. Kidney HCat has 1/2Fortekor and Sub-Q (2x a week) and he is 6kg and 14yrs old.

KXBC said...

I got the Fortekor from that site. :) See my entry for more details.

If your vet is ARC, they will surely write you a prescription as Dr Ly had specifically mentioned that in a letter to the ST Forum some weeks ago in reference to a "complaint" about an "opened" box of medication from a customer.

Anonymous said...

Many thanks KXBC. Yes, a prescription is not a problem if needed & if you ask ;) Presently I have a prescription for 10 repeats of meds my dog wld need thru/out his remaining life!! To be fair, it would be good to pay for first-time recommendations. If it works, then source for cheaper meds elsewhere esp if it is for life-long or regular usage.
I don't know the reason for the so-called "opened" meds. Our MCat's eye-drop from XX (not arvc) was opened bec interferon was added. The bottle of eye-drops (available at most pharmacies) + interferon was $47. It was worth every cent of it bec it worked. If it is $10 and does not work, it is expensive.