Sunday, November 21, 2010

More tests for Toro

Our appointment with Dr Lee will be for 29th November.
His creatinine is now 2.4 from 2.6. Not a good indicator but at least it is lower than last month! His BUN is 29 which is the same as last month though. at least that is not higer but his blood calcium level is higher at 13.9 from 13.2. Dr T suspects parathyroids as if its his kidneys, the potassium levels would also be correspondingly higher!

So he would be getting his ionised calcium levels tested as well as his blood test to test for his pth. Poor guy! Dr T suggested that I could give Toro another pillto tryt o stabilise the calcium but I am not doing that yet as he is already on too many pills! I am surprised he is still so good humoured about it.


KXBC said...

Did the vet speculate what could have caused the kidney episode? Totoro is young, less than 5 yo? XX when she was diagnosed at 7.5 yo was also considered young then. Up till now, I am not sure what had caused it.

Maybe one way to reduce the no. of pills will be to remove the non prescribed ones for the time being? Will that help?

Anonymous said...

One of my cats took several mths (Jun-Nov 2005) of 2x weekly Sub-Q for creat (3.2 to 2.1) to be back to normal. He is currently on the high end of normal. It is great that you bring Toro for tests regularly but don't worry too much, San. Lucky Toro !!