Monday, November 08, 2010

My Saturday Adventures

Last Saturday was a good day for me. san's sister s came from far away and sat with grandma. This meant that san could take me for a morning walk. We had not been out walking in the morning for a LONG time. There were many things to see.
I decided to walk under the big mango tree in the park. san was very pleased and told me I was a 'good boy' for doing this. There were new smells but I didn't like them a lot and decided to walk along my old routes.It was a good thing cos I saw some animals which made this a great adventure.
san said it was a cockroach. She didn't let me play with it. But as it was not walking, I decided it won't be a lot of fun to play with it and I left it alone. san said I was a 'good boy.' I wonder why she said it many times..hmmmm
Then we saw my favrite animals with wings. I sometimes see them outside my window. At last...something good.
There were many pigeons here. san said someone had thrown down bread for them. 'BREAD!!" What kind of food is that. I prefur tuna.
Then we saw this yellow bird. san said it was a golden oriole, quite a common bird in Singapore. I had never seen this bird on the grass before. I don't think san knows the name as she told me 'maybe,' it was. I think san needs to read up on these birds so she can tell em about them.
After the pigeons, the golden oriole, then we saw the mynahs. they wree just eating and minding their own business, like me.
I told san that it was very strange to see the birds all in a row. san agreed but told me maybe they were waiting their turn to eat. Hmmm..I do not have to wait my turn and for that I think I am very lucky. I was thinking if there would be any more birds and then we saw...
some sparrows!
This is NOT a bird. It was a piece of tissue paper but I saw some ants on it. san said for me to get away as I might get botten by ants. Then san picked it up. She also had to pick up some dog poo which I found on the pavement. san said it would be best that we clean up as some people might think Minah, our community cat may have done it and may be mad at her! But I think these people wree not very good to leave their dog poo around for others to clean up after them.

Then I decided I wanted to eat some cow grass and we spent some time looking and choosing the juicy bits. I enjoye dthis part most of all. All in all I think I had had good adventure. WooHoo!

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