Monday, November 29, 2010

Vet Visit

zzz...what is the fuss san?

It happened to us AGAIN. We went to the hospital and we still can't get the ionised calcium reading as the hospital ran out of the cartridge that they would need to do the reading- 2 weeks ago! Did no one check when they made the appointment for us? But the blood for the pth was done - all 6 cm of it from his jugular and Dr Lee said we could use his calcium reading from before to make some conclusions as to why the blood calcium reading is high. They are sending the blood sample to QUEST, the organisation that would do the test and they only do this test once a week. The results will come back in 3 days.
The bald patch on Toro's back

Dr Lee said the patch could be because of the Frontline I had used on him and this seems to be something that happens quite often to pets. I usually use Revolution but decided to change to Frontline this year. Bujang and Tanaka did not have such changes in their fur though so I guess it would affect only some cats. Cousin R reminded me that Putih had this same effect last year but her fur grew quite well after a week or so. So no more Frontline I guess for the amigos. I have yet to put any on Ms Akira or Megat so would buy Revolution for the both of them instead. Ms Akira has been scratching her head for a few weeks. I wonder if any other kitty had this type of reaction with Frontline.

The vet gave us Silva Aloe Panalog - a cream that I have to use on this spot as well as on the part where he has a rash on his underside. She also gave us Auraclens to clean the irritated area. I must say they both work well as this morning, the rash on his underside was not so red.

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KXBC said...

I was deciding between Revolution or Frontline. Just based purely on their literature, it seems that Revolution is more effective, esp since it takes care of mites as well. H/w, the thing which is holding me back is that Revolution apparently enters the blood stream while there is no such mention for Frontline.

Normally I would not worry about this if the cat is healthy. The fact is that XX is sick and I am not sure what is the impact on her health if Revolution enters her bloddstream which may affect her kidney function.