Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Megat also like sitting with grandma...but a little further apart...
Tanaka has taken to sitting closer to us these days, eversince grandma left for hospital. Now that she is back, he sits a little further but close enough. Sis S remarked that Tanaka is not as chummy with us as the other cats, preferring to sit by himself and doing his own things but coming to us when he feels like some company. I just think he is the most confident and knows that his family will be baout when he needs them :) But he loves Cousin R and would rush to the gate when he hears her footsteps. I think its because she does whatveer he tells her like giving him as many scritches as he wants before she even steps into the house!

The rare formation of boys at the door. This usually happens when the whole house is darkened and the only light is from the corridor. :)

Megat's long-suffering look at the meds that he needs to take and Tanaka's obvious interest in what is happening around him. He looks on just like this when Toro takes meds too.

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Anonymous said...

Megat has perfected "the" look alright! Our pill-popping cats would reproach w dirty looks and loud whines. The "long-suffering" look is more effective though...
smart Megat. Tanaka's kay-poh look is priceless