Monday, November 01, 2010

Wild and Wilder Bunch on the Weekend

We now give Minah a more watery diet as well as some water whe she has dinner. Because of our new cleaner, our water bowls keep disappearing. We understand that he has to throw the water out to prevent the aedes from breeding and it is no good we telling him that we change the water and wash the container everyday. We do not want to jeopadise his job. But Minah has a hard time drinking water in this way but we think training is the key, even here...we hope.
Putih does NOT like a watery dinner...
But as the canned food has 80% water, we feel that she would be okay as we had to trash the idea of keeping her water bowl too.
The Wilder Bunch came to dinner on both days this weekend. Yesterday they were all very hungry so I do not know if their caregiver had fed them. Blackie (left) is looking as shiny and fat as ever. TK, top right, is bigger and stronger and less noisy. The one on the bottom right is Grey Lady. She disappeared from her home for a about a month after she was hurt in a fight with newly abandoned cats. It seemed she was hurt very badly and limped about but she was too diffuclt to trap, her caregiver M said. That was about 3 months ago and now she is back and looking very well indeed.

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