Sunday, November 28, 2010

Community Cat News

Minah still refuses to drink water with dinner so I had to put some water in her wet food. The food is 80% water so that should help her. We are no longer putting water bowls because of the Aedes mosquitoes and the cleaners have to get rid of all water bowls they see. It has been raining every day so I think the kitties would not be thirsty.
I am always glad to see Putih at dinner. She is the only one that makes me anxious as I afraid that one day she would not appear again.
This is Tiger, our new community cat that comes down to the playground to play with the children.
He lives outside M's flat and she has decided to adopt him as her outside cat. He gets some protection as he stays outside her flat at night. At least I know someone would be responsible for him.
His amber eyes are very beautiful!

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Anonymous said...

The kitties are looking great. Tiger is very handsome!