Saturday, March 31, 2012

Visiting Jeffrey Boy

Jefrey Boy has been down with the flu for about 2 weeks. I was quite horrified as he was well and healthy when he left to go to the shelter but it seemed he was very stressed out and so his immune system had to cope with that. He has been under rain etc living in the carpark and so the vet said his immunity could have been compromised even before he went to the shelter. R, the one who is now taking care of him brought him to this clinic. It is a small pratice but when we were there, we saw 2 people coming in with community cats. The doc was very kind to everyone and even bought a bicycle light for one of the caregivers as she goes to U to feed the cats at night!

The outside view from inside the clinic.

Jeffery has swollen tonsils and a sore throat. He was beought in as he had alot of mucus and was not able to eat. So he is on antibiotics and fluids. When we went to see him he was much better and ate his slurry a little. The vet was pleased with his progress and told us that he should be out of boarding as he hates being in the cages and so close to barking dogs!

He sat with us for a bit and even tried to groom himself although not so well as he his throat was still sore. She advised us to conisder taking him back home where he would be more comfortable as he knows his territory. So we decided to let him recuperate at the shelter until his throat is better and he is more able to eat by himself. Then we would bring him home and try to relocate him here although I think he would finally find his way back to his old haunt. I decided to tell one of his caregivers to get his fans to help him be safe - get him off cars when they see him so he knows that he would not be allowed to rest on any car. This would seem to be the better idea. I spoke to at least 2 persons and I know these 2 persons would talk to the others so maybe he would be safe. We just have to keep a sharper eye out for him!

One of the community cats who run about outside the vets' office.

This is Fortune and he is a STAR here :) He has many fans and gets food from everyone. I like this practice and the vet is very kind and talks to Jeffery kindly. She also was kind to the old caregiver and so maybe we would bring our community cats here as they have boarding services and this is important for community cats who need to recuperate.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Easy Peasy Sunday

We like to be colour-coordinated...
We like soft furnishings...
We like lazeabout Sundays...
There is nothing like a lazy Sunday to make us all happy.

PS Jeffrey Boy went with R with some shouting and protesting. I think he was upset about having to go away for a bit. But we will see him again at the end of April for sure :)

Saturday, March 17, 2012

SOS Saturday

WHAT! That was very bad! We should call the police!
(Bujang had a dangerous episode of being nearly drowned before we rescued him and his 3 siblings)
I do not remember life being dangerous. I am safe wif san !

Cousin R rescued Tanaka when he was a little kitty of abandonment by some little boys because their mother decided they could not keep the kitty that they had rescued from somewhere else.
Oh dear! I am lucky not to be in Jeffery Boy's paws!

Toro's first people decided to give him up as he was naughty and fought with two other cats in the household. He came to our house unsterilised and with ear mites and fur mites! He must have had a miserable time trying to scratch all the mites out of his ears.
Yes life is very dangerous outside. I made a good choice of following san home!
Jeffery Boy who loves cars and sitting on bonnets!

I was told yesterday that a resident from where Jeffrey Boy hangs out had made 2 complaints to one of the caregivers. It seems Jeffrey Boy (Terror Kitty as was) loved sitting on his car bonnet and of course scratching his car in the process. Last week it seemed he had threatened to relocate the kitty and told the caregiver he would not tell her where he had relocated him so she would not be able to find him! When she told him Jeffrey B may get hurt if the area is already populated by other cats or die of hunger if he could not find food, this man said that it was not his business. So if the caregiver could not find Jeffrey Boy one of these days, then it meant he would have relocated him. "Cats like these know how to find food. They would eat grass!" he said (it seemed).

When the caregiver suggested that he park his car on another level, he said she was out of her mind!

I think that was a perfectly reasonable suggestion. However there are many people who think that when cats sit on car bonnets, they scratch the car with their nail when they stretch. I do not know the truth of this, having no car myself. But I should think the danger of a cat's nails making any dent on a car would be minimal. I had advised the caregiver to see where the man lives or at least get the license no as he had made this threat, although I should think she would have to make a police report since he had threatened the cat and in this way threatened her as well. 'Blackmail" is the word!

However before things escalate, I was advised to find him a temporary place to stay for at least a month. By then we hope his car bonnet sitting days would be forgotten. Maybe we can re-locate him to Minah's block. But I have no way of ensuring he does not go back to his car bonnet sitting days :(

Anyway we may have a place for him today if things go well. Wish us luck everyone!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Just Because

When I grow up, I want to travel the world

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Thursday Thots

Bujang: I wonder where that road leads to?
san: Red ants! Don't you remember you got bitten on the mouth by one last week?
Bujang: Still...I wonder where that road leads to?
san: !

We went downstairs this morning as I won't be able to bring him down later. He spent time contemplating and just hanging out. He likes going to the field in front of him eventhough he had been bitten several times by red ants. That field is an ant field but the one he is sitting on, is not. I wonder why as the are just side by side, separated by a small drain.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

What's New Wednesday

What's new? Nuffing is new in this house except san is furry busy these past few days with setting papers for exams. I don't know why human beans have to sit for big tests. Isn't it enough to enjoy life and sit around just chillin? I am furry glad I am a cat and don't have to sit for tests and exams. I just have one I go to every year and THAT is enough!
san thought we should just show what we were doing all week. san took these pikshurs all of last week but she didn't have time to blog. This was us last Sunday :) We were just chillin!

I spent some time wif my bruffer Bujang looking at the day. We sat together for a short time. It is not always that he sits wif me and so I was glad. So was san :)

Bujang and my sisfur Ms Akira are very fond of each other and they keep each offur company. They were together many months before the rest of us came to live wif san. Ms Akira likes him a lot but she doesn't like any offur us as much. I wonder why that is? (no san. It is not because I am naughty! I am just curious!)

Bujang and Ms Akira saw a pigeon outside our window last Sunday! They were furry excited! I was outside as I am not allowed to be near Ms Akira but san told me all about the pigeon. I would have gotten the bird!

Our last pikshur is of my bruffer Toro. he had a haircut and is now not so hot all the time. He feels much better and runs about jumping on stuff. I fink he is much happier being cooler! san says she will blog later in the week when her job gets done :) I should hope so as I like visiting offur cats too. We really ahve to get on san! Hurry up!

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Tuesday thots

a little...


Life is a breeze for me. I didn't have to go to the groomer, like my bruffer Toro today. san broughted him as his fur was long and he was always rolling about the tiles or infront of the door. san decided to cut his fur close so he would not be so hot. the hot months are coming and I fink my bruffer Toro would be the hottest in our house. I of course know where the breeze is. I am clever like that!

Monday, March 05, 2012

Monday Hugs

Tonight I am just sitting with san. She was very busy grading papers yesterday that we didn't get a chance to sit together. I am gald we have this time now. Btw, I do not find it too difficult to eat the clomicalm now. san gives it to me in a little honey. It is now easier for both of us. I am also not so afraid of it. i must say though that I look forward to not eating any.
We want to thank our new friend, the tree climber Sheldon for thinking of us and giving us this award. He will be one on 6th of April but he is already climbing tall trees all the way in Poland. We think he is a very brave kitty. We would like to pass this award to the Great Houbibi, the jungle cat at thepoupounette and of course the mouser extraordinaire Katie Isabella.

Sunday, March 04, 2012

Easy Peasy Sunday

Catch me if you can san. I don't want any medicines on sunday. Its time to just hang out don't you know?

Sunday is good here as it is always very quiet. I like just hanging out. san calls it 'casing the joint', but san is furry rude. i can't help it if my bruffers didn't see me. THAT is the best thing about hit and run. I hit them wif surprise and they run in fear! Hahaha.


Sunday is agood day for hanging out on my throne. I think I smelled the Black cat on my blanket! I am sulking so san would give me a new one that would smell fresh and only of me! Until that happens I plan to have an easy day.
I had a good time downstairs with san. I saw a new cat! I do not know who it is but I was glad it was afrid of me and didn't come near. san said his name was "Comot", meaning Dirty Face! I don't know why anyone would call their cat Dirty Face but san said it was an affectionate term in Malay. I don't know about THAT but in I was glad our names are nowhere near that rude!

Saturday, March 03, 2012

Just Because

Miss Akira is getting used to the clomicalm. She has had about 10 days of it and the fur under her forearms are growing a little. I assume from this that she has not been worrying them as usual. I have not seen evidence at any other place but I guess it would take a longer time. I gave her the clomicalm in some Appelin as she was losing weight and now she that is eating better I had just given her the powdered clomicalm with honey. I then dabbed this mixture on her mouth and she licked it off, not without many complaints of course. But at least she ate the meds!

Friday, March 02, 2012

My Belated Gotcha Day

YESTERDAY!!! san makes a poor secretary I must say! I am 7 years old.

But she does some things right :)

san zoomed groomed me for my Gotcha Day. I really loved it.

san made sure that my whiskers were all spiffy for my Gotcha Day celebration.

Cousin R bought us this very nice chocolate cake. It smells very nice. san says I cannot eat chocolate as it was very bad for me. She said she would buy me some mackeral for a belated Gotcha Day dinner this weekend. I think it would be much more fun then. san gave me some treats (more than she usually does) in my food. I was the only one who had treats so I was very pleased. It was my special day after all.

But Tanaka ate up the cherry on the cake. I told san he was very naughty and should be punished for eating the cake first. But san says we should not be angry as his birthday is in November and he was just sharing in the joy of my Gotcha Day. I thought about it and told san in that case it was ok (I will be eating his cake when his Gotcha Day comes in November! You can be sure of that!)