Saturday, March 31, 2012

Visiting Jeffrey Boy

Jefrey Boy has been down with the flu for about 2 weeks. I was quite horrified as he was well and healthy when he left to go to the shelter but it seemed he was very stressed out and so his immune system had to cope with that. He has been under rain etc living in the carpark and so the vet said his immunity could have been compromised even before he went to the shelter. R, the one who is now taking care of him brought him to this clinic. It is a small pratice but when we were there, we saw 2 people coming in with community cats. The doc was very kind to everyone and even bought a bicycle light for one of the caregivers as she goes to U to feed the cats at night!

The outside view from inside the clinic.

Jeffery has swollen tonsils and a sore throat. He was beought in as he had alot of mucus and was not able to eat. So he is on antibiotics and fluids. When we went to see him he was much better and ate his slurry a little. The vet was pleased with his progress and told us that he should be out of boarding as he hates being in the cages and so close to barking dogs!

He sat with us for a bit and even tried to groom himself although not so well as he his throat was still sore. She advised us to conisder taking him back home where he would be more comfortable as he knows his territory. So we decided to let him recuperate at the shelter until his throat is better and he is more able to eat by himself. Then we would bring him home and try to relocate him here although I think he would finally find his way back to his old haunt. I decided to tell one of his caregivers to get his fans to help him be safe - get him off cars when they see him so he knows that he would not be allowed to rest on any car. This would seem to be the better idea. I spoke to at least 2 persons and I know these 2 persons would talk to the others so maybe he would be safe. We just have to keep a sharper eye out for him!

One of the community cats who run about outside the vets' office.

This is Fortune and he is a STAR here :) He has many fans and gets food from everyone. I like this practice and the vet is very kind and talks to Jeffery kindly. She also was kind to the old caregiver and so maybe we would bring our community cats here as they have boarding services and this is important for community cats who need to recuperate.


Ginger Jasper said...

Sounds as though that is a lovely practice and that they care a lot. Glad they helped the caregiver.. Hugs GJ xx

Nickky said...

Hi, may I know the name of the clinic? I need to bring in a cat for spaying but would like to go with a clinic that is friendly and is OK to board stray cats. I hope to board this cat for a few days after spaying to let the wound dry up before releasing her back to the neighbourhood, especially since she tends to spend a great deal of her time hiding under the cars and in drains.

san said...

Hi Nicky

This is their website

Its 740 Bedok Reservoir Rd. The vet is Dr Denise Ng.