Sunday, March 04, 2012

Easy Peasy Sunday

Catch me if you can san. I don't want any medicines on sunday. Its time to just hang out don't you know?

Sunday is good here as it is always very quiet. I like just hanging out. san calls it 'casing the joint', but san is furry rude. i can't help it if my bruffers didn't see me. THAT is the best thing about hit and run. I hit them wif surprise and they run in fear! Hahaha.


Sunday is agood day for hanging out on my throne. I think I smelled the Black cat on my blanket! I am sulking so san would give me a new one that would smell fresh and only of me! Until that happens I plan to have an easy day.
I had a good time downstairs with san. I saw a new cat! I do not know who it is but I was glad it was afrid of me and didn't come near. san said his name was "Comot", meaning Dirty Face! I don't know why anyone would call their cat Dirty Face but san said it was an affectionate term in Malay. I don't know about THAT but in I was glad our names are nowhere near that rude!

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