Sunday, February 28, 2010

Tanaka's Sunday

Today was as usual very hot and my bruffer Bujang did not get to walk outside. He made a lot of noise unlike me. I am just sitting here bing cool - that is the only way to beat the heat.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Here Comes The Sun

Hide and Seek

Sleepy Saturday Afternoon

Perfect for a sleepy cat who likes a sunny nap...

Family on Saturday Morning

At least everyone gets his own seat...

The day began very brightly and we know that soon, it would get even hotter. Bujang decided to get on top of this cupboard as it is one of the coolest surfaces in the house. He jumped from the middle seat and made such a clatter that shocked everyone. I think its because he is so heavy. When Toro does it, he makes hardly a sound :)

The boys sat looking outside for a bit. I don't know what goes inside their heads when they looked outside but I was glad they are living with me and safe and not out there looking for shade or water in these going to be hotter months.

Its too hot Toro

so maybe..
its time..
for a very short haircut!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Pet Stroller/Carrier Enquiry

From the website
Megat hiding...

This is the answer to my pet stroller enquiry :)

My pet carrier that I use for Bujang is a kind of hybrid from this one (above picture) and his carrier. Megat ate through the netting (although they told me that no pet had ever managed to do that ) and so I just used the trolley and put Bujang's carrier on it. It works very well.

I bought mine online from . They're nice and punctual. They even sent me the stroller via a route that would not incur me exorbitant costs. Minimal costs for transportataion but you have to write to them. I read in the site that it would take about 3 months and told them that it was too long. They were quite surprised themselves and so had arranged for a shorter time :))

I did this as I could not find even 1 stroller in any pet shop then and Bujang was too heavy for me even then to carry about. I like this trolley as it folds neatly and I can use any hard carrier with it. But now of course there are many in the pet shops here. I hope this is helpful.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Dry Season

Bujang's new scratching post. ..
Bujang taking a break

Its mid-Feb and the dry season is here with a vengeance. The grass is getting more and more brown and dried up. Bujang was not happy and meowed at me as he looked for some grass that he could actually eat and I had to tell him that he had to make do with what he had. At least he got to take a walk everyday! When we got home, i fed him some juicy wheatgrass I got from the supermarket. he was quite happy and sat quietly for the rest of the night.

Tuesday adventures

Please I want to go downstairs...Bujang asked told me when I came home from work. I told him to let me eat some dinner , drink some water and take a bath and then I would bring him downstairs for a walk. He did so and we went...

Bujang was very excited when he saw something...
He stalked them as they're his favourite...


I don't blame him as these pigeons had taunted the amigos for as long as I can remember, dancing about just outside our windows, on my air-con condenser. He loves stalking and chattering at them and finally running at them , just so he could watch them all take wing. It was a good thing (maybe) that someone fed the pigeons some rice and so they gathered just underneath the window.

The pigeons know him very well and they would allow him to get within a few feet of them before flying away. I sometimes think they are both playing a game :)

It is a dangerous business though as once when I was walking him, a used battery (I assumed) fell right infront of us. I was thinking that we could get seriously hurt if it had hit us. This could only be the work of some careless human being. I hope it was not someone who didn't like Bujang running after the pigeons.
Justify Full

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Goodnight Sunday

Easy Peasy Sunday Afternoon

It was too hot to do anything else....

Sunday walk

Bujang sniffing closely at some dry bits of grass...
He has learnt to train his nails on this big tree...

Late Sunday afternoon was hot but we made our way down as Bujang wanted to walk. It was a quiet day ad Bujang sniffed at dry grass and ate some. There was a faint smell of insecticide and so I brought him to the other side of this grass patch.

Minah made an appearance but sat far away from us. When Bujang saw her, he wanted to go towards her and strained at his leash but of course I didn't let them near each other as that could be quite upsetting for the both of them.

We heard some noises and Bujang looked up. We saw a neighbour and her kid pointing down at us and laughing. Hmm...I guess we do make a very strange pair on Sunday morning:)

Belated Gotcha Day

I was 5 years old yesterday! Happy Gotcha Day to me :)

We had a quiet day yestserday as she is not fond of the boys nor of celebrating. So we had put the boys except Bujang in the room and she had the run of the house for much of the morning. She then had treats and a some gentle brushing at night which she has learnt to enjoy.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Cat Against Yellow Wall


Tuesday Outside

Tanaka was quite excited to be outside and asked me to extend the length of his leash...
Toro was afraid to go outside and so peeped at the boys from behind the window...
Here he was trying to tell me to get away from the window so he could see the view :)
Bujang was quite determined to walk the whole length of the corridor and so I had put one more leash so he could take a longer walk by himself. I put the blue jacket on him as it was much more snug and he would have a harder time if he wanted to get out of it...and then...
He decided to take a longer walk and strained on his already long leash...
I decided to take the one length away from him so I can keep a eye on his shenanigans. He was not pleased and after several tries, he got bored and walked into the house :)

So Tuesday Outside was a very short one- about 20 minutes. Once Bujang decided to go into the house, Tanaka followed suit although if left to himself, Tanaka would make a choice of staying outside for a longer time. Bujang used to be quite contented with just sitting outside along the corridor and enjoying the sun but no more :)

Monday, February 15, 2010

Goodnight CNY


Grooming Woes

Quiet Days

The boys relaxing in the morning...
Ms Akira came out of her room and explored the house...
We had all the boys in the rooms so she can walk about in peace...

She quite enjoyed herself except for the moment when I had to give her the flaxseed oil. She really hates taking anything at all. I got a new bottle and tasted it. It does not taste like the previous one and it did taste a little nutty. Her belly is as clean and bald as ever and she still licks the non existent hair off it. Now she is taking on the outside of her heels.

Moody Monday Morning

Toro was grumpy when I asked him to get off the bed. I think its the so-early-in-the-morning camera-in-his-face that he seemed fed-up with though.He didn't feel like posing at 7 am and indeed who would. I don't blame the kitty.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day Wishes

There is enough love fur everyone san says and I think so too. So on this special day we hope you spread a good measure of it on the community catses too :) Of course we also send love to all the catses mommies and daddies and a special love to cat_aunty :)

Goodnight CNY

The kitties were all tired out with our guests and they kept running in and out when the neighbours' CNY guests came and went. However, the guests were very quiet and walked quietly to visit so eventhough today was CNY, it was very restful. I hope tomorrow would bring the same quiet.

I Want This Cat

One of our cousins came to see grandma and brought his daughter. She was very taken with Tanaka and told her parents that she wanted to bring him home for the night and she would return him the next day. She didn't want Bujang as grandma told her that Bujang didn't care much for people and the only one who would play with her was Tanaka. Her parents told her that Tanaka would not like it very much if she took him home and after some time she reluctantly agreed and told Tanaka she would see him again :) Indeed Tanaka was very obliging and even greeted all the people who came to visit the neighbours for CNY by sitting close to the door :) I think he was trying to spread a little Tiger luck on everyone.

Good Morning CNY

A close-up of FatBoy's face in the morning...
He should be about 6 years old now and just as tough as Bujang. He is very friendly and would sit with anyone at a drop of a hat, which is worrying for us. His fierce looks belie his sweet nature.

FatBoy sneaking up on a pigeon...
"I don't really care for pigeon..really, " he seemed to say when the pigeon flew through the void deck and out...
Minah resting in the morning...

Singapore Tigers for Chinese New Year

Meowy _the_ working_ cat at the groomers...
He welcomes customers to the shop and allows himself to be petted and photographed. Here he is looking at Bujang who was outside the shop.
This is an apt picture of a Tiger specially for CNY. He/She was not afraid of the camera and looked straight at me :)
Minah having dinner...
FatBoy sitting with me this morning at breakfast. I thought I should give him something to eat as the auntie would be busy with CNY preparations... I thought the 'love' (made by his hind legs) was also apt for valentine's day :)
FatBoy at dinner...
Putih is looking much chubbier than before. I am glad she is looking well. She hangs out in the school grounds after school dismissal. I guess that place would be the safest from hooligans.
Putih did not finish her dinner but ate only half of this 80g tin. Then she decided to roll about on the grass...

Since the auntie would be busy with CNY I would be feeding the Wild Bunch tomorrow (or later today ) too. We wish everyone a good and prosperous Tiger Year.