Monday, February 01, 2010

Who Goes There?

A spy sitting comfortably on the sill. Its a tabby and he watched us for about 5 minutes. Then he stretched into his house. Watching Bujang eat grass is NOT exciting!
Bujang, as usual, was not aware of the cat surveillance...

Its a dangerous business for this tabby to be sitting on the sill eventhough he is on the 3rd floor. I guess his people didn't think it would be dangerous for him and he looked as though he was quite used to stretching in and out. We live on a quite high floor so our windows are closely grilled or meshed. I remembered the contractor having to ask her cat customers how wide their grills were before we decided on ours!

Truth be told, we actually did not grill our windows when Bujang was tiny. We just did not open them and the only meshed site was on our grills leading to the corridor. Then when he was older and began climbing, we decided to do the whole house and so decided on an ornamental yet functional set. Of course the window near the cat basket as well as one window in the bedroom are meshed as they are almost always half open. Better safe than sorry!

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