Saturday, February 13, 2010

New Jacket for Old

Wearing his bruffer's jacket (M), Bujang went for a pre-Chinese New Year visit to his neighbours..
When he does not want to go home, he would just sit and not move...he thinks I cannot do anything about it...

A short video of our Friday walk along our empty corridor but Bujang does not mind it...

I decided to try Toro's jacket on him. It was a very snug fit but Bujang seemed ok with it. He catwalked easily and tried to visit the neighbours for Chinese New Year. I sometimes think the neighbours would mind him walking about their front door but they all seemed amused by the fact that he was even walking about in his jacket.

This blue one would not do I think. I would have to make some adjustments on his red jacket to make it a little tighter for him since he loves walking outside.

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