Thursday, February 04, 2010

Is it time yet?

Toro giving me the laser eye treatment...

Since Toro is not a fan of the Outside (eversince his escape and subsequent capture), he does not get a chance to see a change of scene, unlike Bujang or Tanaka. So he would ask, sometimes loudly, but almost always in a most piteous meow, for me to get his Da Bird or for me to groom him. He loves Da Bird as much as he loves getting brushed so as long as I comply with either one, he is a happy kitty.

The routine on a good day is (a) get Bujang to the park (b) bring Tanaka for a walk along the corridor as he has yet to like grass or strange noises (c) play with Toro with Da Bird (d) allow Megat to slip and slide while he tries to catch Da Bird and (e) sit with Ms Akira so she can cuddle with me for a bit. On any day, I can manage at least 3 with varying success. Sometimes Tanaka and Megat play with Da Bird together, with Tanaka doing the flying leaps and Megat doing the slip and slide sneak attacks. This would be a very good day for everyone. I hope to have a few more very good days in February with the amigos.

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Anonymous said...

Not only cats have to be fed, they have to be entertained.

This is the tough part spending quality time each day with each willing cat. In our h/hold, we divide XXcats among the beans in the house=10-20 mins each cat daily of undivided attention. Some beans combine personal reading/h-work with QT which is not ideal but often necessary. One of cat's fav time is catching bean's fingers under bed covers. When cat catches fingers (well protected by quilt), there is a lot of kick-y violence. Laser light is another favourite-can combine 2 cats on same time slot! If there is a lizard show-time, bean's off the hook.