Friday, February 12, 2010

Thursday Scare on Friday

Bujang kept turning around nervously to watch the shouting match

My cat Bujang nearly escaped yesterday. He twisted himself out of his red jacket and ran off a short distance away from me to escape a 'disturbance' that happened at our void deck. He actually stopped for a few seconds when he heard me calling his name and of course I got him back. PHEW! If it was Toro, he would be miles away shaking in fear.

A few students from the neighbouring schools had a shouting match because of what seemed to be a 'domestic quarrel' between someone's girlfriend, another person's sister and some other boy. Afraid that someone would get hurt, I had to get the number to call the school to get someone to stop the quarrel.

Bujang did not like the noise as well as the fact that I had to restrain him as I was trying to call the school. I thought that it would be easier if someone from the school stops the fight as the students would listen more to their own teachers.

It was not a good day for all of us. Bujang as his walk was cut short and me as I had a fright as I was afraid I would not be able to catch him. I was also afraid that someone in the group would get hurt.

Half an hour later, Cousin R said that the students were seated at another void deck quietly and were not disturbing the peace.


Puddin said...

Oh my!!! Sounds like a very intense afternoon!!! Kids can be so bad sometimes. Im glad Bujang didn't get away though. That was a super close call!!! ^_^
By the way, I like you blog. I thin I'll be coming by often.

XOXO Puddin

Anonymous said...

Our HCat used to go for a walk regularly on a leash outside our house late at night. Then one night, HCat got spooked & got entangled in the leash when he jumped and twisted violently. I picked HCat up and got badly scratched requiring hospital trip. There's no safe place to walk a cat. We gave up walking.

san said...

It is usually quite safe to walk Bujang downstairs as it is quiet in the very late afternoon. I think his walking jacket (L) was a little too big now that he has lost some weight. I should put Toro's jacket on him (M) and see how that will fit him. He really likes walking and I don't want to have to stop it. I think I would just have to be on the lookout for students etc and walk far away from them.

Bujang does not like walking at night as the noises are diff. I tried once as I thought it would be better (cats being nocturnal) but he took one short walk and refused to explore as his ears kept picking up strange night noises.