Thursday, February 25, 2010

Pet Stroller/Carrier Enquiry

From the website
Megat hiding...

This is the answer to my pet stroller enquiry :)

My pet carrier that I use for Bujang is a kind of hybrid from this one (above picture) and his carrier. Megat ate through the netting (although they told me that no pet had ever managed to do that ) and so I just used the trolley and put Bujang's carrier on it. It works very well.

I bought mine online from . They're nice and punctual. They even sent me the stroller via a route that would not incur me exorbitant costs. Minimal costs for transportataion but you have to write to them. I read in the site that it would take about 3 months and told them that it was too long. They were quite surprised themselves and so had arranged for a shorter time :))

I did this as I could not find even 1 stroller in any pet shop then and Bujang was too heavy for me even then to carry about. I like this trolley as it folds neatly and I can use any hard carrier with it. But now of course there are many in the pet shops here. I hope this is helpful.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks a bunch for prompt response. Will look online for a pet stroller/carrier. Heehee, that soft carrier will not do for my cats either....we need a solid carrier.