Sunday, November 30, 2014

Easy Peasy Sunday Thoughts

The woman was not feeling well this week and so there were fewer pictures to choose from. She did not manage to post regularly as well as she spent much time  resting. She decided to just post 2 pictures for each of us. Of course since this is my first post, I have 3 pictures. I am still finding my way but I am not doing too badly. 
This scared little girl continues to hide herself. I was thinking that if she does not find the courage to fight, she will always be running away. But I have promised not to chase  her and to leave her alone. I do not know how this would help her but the woman told me that I should not try to help her to be brave so rashly. Maybe she is right. I know she is always working on it just like she is still working on how to make it easier for everyone to have me here. I know she also wants me to do well. 
 I like this cat. His name is Bujang. He is calm and steady and eats with me in the kitchen. He is the only one who is not afraid of me and he wants to be friends. That is why he eats with me. He also leaves alone to be myself. He told the woman that she should 'give me another chance' to find my way and I am glad for that. 
This orange kitty is a great puzzle but he has learnt to leave me be. I think he knows he cannot chase me or frighten me as I am a fighter kitty and will chase him. Here he is looking a little worried as he saw me sleeping in the small room yesterday. He has also not been well and has had fever for a few days. But I am glad that now he will sit closer to me and I do not feel afraid. He is also quite relaxed now with me. 
I must say that I began with much uncertainty and fear when I first came here. I decided that this was the place that I can call my home as the woman loves the kitties here and feed them all well. They have shiny coats and bright eyes. They are all very obedient. I had many lessons from Fern who explained to me how to be a house cat. The woman talks to Fern a lot about me and so I know she is concerned. I have learnt to compromise and not scare the boys. I learnt that if I want them to accept me, I must also respect them as well. These are hard lessons for me but now I am confident that I will do well. I have used all the scratching posts and drank from the common water bowls. They allowed me to do that so I know that they have accepted my stay and I am learning to be more confident and calm. 

*I thought  it's time Putih has a post. All the stuff here are from her conversations with Fern in the 3 months that she has been with us. She is becoming a more confident cat and the boys are used to seeing her walking about and using their stuff. Akira is the only cat who has very little contact with her as Akira stays in her room much of the day. She says she prefers her room and Akira is not a cat who likes other cats. She only loves Bujang. 

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Boys Downstairs

Today we went down early, before 9 am but it was very humid evenso. Bujang walked about slowly enjoying the morning air. 
        Just hanging out with san. 
Tanaka was a little nervous as usual and waited some minutes to finally decide to walk out. He walked up and down these steps but did not even look at the grass. 
I finally put him on the grass but he very quickly made his way back to the concrete. But I am glad he decided to walk out as he would have so many more things to see. 
His favourite position
The outside can be a little intimidating even for Tanaka. 

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Updates from the osteopath

Tanaka looking at Akira in her carrier. He was more outgoing and preferred to walk about. 
He told Fern that his right shoulder was okay but Adrian found that it was a little stiff. He sat quite docilely and allowed Adrian to massage the kinks out. More surprising was that they 2 kitties did not growl at each other at all during their treatments and they were seated next to each other. 
Akira's diagnosis was not as easy. Her muscles were tense and she was under some stress. Adrian also pointed out that her face was pinched and long. I agree as these days her face more often than not would look like this. 
 It is full of worry and stress and of course the emotional stress would translate to muscle stress as well. So she would have to go again next month so he could help her relax her muscles and alleviate some of the stress. We hope this would translate to her overgrooming which is becoming more serious as it has extended to her feet as well. 
Bujang results were also not so rosy but not so grim. He has stiffness in his lower back and he was not pleased to have Adrian massage him there at all. He was restless and tried to bite him unlike before where he would allow Adrian to help. He still loves to run about with Tanaka and is still able to climb up the shelves.  But he has to go back next month as well for further massages. 
        Hmmm you must be glad that I am ok san. I am glad as well. 

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Tuesday Thots

This morning san decided to bring me outside. Yesterday she brought Akira and Tanaka out to see Adrian but I didn't get outside the whole day.  So this morning I was glad to be out. 
           I used the big scratcher. It felt good. 
I also went downstairs but it was full of things that I was rather afraid of like postmen and trucks. Even ginger the cat with two metal rods in his ankles came to see me. I was very nervous so san brought me to another place altogether. 
        I sat here for a bit to get my bearings 
before walking about. I had more than 1 hour here as I spent 30 minutes just sitting in my carrier. 
Today I sat on grandma's bed. Tanaka left me alone as he doesn't come into grandma's room often. 
  I had a nice restful nap here by myself. It was a very good morning. I hope for more mornings like this. San told me and Tanaka that the idea is not to develop territory but to share the territory and develop relationships. Hmmmm...I don't know about that!

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Easy Peasy Sunday

Our week was not as calm as we wanted. Putih and Tanaka had a few short spats and bouts of growling at each other. I decided to allow Putih more time to mingle and she discovered that my bedroom was a good place to settle in the afternoons. She slept on the bed for the whole afternoon on Thursday and decided she liked it. Ever since then she had been trying to get on the bed again much to Tanaka's disgust. They had growled at each other several times but that was it. They both had several timeouts as well. Akira has yet to come out of her room in the afternoons. She told Fern that it was a 'safe' place. I am afraid that she is using it to hide from Putih as well eventhough Putih had not chased her again after the last time.  I do not wish to add any more stress on her as her over grooming had also resulted in bald hind paws.  Bujang has been the only calm and steady influence on the cats and I suspect on the human beans as well although I noticed that Putih had been growling at him more. Characteristically, Bujang was not much bothered eventhough she had growled at him when he was at the litter bin. He just looked at her and continued with his business until I told her to stop. She stopped immediately and ran off to sit on the washing machine which has become her new favourite place. 
I thought the most exciting thing to have happened in our quiet lives was that yesterday I decided on a whim, after Bujang's walk, to bring Tanaka downstairs. The last time he was downstairs was when he was 4 and he did not like it. Yesterday, he sat in the carrier for 10 minutes just looking at the outside and listening to the outside noises. Then he decided to step outside and did not look back. He walked about at the void deck, looking and enjoying the new space. The different textures of the floor surprised him, especially the metal grates on top of the drains. But at no point did he step out onto the grass. Nevertheless I thought he had a good time walking and we would be walking more downstairs as it would allow him much more freedom to explore new things. He had a 20-minute walk and then he decided to sit in the carrier. I decided that for the first time, 20 minutes was more than enough and brought him home. At home he spent some time grooming possibly to calm himself down as well. 

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Saturday Easy

Saturday is usually very easy in my house but these few days Putih and Tanaka have been having short spats for the bed. So I am keeping my eye open even as I sleep. 
Here Putih was sleeping quite well. She sat here for the whole afternoon on Thursday. 
Yesterday Tanaka decided the bed was his. He was here the whole afternoon and warned Putih from sitting here - twice. 
 Thank goodness I have my own room. Ok I have to get out of it as much as possible but at least I don't have to share. 
I don't know why they can't get along. It's as easy as napping. 

Friday, November 21, 2014


Time for a leisurely look at the outside. "Is that a bird san?"
Hmmmm it's the end of the week.  TGIF! I hope for good weather so I can go outside 
       A good nap is necessary for shenanigans. I plan to have many naps today. 
I think the woman would let me have more time in the box near the door. But I plan to sleep on her bed today!
           Time to get up and go you lazy kitties!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Just Because

Her eyes are still red around the rims. She would not allow us to wipe her eyes clean though. We give her L-lysine to help her with her eyes. Apart fro cleaning her eyes and the L-lysine, we don't know what we can do. 

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

I am seven

San furgotted that I was seven yesturday. She thot that I was eight! Hrumphh! But a quick read on the sidebar (!!) told her that I was gotched on17 November 2007 on Deepavalli day. I was gotched by Cousin R, who is our trusty caregiver even now. She broughted me home and san had to ask grandma fur permission to take me in for fostering. I was supposed to be adopted out when I was bigger. BUT I was too cute then as I am now and stayed wif my family. 

I had a nice walk outside yesturday ( I was out even before Bujang), long naps undisturbed by the white kitty and treats. I wanted more but san said they were not food and so just gave me four treats. I usually get about two a day. 

You may have seen these pikshurs before but san said they were too cute.

                   Here I was showing off my favourite posture 
                    Here I was showing off my quite magnificent whiskers 
                           Here I was showing how flexible I am
      Here I am TODAY, waiting for my breakfast at 8.18 am Wednesday morning. 

I told san to hurry it up as we all need to eat to live! So bye fur now from me, Rocket Tanaka. San said we should have one more. This is one of her most favourite pikshurs of us together she said. 
     Me and san together. We dun have many offur these so we love them a lot. 

However, san also has pikshurs of me when I was furry little. They are very blurry as she only had an old camera in 2007 and so you may have to squint a bit when you see them. These pikshurs were taken in 2007 and 2008.
 The first day I came home wif my furry big toy. The toy used to belong to my sisfur Akira.
 My rainbow bruffer Totoro took care offur me furry well. He sat wif me when no one else would as I was furry naughty.
I tried to get him to spring me but it was not successful as he was not able to open the door. He did try once or twice.
 He showed me the ropes when I was training to walk wif my own harness.
 This is the pikshur of my furry first harness.
He also played wif me quite alot
But offur course I tried to ambush him too
This was me wif me rainbow bruffer Megat
My bruffer Bujang also helped me when I was in training
This is my adoption picksur on the CWS website. Many people asked to see me but by then my grandma said I should live wif my family and not move out.
This was how little I was then.
This is me now. I have grown much and I am thankful that I am wif my family who loves me, no matter what.