Sunday, November 09, 2014

Easy Peasy Sunday

This week was relatively peaceful. We spent it just hanging around in the house and sometimes we spent it outside. The days were very hot sometimes and san got a little short of breath because of the haze but we were fine. Akira spent one or two afternoons outside , sitting on san's lap. She had taken to doing this ever since Putih scared her the first time and she took refuge with san outside. My brother Tanaka had been trying to behave himself better. San said he did very well this week with leaving Putih alone. I could see that he tried his best. It was only my sister Akira who still has a great fear of Putih still. I on the other hand had taken everything in my stride. 

I am sure you are surprised to see Putih in my old red harness. Yesterday san decided to take her for a walk along the corridor. The only difficult thing was putting her in the harness as it was a two-woman job. But after that she took to walking in the harness very easily. I thought we might show you more pictures of her in the harness. 

She wanted to go straight upstairs to where the bird sounds came from but san said she must not catch any birds. Anyway our upstairs neigbour already told san that he has a parrot and he thinks we would scare it if we walk up there. However, later in the evening she started to climb up the cat seats near the window and wanted to get outside. Then she screamed and tried to go through the grills wanting to be outside. She did this the first  two weeks she was here to recuperate from the wounds but yesterday she went on and  on. San thought maybe walking outside reminded her of her old life and the outside that she loved. 
I told san that we should end the post with a nice picture of me as I was the only one who remained calm and collected throughout the whole week that we have been coping with Putih. I think she is an ok kitty and it is good that she is here. It would be hard on her if she is outside on her own. It rained the whole of yesterday and last night there was thunder. I was a little afraid of that and spent the night under the table but other than that, I think I was very brave. 

Happy Sunday everyone. 


Eileen said...

Bujang, you are a kind big brother to everyone. You are the wise one. I think Putih is happy to be safe inside and loved but has memories of the outside. I used to sceam out the window, too, when I first come to live with mum. Happy Sunday from Jessica

Tom, Tama-Chan, Sei-Chan, Bibi-Chan, Gen-Chan, Vidock, Violette said...

Bujang, you are such a wonderful brother, and so caring of everyone. It sounds like things are beginning to settle down a bit. We can imagine that walking outside reminded Putih of things she misses, but there are also so many things she does not miss about being outside!

The Chans

meowmeowmans said...

Bujang, we love that you are so good and that you watch out for everyone in your house.