Sunday, November 30, 2014

Easy Peasy Sunday Thoughts

The woman was not feeling well this week and so there were fewer pictures to choose from. She did not manage to post regularly as well as she spent much time  resting. She decided to just post 2 pictures for each of us. Of course since this is my first post, I have 3 pictures. I am still finding my way but I am not doing too badly. 
This scared little girl continues to hide herself. I was thinking that if she does not find the courage to fight, she will always be running away. But I have promised not to chase  her and to leave her alone. I do not know how this would help her but the woman told me that I should not try to help her to be brave so rashly. Maybe she is right. I know she is always working on it just like she is still working on how to make it easier for everyone to have me here. I know she also wants me to do well. 
 I like this cat. His name is Bujang. He is calm and steady and eats with me in the kitchen. He is the only one who is not afraid of me and he wants to be friends. That is why he eats with me. He also leaves alone to be myself. He told the woman that she should 'give me another chance' to find my way and I am glad for that. 
This orange kitty is a great puzzle but he has learnt to leave me be. I think he knows he cannot chase me or frighten me as I am a fighter kitty and will chase him. Here he is looking a little worried as he saw me sleeping in the small room yesterday. He has also not been well and has had fever for a few days. But I am glad that now he will sit closer to me and I do not feel afraid. He is also quite relaxed now with me. 
I must say that I began with much uncertainty and fear when I first came here. I decided that this was the place that I can call my home as the woman loves the kitties here and feed them all well. They have shiny coats and bright eyes. They are all very obedient. I had many lessons from Fern who explained to me how to be a house cat. The woman talks to Fern a lot about me and so I know she is concerned. I have learnt to compromise and not scare the boys. I learnt that if I want them to accept me, I must also respect them as well. These are hard lessons for me but now I am confident that I will do well. I have used all the scratching posts and drank from the common water bowls. They allowed me to do that so I know that they have accepted my stay and I am learning to be more confident and calm. 

*I thought  it's time Putih has a post. All the stuff here are from her conversations with Fern in the 3 months that she has been with us. She is becoming a more confident cat and the boys are used to seeing her walking about and using their stuff. Akira is the only cat who has very little contact with her as Akira stays in her room much of the day. She says she prefers her room and Akira is not a cat who likes other cats. She only loves Bujang. 


Katnip Lounge said...

We are so happy you're settling in, and we find it very interesting to hear all of your thoughts through Fern! Keep up the good work, sweetie.

Tom, Tama-Chan, Sei-Chan, Bibi-Chan, Gen-Chan, Vidock, Violette said...

We loved your post, Putih, and are glad you are learning ow to be an indoor cat and to live well with the others.

The Chans

Eileen said...

We hope your San is feeling better soon. And we think you seem to be settling in rather well, Putih. From Jessica

Anonymous said...

You have a dainty look Putih. Hope you adapt to a home environment well; not many community cat has the chance. Hope San is feeling better. ; D

Katie Isabella said...

Putih, you already know how fortunate you are to have San and your new fur siblings. I will tell you I liked your post and how you are presently coping and thinking. xxoox