Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Tuesday Thots

This morning san decided to bring me outside. Yesterday she brought Akira and Tanaka out to see Adrian but I didn't get outside the whole day.  So this morning I was glad to be out. 
           I used the big scratcher. It felt good. 
I also went downstairs but it was full of things that I was rather afraid of like postmen and trucks. Even ginger the cat with two metal rods in his ankles came to see me. I was very nervous so san brought me to another place altogether. 
        I sat here for a bit to get my bearings 
before walking about. I had more than 1 hour here as I spent 30 minutes just sitting in my carrier. 
Today I sat on grandma's bed. Tanaka left me alone as he doesn't come into grandma's room often. 
  I had a nice restful nap here by myself. It was a very good morning. I hope for more mornings like this. San told me and Tanaka that the idea is not to develop territory but to share the territory and develop relationships. Hmmmm...I don't know about that!

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You are all thinking about important things!

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