Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Updates from the osteopath

Tanaka looking at Akira in her carrier. He was more outgoing and preferred to walk about. 
He told Fern that his right shoulder was okay but Adrian found that it was a little stiff. He sat quite docilely and allowed Adrian to massage the kinks out. More surprising was that they 2 kitties did not growl at each other at all during their treatments and they were seated next to each other. 
Akira's diagnosis was not as easy. Her muscles were tense and she was under some stress. Adrian also pointed out that her face was pinched and long. I agree as these days her face more often than not would look like this. 
 It is full of worry and stress and of course the emotional stress would translate to muscle stress as well. So she would have to go again next month so he could help her relax her muscles and alleviate some of the stress. We hope this would translate to her overgrooming which is becoming more serious as it has extended to her feet as well. 
Bujang results were also not so rosy but not so grim. He has stiffness in his lower back and he was not pleased to have Adrian massage him there at all. He was restless and tried to bite him unlike before where he would allow Adrian to help. He still loves to run about with Tanaka and is still able to climb up the shelves.  But he has to go back next month as well for further massages. 
        Hmmm you must be glad that I am ok san. I am glad as well. 

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Tom, Tama-Chan, Sei-Chan, Bibi-Chan, Gen-Chan, Vidock, Violette said...

Of course we are glad that you are OK, Tanaka-Chan, and we are crossing our paws that Akira and Bujang will also feel much better very soon.

The Chans