Friday, October 31, 2014


I am just sitting here, away from everyone. This is the best place in the living room for TGIF resting.
Our lives have been very eventful this week but for today, I hope it will be a nice quiet day for loving cats like me.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Great Escape

that didn't succeed

LAst night Putih attempted her great escape. She very quickly stepped into the corridor when one of us opened it to water the plants.
She is always seated like this or she hangs around the door behind the grills to look at the corridor. We had often wondered what she was looking at.

It was fortunate that once she was outside, she merely walked although very quickly. I learnt from before (when my rainbow kitty Totoro decided to go for a walk by himself), never to run after a cat as it would only scare them into running. She looked at the plants and snooped about. I had to stop myself from yelling at her to stop but I knew that once she gets to the staircase, she may make a run for it. So as she walked towards the staircase, I managed to scoop her up. It surprised me that she didnt struggle very much nor did she try to scratch or bite me. I guess she was in shock to be scooped so unceremoniously. 

Of course she had time-out in her cage with the blanket thrown over it. It calmed her down somewhat. I told her sternly that such behaviour will not be acceptable and she needed to listen more carefully to all of us.Of course I think she may be more than bored and only wnated to look at the corridor for real. 

She has not allowed any of us to touch her at all and she would only tolerate small sniff at our hands. I had thought of teaching her to walk with a harness and leash later but mayebe I will have to do that sooner now.

All in all we were all relieved that she is safely back with us and will now make sure that she is nowheer near the door when we water plants.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Monday, October 27, 2014

Monday Mood

The kitties had reiki yesterday and Bujang had this to say about the whole business.

"Bujang said he was quite confused and is not sure what Putih wants or feeling. But he does not hate Putih. He said we should give her another chance, but he is cautious too." Bujang said about Putih "let's wait and see further."

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Easy Peasy Sunday

This was what we did yesterday. Bujang went for a long walk downstairs where he ran after pigeons and looked at the world. I took 2 videos of our local pigeons walking about and one of him watching them from behind this bush so he can look at them on his You Tube page. The boys and Akira spent a lot of time yesterday sitting on top of shelves and cat trees just in case case Putih decides to make a run for them when she was outside in the living room. 
This is the only place where I am safe from the white cat!
        Bujang and Tanaka sitting away from the door. Akira was inside the room. 
I put some Bach remedy on her ears before letting her out yesterday and some in her food and water. I think she has decided that THIS is where she wants to be all the time. But this is also where all the kitties like to sit as there is a nice breeze and they get to look outside. She is very calm when she sits here but watch out anyone who tries to sit here when she wants to. Last night she wa sitting here calmly when she noticed Akira in her night cage as it was about 10.30 pm and Akira wants to get inside at about 10. She stared at Akira moving about the cage intently, her whole boy still. Usually she would just leave Akira alone but yesterday she took one step towards her, hissing  a little. 

I put her on time out as Akira was already very wary of her and would not stay outside alone, even with Putih in her own cage in the kitchen with the door closed. I didn't think I should take an more risks with Akira and her nervous over-grooming issues. 
My lesson fur this time is this. "watch out behind you! THAT'S all I say about this!"

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Saturday Easy

This is the best place away from the white kitty. My Saturday will be easier here. 
I have not found a good place to rest for today. Why did the white cat fight with me yesterday? I was just hanging out minding my own business at the door. I thought we all have to share san?
This is the safest place in the house. I plan to be here today. 
I seem to get into trouble quite a lot here. 

For the week she had run after Tanaka twice, once well into the bedroom. Yesterday for no reason that I could see ( but she may have perfectly good reasons) she flew at Bujang and fought with her claws! It was not something I have ever seen in the house with even Megat ( who was a comcat as well). So she got time out but I think it's best we try from the beginning and not allow her to roam about the house so soon. So she slept in her cage under a blanket like the first time she was here. She complained a lot and Bujang actually came to sit near me when he heard her. She spent the night in her cage as well instead of the kitchen. She will have to stay in the kitchen like before until everyone ( especially me) calms down for a bit. On Sunday Fern will talk to everyone to see the new situation. But of course if Bujang does not mind being  near the kitchen to eat, that means he is trying again to be her friend and so at least she will have one friend here. 

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Just Because

I dun like the white cat! She nearly got me!1 Dun like hur! I only asked her how she was and what she is doing and what she is looking at. I am interested. I can't help it if she is irritated. 

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Wednesday Adventure

Wednesday saw Putih's snoopervising skills. They're very good indeed. 
      What's outside this window?
        I was only looking...
This bedroom is alright. Full of hiding spaces. 
This one smells of the boys. Maybe not such a good place. 
It's not so bad sitting right in the middle of the room. 
    Hmmm ..the big tuxedo is napping
   This is the little kitty who is rather timid. 
Best I just mind my own business sitting here. This is the best place in the house. 

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Tuesday Thots

Putih loves sitting here just watching the goings-on outside, not that there is much. But we have a few birds or the breeze flutters the leaves and the chimes will sound. She gets very cross if any one of the amigos should try to stop her from sitting here and just this afternoon had run after Tanaka to teach him a lesson about respect and personal space. She did not hurt him as Fern had spoken with her several times about what she needs to do with house cats. I had reprimanded them both about what had happened though and had closed the kitchen door for time out. Tanaka also had a time out in the bedroom. 
She sleeps on the carpet at night and does not move when I move about the kitchen. She would open her eyes but will stay put. She has an option of sleeping in her cage but prefers the kitchen space. She has her own litter but she also uses the amigo's litter in the kitchen but will only eat from her own plate and drink from her own water bowl. I have put some homepathy drops for her kidneys but have yet to give her any medication. A very good friend of ours had offered us Azodyl, which is horribly expensive, for free and we will take her up on it although I have yet to figure out how to give it to her. We have to move really slowly with this. Even with 2.4 creatinine, the vet said we could take a little more time to decide if she needs special food or medication. I read that I can sprinkle the Azodyl on her food so maybe we will try that first.
Another view of this long narrow space. She is protected by the cage and table, the counters and the washing machine. I guess she feels protected here and can move about freely. 
thought it would be nice to hear what she had to say last Sunday when Fern finally asked her if she would like to stay and why.We had also agreed that we should tell her to think about the good points of the amigos and when she feels stressed, it would be good to think about that. I felt that if she thinks positively about them, they would do the same about her.

Fern: i told her of each of yr kitties' good traits. and that she also has good qualities in her like intelligence, wisdom, bravery etc. So let's focus on the good points of one another and live together as a family.

She is interested. Then I asked her not to scare, chase, hiss or anything that is not friendly to the other 3 kitties if she wants to stay here. Actually I opened up with "would you like to stay here with this family?" She said yes.So i asked why this time you wanted to stay? She said she had enough of the outdoors, she rather settle at your nice loving home and she wants to rest and eat without being scared or running or hiding.
When we asked Akira about letting Putih stay she said "if Putih is nice to her, then she's ok for Putih to stay. She said she likes Putih when Putih is nice to her. When Putih scared her, she didn't like that. (Putih had scared her twice by chasing after her)

Of course the boys have many things to say about it as well but I will post that later. By the way, we were told by one of the residents living around Putih's old building that there are now 3 feral dogs roaming the territory at night as well. Its a good thing that Putih is with us now.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Monday Mood

The amigos decided that they will all trust that this will be good for everyone. And so we take the plunge. Welcome home Putih. 
We gave her a collar yesterday after everyone has had their say. The collar is new and girlish. The tag LOVE belonged to our rainbow kitty, Megat. It's to remind her that she is much loved and cherished in the house and she must cherish and love everyone here as well. The red heart is just our address. We removed the bell as it is good to have only one bell for Tanaka. We know that we will need to do a lot of work but we are all willing to do it. 

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Easy Peasy Sunday

san has been busy grading papers and talking to students about their English exams tomorrow and didn't get any time to do up our usual Easy Peasy Sunday post. But at least she had the presence of mind to take out her phone to take this rather blurry picture of what we did tonight. She was very pleased with us as well and it IS an Easy Peasy picture. 

We hope everyone has had a good Sunday. We had the haze and a psi of 110!! Not so good for walkies but I got to walk along the corridor. This is my selfie. 
       It's blurry as well... Sigh...

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Putih Warrior Cat Part II

Putih on her favourite mat in the kitchen

The life of a comcat indoord can be really different. Life indoors consist of hanging out, napping, playing with strange feathers and strings, more napping and some bird tv (if you can get it) Once she got so bored that she decided to do us a favour. It may have been our fault in the first place for asking her to teach Akira to be brave.

So one afternoon, when I got home from work, Akira decided that she would follow me to the kitchen. Putih took one look at her and chased her into the living room. I had to then close the kitchen door and Akira spent the afternoon sitting close to me.

Fern; Putih said she was bored and she wanted to teach Akira to be stronger and tougher, as she knows Akira is too fearful. 

She said "that girl needs to learn to be a strong cat" and she said "She cannot be so weak, or else she will need to run and hide all the time."

Fern: I told her she must not chase or scare Akira, or else, you and the family won't let her stay and she needs to go back. She listened to me at that split second I sensed that she was worried.

Fern spoke to Akira about the incident. Akira said "ok i know but don't scare me"

Fern: Putih said she was sorry, she didnt know Akira would be so frightened.

Putih spends a lot of time here at the door. She sits here quietly for some time looking outside and listenign to the chimes. She no longer puts her paws through the grills. Then after 10 minutes or so, she will go back to the kitchen. I also allow her at the door at about 10 pm when all the litties are resting, except Bujang who would sit a little away looking at her.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Putih Warrior Cat

In reply to a few inquiries as to what Putih thought of all the fuss, I thought it best to begin from the beginning when she was in our house for the 2nd time to recuperate form her wounds. Our friend Fern had helped us with much of it.

27 September 2014
Putih had mixed feelings. She wants to go back soon. She said maybe she will be attacked again but for the moment she wants to go back. She was a bit afraid as she said the cat who attacked her knows where to find her. I told her (we had agreed that this was what we would tell her) she's brave and smart and knows how to stay safe.

She said she likes your house but can't stay all the time. She said you are loving and warm.

About the wound and the pus, I asked her not to lick or scratch it. She said its itchy.  (This was when we tried the inflatable collar)
She had this one for a whole week after her second appointment with the vet. This was when I discovered that the bite was so bad that she had pus still in the wound. When the vet stuck the tip of his scissors into the left wound, the tip came out from the right one and the pus had collected in the vacuum. By this time she was with us for close to a month and that is never good for any comcat as the vacant space would be filled with another cat, most probably the one who had bitten her in the first place. By this time she was no longer pawing at the corridor from inside the house. Nor was she climbing up any cat trees trying to find a way out. This is her favourite place. She sleeps here as well at night. Its cooler and we close the kitchen door so to make her feel safe at night.

On 5 Oct, during her Reiki sessions
Fern: We had a great conversation. She was relaxed, calm, peaceful, optimistic and wise.

Putih:I am a bit bored bit I like it here. No sun, no rain, no heat. I don't have have to worry to run and hide. I know I will have to go back outside. I don't belong here.

The kitties here, I am ok with them. Its fun to see them wonder, being curious about my presence and what's going on with me.

I like talking to you (Fern).When I was outside, I didn't have any friends but that's ok. Those cats always find me. I tried to hide though.

(Fern) I asked her about the fight, she never showed me but I saw one black cat and one light ginger cat. Thats all)

My wounds feel terrible. I am really irritated. (Fern: don't lick, don't scratch ok?)

san: Of course there are skirmishes especially when a fighter kitty gets bored and a timid kitty walks about unawares. But that is for another day for Putih Warrior Cat tales :)

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Tuesday Thots

       Is that a pigeon or a cardinal? 

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Easy Peasy Sunday Thanks

We are just lying low today as we heard a huge clap of thunder. This means that there will be rain to wash away the heat and dust. 
But before that we want to give thanks for the tents which were a present from the Katnip Lounge kitties. Bujang has been sleeping in it everyday and Tanaka sits in it to watch Akira. 

Bujang using the tent as a lookout point as well as resting place. 

We also want to give thanks for being indoors away from many dangers - rain and heat and hunger. We know this as the comcat Putih is still with us. She has been here for a whole month to recuperate from her wounds. Eventhough now her wounds are healed, she still has some pain there and the site is still itchy She told Fern yesterday and so she is getting some more rest away from downstairs. 

 She doesn't have her collar now her wounds are healed. San brought her to the vet yesterday so that the vet can look at it and the vet said she would be ok now to go back. Putih also had a blood test and she is FIV-Felv negative. The blood panel showed some deterioration of her liver and her kidney indicator is 2.4. So there was some good and bad news. She is now about 10 years old as san had taken care of her for that number of years and now she has become slower and in greater danger of being bitten as she is not as fast nor as alert. San asked us the BIG question yesterday and she said everyone must agree or it will not happen. 
           Can Putih live with us?

I told san that she knows it will be  a tight squeeze as there are already 3 of us. Where will she hang out? Can we live with a warrior cat who had to fight off other cats to survive? Will she hurt us? I have much to think about as I am number 1 cat and I need to make some big decisions. San said she will have to make the decision fast as the longer she is with us the more difficult it would be for her to get back to her own territory and she may lose it to the cats who attacked her before. Hmmmm...

Friday, October 10, 2014

TGIF Thanks fur effuryfing

When san came home yesterday, she saw 2 boxes. One big box from Amazon (but that was not interesting for us) and another smaller box. We were much more interested in that smaller one. We smelled adventure and new fings. And indeed there were many fings fur us.
WOWEE!! But what were these fings? I smelled the smell offur strange kitties from far away. There were toys and even a nice card ...all the way from Vegas. san says Vegas is where many wonderful fings are, like deserts and rhinos and cats in a big catio. They are the Katnip Lounge kitties and their marvelous momma. Fanks you guys! We were furry happy but san (the spoilsport) said we can open only one fing. I decided on the red one. I thought somefing good will happen and its in my bruffer's favourite colour.

 Bujang was furry excited but he was more interested in the box. It smelled of catnip! Woohoo!
Then he decided that he also wanted the red one. He drooled on it!

Then he spent the whole evening sitting in it. I had to wait my turn to slide across the floor in it! 
But I fink the bestest fing here is my video :))

san said we were lucky to have friends from far and near who are generous. We are grateful for that.