Thursday, October 02, 2014

Thursday Lessons

I do not think anyone can blame me. After all I only promised to fink about it. Eventhough san told me that I should follow my bruffer Bujang, I didn't really feel that I need to. I am my own cat!

We are still trying to convince Tanaka that he should behave well with Akira and allow her to move around the house freely, just like him. The leash training went well and now we are trying to 'graduate' into free movement but still under supervision. I had tried (very difficult to do) to hover less around them when they are together. I had also told Bujang that I would appreciate his help and to show Tanaka what to do if he feels antsy or he wants to run after Akira the night before this happened. This happened last night.

Here Bujang went up to Akira and spent some seconds just doing this. I assume that he was giving her instructions.
 The almost immediately he went to see Tanaka who was hiding under the small table. There was some sniffing.
 Then Bujang went to the cat scratcher and spent time there as well. After which he moved away. 
(These are the exact movements that I had been trying to encourage Tanaka to do. If he feels that he wants to chase, he should look away and do something else- either move away or go to the cat scratcher to calm himself down)
After a minute or two, Akira decided to get off the boxes and walked across the room. This was a very brave thing for her to do. Tanaka immediately streaked out from under the table and chased her. She ran into the bedroom BUT turned around to yell at him. He did stop for a second but I was much too anxious and went to tell Tanaka to remove himself from there. He did so quite immediately and Akira ran off to her room. Of course Tanaka was quarantined for being naughty.
This picture was taken after a 20 minute or so quarantine. He immediately walked out and peered into the kitchen to see if Akira was there. She had gone to the kitchen after a few minutes in her room and had sat on top of the fridge. He spent the rest of the time lolling about in the living room afterwards.
See san? What did I tell you about these two? Hopeless!

Afterwards I thanked Bujang for helping me teach the kitties to behave. I had also praised Akira for being brave enough to even walk across the living room in front of Tanaka.(I learnt from Fern that Bujang was very particular about respect and all love praise) I told her she should try it again and the next time to stop, turn around and yell at Tanaka loudly. She could also swat him but not at his eyes. If she runs off, he would give chase. We will see how these lessons go or even if she would try to walk about again in Tanaka's presence in the living room. 


meowmeowmans said...

It sounds like you're all learning those lessons. Purring for patience and understanding to reign supreme. :)

Tom, Tama-Chan, Sei-Chan, Bibi-Chan, Gen-Chan, Vidock, Violette said...

We think that Ms. Akira is continuing to make good progress, and Tanaka-Chan too, even though it is taking him a lot of time! Bujang is such a good brother to both of them!

The Chans

Eileen said...

Tanaka, you must leave Miss Akira alone. She is a lady and ladies must be treated with respect. Meow from Jessica