Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Putih Warrior Cat

In reply to a few inquiries as to what Putih thought of all the fuss, I thought it best to begin from the beginning when she was in our house for the 2nd time to recuperate form her wounds. Our friend Fern had helped us with much of it.

27 September 2014
Putih had mixed feelings. She wants to go back soon. She said maybe she will be attacked again but for the moment she wants to go back. She was a bit afraid as she said the cat who attacked her knows where to find her. I told her (we had agreed that this was what we would tell her) she's brave and smart and knows how to stay safe.

She said she likes your house but can't stay all the time. She said you are loving and warm.

About the wound and the pus, I asked her not to lick or scratch it. She said its itchy.  (This was when we tried the inflatable collar)
She had this one for a whole week after her second appointment with the vet. This was when I discovered that the bite was so bad that she had pus still in the wound. When the vet stuck the tip of his scissors into the left wound, the tip came out from the right one and the pus had collected in the vacuum. By this time she was with us for close to a month and that is never good for any comcat as the vacant space would be filled with another cat, most probably the one who had bitten her in the first place. By this time she was no longer pawing at the corridor from inside the house. Nor was she climbing up any cat trees trying to find a way out. This is her favourite place. She sleeps here as well at night. Its cooler and we close the kitchen door so to make her feel safe at night.

On 5 Oct, during her Reiki sessions
Fern: We had a great conversation. She was relaxed, calm, peaceful, optimistic and wise.

Putih:I am a bit bored bit I like it here. No sun, no rain, no heat. I don't have have to worry to run and hide. I know I will have to go back outside. I don't belong here.

The kitties here, I am ok with them. Its fun to see them wonder, being curious about my presence and what's going on with me.

I like talking to you (Fern).When I was outside, I didn't have any friends but that's ok. Those cats always find me. I tried to hide though.

(Fern) I asked her about the fight, she never showed me but I saw one black cat and one light ginger cat. Thats all)

My wounds feel terrible. I am really irritated. (Fern: don't lick, don't scratch ok?)

san: Of course there are skirmishes especially when a fighter kitty gets bored and a timid kitty walks about unawares. But that is for another day for Putih Warrior Cat tales :)


Tom, Tama-Chan, Sei-Chan, Bibi-Chan, Gen-Chan, Vidock, Violette said...

Putih, we want you to be safe more than anything else. Would you consider staying with the Amigos and making a place for yourself among them for the long term?

The Chans

meowmeowmans said...

Putih, you are a mighty warrior cat, indeed. But we hope that you would consider staying inside with the Amigos, where it is safe.

Eileen said...

Putin, even warrior cats enjoy a safe and loving home to retire to. Please stay. From Jessica

Eileen said...

Putih. Silly autocorrect. From Jessica

Anonymous said...

Most of our cats came as adult ex-comcats (counted 40 since 1995) & all adjusted well to home living. In fact, the cats who appreciate quiet living most are the ones accustomed to street violence. Boredom? I think boredom is my human problem more than the cats.

The relationship of the 3 amigos and Putih is the main factor to consider if Putih stays or goes back.