Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Tuesday Thots

Putih loves sitting here just watching the goings-on outside, not that there is much. But we have a few birds or the breeze flutters the leaves and the chimes will sound. She gets very cross if any one of the amigos should try to stop her from sitting here and just this afternoon had run after Tanaka to teach him a lesson about respect and personal space. She did not hurt him as Fern had spoken with her several times about what she needs to do with house cats. I had reprimanded them both about what had happened though and had closed the kitchen door for time out. Tanaka also had a time out in the bedroom. 
She sleeps on the carpet at night and does not move when I move about the kitchen. She would open her eyes but will stay put. She has an option of sleeping in her cage but prefers the kitchen space. She has her own litter but she also uses the amigo's litter in the kitchen but will only eat from her own plate and drink from her own water bowl. I have put some homepathy drops for her kidneys but have yet to give her any medication. A very good friend of ours had offered us Azodyl, which is horribly expensive, for free and we will take her up on it although I have yet to figure out how to give it to her. We have to move really slowly with this. Even with 2.4 creatinine, the vet said we could take a little more time to decide if she needs special food or medication. I read that I can sprinkle the Azodyl on her food so maybe we will try that first.
Another view of this long narrow space. She is protected by the cage and table, the counters and the washing machine. I guess she feels protected here and can move about freely. 
thought it would be nice to hear what she had to say last Sunday when Fern finally asked her if she would like to stay and why.We had also agreed that we should tell her to think about the good points of the amigos and when she feels stressed, it would be good to think about that. I felt that if she thinks positively about them, they would do the same about her.

Fern: i told her of each of yr kitties' good traits. and that she also has good qualities in her like intelligence, wisdom, bravery etc. So let's focus on the good points of one another and live together as a family.

She is interested. Then I asked her not to scare, chase, hiss or anything that is not friendly to the other 3 kitties if she wants to stay here. Actually I opened up with "would you like to stay here with this family?" She said yes.So i asked why this time you wanted to stay? She said she had enough of the outdoors, she rather settle at your nice loving home and she wants to rest and eat without being scared or running or hiding.
When we asked Akira about letting Putih stay she said "if Putih is nice to her, then she's ok for Putih to stay. She said she likes Putih when Putih is nice to her. When Putih scared her, she didn't like that. (Putih had scared her twice by chasing after her)

Of course the boys have many things to say about it as well but I will post that later. By the way, we were told by one of the residents living around Putih's old building that there are now 3 feral dogs roaming the territory at night as well. Its a good thing that Putih is with us now.


Tom, Tama-Chan, Sei-Chan, Bibi-Chan, Gen-Chan, Vidock, Violette said...

Once again, we are so glad that Putih is now safe with you for good! We think she will be a wonderful addition to the Amigos. We hope she will teach Tanaka-Chan that not all girls can be chased, and she will become a good friend to Ms. Akira. Bujang is wise and will know how to make the best of each and every thing.

The Chans

Eileen said...

Putih, you have a lovely home and loving family now. I think you will settle in well. Meow from Jessica

meowmeowmans said...

We are so happy that Putih has decided she would like to stay. Now she has a loving family of her own and a safe place to live. :)