Sunday, October 26, 2014

Easy Peasy Sunday

This was what we did yesterday. Bujang went for a long walk downstairs where he ran after pigeons and looked at the world. I took 2 videos of our local pigeons walking about and one of him watching them from behind this bush so he can look at them on his You Tube page. The boys and Akira spent a lot of time yesterday sitting on top of shelves and cat trees just in case case Putih decides to make a run for them when she was outside in the living room. 
This is the only place where I am safe from the white cat!
        Bujang and Tanaka sitting away from the door. Akira was inside the room. 
I put some Bach remedy on her ears before letting her out yesterday and some in her food and water. I think she has decided that THIS is where she wants to be all the time. But this is also where all the kitties like to sit as there is a nice breeze and they get to look outside. She is very calm when she sits here but watch out anyone who tries to sit here when she wants to. Last night she wa sitting here calmly when she noticed Akira in her night cage as it was about 10.30 pm and Akira wants to get inside at about 10. She stared at Akira moving about the cage intently, her whole boy still. Usually she would just leave Akira alone but yesterday she took one step towards her, hissing  a little. 

I put her on time out as Akira was already very wary of her and would not stay outside alone, even with Putih in her own cage in the kitchen with the door closed. I didn't think I should take an more risks with Akira and her nervous over-grooming issues. 
My lesson fur this time is this. "watch out behind you! THAT'S all I say about this!"


meowmeowmans said...

Purring and praying, dear friends. We hope your collective Sunday is an easy one.

the letter b said...

Putih asserting her territory now that she's part of the family? Was she bullied badly as a comm cat previously that she feels she now has the right to bully her way? Feeling insecure perhaps?

Katnip Lounge said...

Perhaps you could slide a tree over by the door when it's open for easier sharing of space?