Thursday, May 31, 2007

Travel Plans

Uhuh...I am quite comfy here thank you...

Bujang prefers to sleep while Toro makes travel plans...

Toro has made it quite clear that he would like to get into my suitcase so we could travel to HK together next week. He made himself quite comfortable and even tried to rest his chin for good measure. I think he quite approved of my suitcase as it could fit one big fat kitty quite well :)

Vesak Day Wish

We wish every single creature a day of peace and kindness...

Quiet thoughts

Vesak Day meditations...zzz
After a long time Toro and I spent some time together at the computer. He is now laying on his personal shelf, meditating with his eyes open. I suspect that he is asleep though. He seems quite contented and so I think I will stay here alittle longer to keep him company. I know that once I leave the computer room, he would wake up, shake himself and leave with me :)
Grandma reported that he still looked for Putih yesterday in the loo. I wonder when he will stop looking for her. The other kitties have stopped looking and ms Akira ate some fussiecat yesterday. I just think its nice that all of them get together at dinner just for 5 minutes tops. If Ms Akira doesn't think she can get anything good to eat at dinner, she may stop coming to the kitchen to eat with the boys. I don't want that to happen as she is so prima donna already and hardly ever hangs out with them.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Mina's son hangs around to help mom...

I assume this is Mina's son from last year. Last year she had 2 black and white kittens and this year she just had 4 tortoiseshell and calico kittens. As none of Mina's kittens look remotely like him or have his colours, I still maintain that this is Mina's son. A few of the other people are trying to convince me that Mat is Mina's paramour. He has very pretty green eyes and he limps just a little. He is very much wary of me so I can't help him very much. But he is a spritely fellow and quite well-built and therefore well-fed.

Mat still hangs around the place everyday and Mina makes no complaints when he is around her at all. He sometimes meows loudly when he makes his rounds. I am trying to make friends so that when I get Mina to the vet later this month, I can also make an appointment for him. I am trying to get all the cats here neutered as we are leaving this premises at the end of this year. Although I have spoken to the head of the next organisation about Mina and how he should keep her as she would be spayed by then, I do not know if they would keep him or indeed try to neuter him or any of the kittens.

However, the both of them are survivors and I am sure they can take care of themselves for many years to come.

Putih revisited

Freedom at last...

Let's see what has changed since I've been gone...

Night vision...

Dinner at the park...

Dr Lau said "Can release already! No need to worry about this!" and with that I released Putih to her normal playground by 3 pm. She was quite contented just to sit and look around as though she expected to see radical changes in the 6 days she has been away. You can see her stomach quite clearly in the 1st two pics. I told the aunty that I would release her cat as soon as I can but I have not seen her to actually tell her that I have done so.
The aunty has found herself a job that needs her from 3 to 11 everyday so I guess I will have to feed the wild bunch every day again. She told me I could just leave food and she would clear up at 12 pm. Huh! I don't think so. :) She would be tired and the residents would be up in arms I'm sure. Now I have one more in the group - Putih.
So that makes it Minah, FatBoy, Cal and Putih. I hope she doesn't collect anymore kitties!
I went to feed Putih her dinner. She was very hungry and actually ran to meet me. She was playing 'catching' with a little boy at the playground. The boy's family was there also. I am glad they did not tell him to be afraid of Putih cos she is really a nice kitty with aspirations to be an opera singer. Anyway I was quite surprised that they left some pieces of tissue paper at the playground as they left. I shouldn't be surprised I guess. I told Putih she should be more careful when playing with strangers out in the open. But Putih just ate dinner and told me to mind my she knew her turf better than I.
The amigos spent a lot of time trying to find where Putih had disappeared to. Toro went into the loo several times as though he expected Putih to appear from the walls. Bujang went into the computer room several times to sniff at the now empty cage. Megat did not care two hoots and Ms Akira went about sniffing for scent. I guess it was quite a sudden departure.
Ms Akira threw up her kibble once last night but at least she did not throw up all of her dinner. She managed to eat a few bites of canned food with the rest of the boys. She would only eat Friskies now - seafood and tuna. I know Friskies does not agree with her delicate stomach but at least she is now eating with the rest of the kitties. One of these days she would go back to fussiecat. I know because she changes her taste quite often. The only comfort is she would eat her kibble quite happily so I know she is not starving herself.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Superman to the rescue

Toro exhausted after superman duty
If Toro was a cartoon character, he would be a superhero. Although the amigos are super interested in Putih, they sometimes get rattled when she sings so much and she does sing quite abit ala opera. The only one of the amigos that is not rattled and show a great deal of curiosity is of course Toro, who had been watching her from outside the door and sometimes would sit outside the bathroom door listening.
Last week I heard a loud bang in the kitchen and thought that it was Putih who had tried to jump up and open the door but not so. Although she had once escaped and walked into the living room, the culprit was Toro and we saw this with our own eyes last night.
After sitting for afew minutes outside the bathroom door, he took one flying leap onto the bifold door. BANG! He managed to open the door slightly. WOAH! And who should we see but Putih peeping from under the door. I had to close the door firmly shut again. :)
Grandma was not pleased and told Toro he should keep his superman instincts to himself. I advised Toro that he should not do such a thing as Putih is not vaccinated, she does not know them and she might be scared. Toro took one look at us and left to lay on the living room floor as though it was none of this was his doing.
I am making an earlier appt with the vet to review Putih's case as she is so unhappy in the loo and she is forever pleading to be out. The amigos and grandma are getting rattled. Ms Akira is anxious all the time. So I hope to be able to release her today itself as she is taking her last pill this afternoon.

Mina at work

Pretty Mina...

Mina taking a break from baby sitting duty...
Finally Mina stayed put long enough for me to take her pic. In the morning I saw 3 of her kittens but my camera was not in hand for me to take pictures of them. As it is with kittens, they are immeasurably cute and one is still suckling. I am bringing Mina to the vet on the 18th as it is better to get her on her feet when term begins. I do not know if this is the best thing for her kittens but someone will be taking care that they eat. They are all eating dry food so it should be okie for me to bring Mina for spaying.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Ms Akira's tantrum

Which one would you eat Ms Akira please?

I do not know what it is with Ms Akira yesterday. She did not have any dinner at all. I gave her some fussiecat - No thanks; some Snappy Tom - No thanks; some Aristo- NOPE! Thank goodness I have Putih who would eat most of it and Bujang who would eat all (if I let him). Toro was very helpful too. I know she hates Natural Balance. Anyway only Megat eats Natural Balance :)

Finally the Little Ms came down from the table and stalked off without anything. So she just got some extra kibble in her night snack. I think I will just give her kibble this evening when all the rest are having some canned tuna :)

"The cat who doesn't act finicky soon loses control of his owner." - Morris the Cat
I know exactly what you mean Morris.


Toro is looking more grizzly than a bear!

Who is he?

Bujang asking me to explain myself...

The computer repairman finally brought my repaired CPU on Wednesday night. He said my whole motherboard was shot. I bought this computer 3 or 4 years ago! Now I have a new hard disk with more space etc etc. He also said I should at least use my aircon in the computer room as it would help my computer to have a longer shelf life. :)

The computer guy D was not afraid of cats thank goodness and after about 5 minutes of scrutinising D from far away, Bujang decided he was harmless and sat to watch the goings on with the hardware. Ms Akira watched him from on top of the cupboard in the computer room. After the whole operation was over, she decided to jump off from the cupboard and landed on top of the computer table. Poor D was shocked! He told me later he was not aware that she was even in the room with him. Hahaha

I have now got wireless and its definately much easier than ADSL.

Growing Grass

I bought this cat grass seedlings for Bujang and Akira. I have yet to get around to planting them as the I still have some more wheat grass left for the duo. I cannot get ASAP grass in the pet shop at all. I hope this one would be more successful. It does ay put in an area where there is some light. :)

Hide and Seek

Bujang trying to get Da Bird...

Bujand sneaking to eat Ms Akira's night snack!

We were playing with Da Bird yesterday after a break. As Toro and Ms Akira were chasing and jumping after the lure, I noticed that Bujang was missing. Then I turned around and saw him quietly eating Ms Akira's night snack!! Its a miracle that such a big cat can get into the night cage at all. Aiyoh! This Bujang!

My fortune cookie :)

My Fortune Cookie told me:
You should emulate your heros, but don't carry it too far. Especially if they are dead.
Get a cookie from Miss Fortune

Friday, May 25, 2007

What now?

Is that a new meow I heard? Huh? Huh?

Toro the decorator

All that decorating makes me tired. Yaaa..ww...nn...zzzzzz

I am unfazed by all this!

A cat can sleep anywhere and in any position :)

Study in black and white

Except for the shiny eyes, he looks quite handsome.

More water for everyone

I got this for the amigos as 4 cats drink a lot of water. The other CAT IT cannot cope with 4 thirsty kitties and I notice they drink more water when its running. Of course it saves me from having to provide water bowls at night :)
The thing is it's very noisy. The sound of running water is suppsoed to soothe the mind but it was very bad for me for the 1st week. The amigos of course love it and keep running to drink water. After about 2 weeks, it was better. Toro has taken to dragging it to a more suitable location. I can hear him dragging the container, especially at night. I think its worth the time and investment though. :)

The Putih Saga

Putih's affectionate self..

Putih and her false preganancy...

Putih's meds...

Putih is taking many things in her stride. She is very affectionate and likes quiet times where she would sit with me and just hang out. She has gotten used to the cage and would sometimes make a choice of sitting in it when I put her in the loo as she has to be out of the amigos' range of curiosity :)
I have given her her meds for 2 days alreday and I myself am getting used to putting pills in a cat's mouth without much trouble but I am not sure if I can do the same if Bujang needs pills. She complains a little when she is in the loo but grandma says she is quiet when she is in the computer room where grandma watches TV.
Toro is insatiably curious and would actually sit by the door of the loo just looking at her but he would not enter the loo itself. Much to my surprise Megat runs off every time he hears her. Ms Akira has been seen to secretly sniff at the loo or computer room door whenever Putih is in either one :)
Bujang just doesn't care to be near her at all and would try to feign indifference but his ears and body tell me otherwise.
All in all we are all just waiting to see what will happen to Putih.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Eh? Pregnant?

Putih taking it in her stride
Dr P at Animal Clinic tells me Putih just thinks she's pregnant or her mind thinks she is pregnant and therefore sending signals to her body to prepare for kittens. It's one of those rare cases of a false pregnancy. Dr P of Animal Clinic was quite amazed as she said there have been cases where spayed cats show these symptoms complete with swollen nipples and swollen bellies and this was one of those rare times. So she has to take meds that would allow her mind and body to get adjusted to the fact that she will not be able to get pregnant again! Dr P tells me that in reality it takes 6 months for a kitty's body to get used to this reality.
I was quite relieved as I was thinking the worst for the poor kitty. So she is under my supervision to the complete mystification of the amigos who think I should not be bringing any more kitties home. They hissed at her and she hissed back. :)
She is to take some meds for 7 days and I have to bring her back for review in a week. I don't think Putih likes being in the loo or cooped up in the cage in the computer room for 7 days but there is nothing else to be done. I can release her of course but I may not be able to find her in time for her meds.
I also asked the vet why Putih would not get in from the rain. It seems that Putih would actually sit where she is even in the rain. She does not seek shelter. The vet was quite surprised and took her temperature. 28 degrees so it seems she is normal and not having fever at all.
The aunty came up to ask after Putih and wwsa glad of my fine report. She saw Megat hanging out and was happy to see him so well. She tsked him to see if he still remembers her. I was very pleased to see that he came as close as he dared to the aunty and looked at her as if in recognition. He did not come close to the grills as he is still quite afraid of the outside or possibly he didn't care to be too close with it. Bujang of course has no problems with this and stood near the door to see what was happening. Toro looked at the aunty from the safety of the bedroom and Ms Akira was nowhere to be usual.
Will upload pics later of this strange and amazing phenomena :)

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Putih and the vet

I am bringing Putih (the cat that I had sent to be spayed recently) to the vet again this evening. The aunty came knocking on my door on Monday to tell me that she suspects something is not right with Putih. She said her stomach seems distended. So I went to catch her yesterday and saw that her abdomen was not as it should be although she is not in pain. I asked the aunty if it could be a case of us spaying her when she was pregnant and therefore the skin would be loose (like humans). She told me that the other two cats - Minah and Cal were also spayed when they were pregnant and they did not suffer this. The abdomen is not swollen or painful (to her) to touch as I was trying to put her into the cage last night and she did not complain. I hope everything will be okie with Putih.
She is as affectionate as ever :) It is a pity no one is taking her in. We were hoping that once she is spayed, someone would be willing to take her in as she is very pretty and she has very good toilet habits.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Good Morning Sunday

Welcoming the day into the house...

Bujang waiting his turn at the window...

Ms Diva Akira hogging the window as usual...

Hmmm...hmmm..what is happening this morning...

Sunday finds everyone safe and sound and lazing around peacefully.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Last entry for saturday

I'm going to get it...

Well, maybe two will do the job...

Oooh..its giving me a headache... I don't think I like the taste of

this lizard!

And where is Megat through all this? Asleep in his carrier. Too bad Megat. Maybe next time.



Megat came and told me quite obviously that I was spending too much time at the computer. He came and sniffed at me and butted my hands and then walked all over the keys to the laptop. Then he sat by the computer and smiled. So I guess its time to shut down and pay attention to him instead.

No books for me please

Dreaming of starfish...


Megat, like Toro, does not like reading at all, not even about cats. They much prefer napping the day away :)

Rachael Hale

I love Rachael Hale's cat pictures. Somewhere in the world, these gorgeous cats are eating and sleeping.


Let me tell you a story...
Ok. Let me explain why I am on this cushion. I know Megat thinks it belongs to him. BUT it's NOT true. It belonged to me from long long ago when I was 6 weeks old. I was the ONLY kat here. This used to be my cushion. I slept on it and rolled on it and sat under the sun on it. Now Megat likes it too much. I let him have it cos he is 10 years old and has cat-aract. Hehe. But he is now in the bedroom, in his own place so I think he won;t mind if I sit here again. I miss it for sure.

Bujang sszzznoozzing...
I was just lying here, next to san who is at her 'puter. Its a nice, cool place. The curtains wave breezily on me. Then I heard san taking my pic and decided I might as well sit on the flowered cushion cos it is warmer and softer even.

Yup. This is much nicer.
Bujang is having a quiet time this Saturday. Its not so hot and so the door and windows are open to let in the breeze. He has had his 4 cat treats and is now spending some quiet sleep time next to me. All the other kitties are either in the bedroom or computer room so Bujang and me are the only ones in the living room. He is in his affectionate mode today. He sat right next to me on bed and actually kneaded me with his sharp claws (ouch) this morning. I didn't think I should shoo him off me as he has not done it for the longest time, eversince Megat came to live with us. So I think I will just spend some time with Bujang and go out in the evening instead. :)

Saturday Stake-Out

What can I do this Saturday morning?

Uhuh! Its Totoro - the blur one!

Toro just looking on. Not aware of what was going to happen.

Megat taking stock of the situation, poised to move!

So you think I don't know what you're gonna do? Let's see you do it!

Megat retreating - under the cover of the table.

Bujang looking on at the typical happenings in the amigo house :)