Monday, August 31, 2015

Monday Mood

                A little moody
I am hiding out from San. I hope she doesn't see me. 

From Fern:
Akira: She said she was OK and had a comfortable week, and said she just groomed herself and she felt relieved - it was soothing so dont worry about her. She said she knows she wont overgroom. I told her what you suggested and she said it is ok.

When I asked what 'ok' was, Ms Akira said 'A means her skin is ok dont worry about her.'

The collar doesn't work very effectively as she can still lick her feet. She extends her feet beyond the collar. The good thing is she can't lick her belly. Grandma is worried that the kitties would have a very uncomfortable time sleeping if they use their collars so both Bossy Boots and Akira only use their collars after dinner. 

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Easy Peasy Sunday

Today I thought I should begin the entry. I am rather tired of wearing the collar and San told me that I was just under training. In a one week she would have a break and then I would have to wear it for 12 hour days. I think that's rather excessive. She said not so considering I have licked  the underside of my forearms as well.
Did you notice my new collar. My sisfur Akira also has a new one. San bought this sharp collar for Bujang and I but he has not worn his yet.  San said since I have my sharp collar on, I should be able to find an office job to pay for food. These beans fink they are too funny!
Yesterday I got to go down for a walk but we were surprised there were no pigeons to look at. San brought some cat food but there were no birds to feed. Then she saw this:
It seems we were not allowed to feed the birds anymore. However later on a sudden flurry of small birds came on the grass. San saw that someone was flinging bits of bread from the window. But it was no fun as I liked the pigeons best. 
I have been helping my doctor to model for cat massage. He didn't actually give me a real massage but went through the motions only. He said it was easy for the other people to see as I am a white kitty. 'But I don't care about cats needing massages ".  It was good fun though. Something else to do. 
We are gradually getting used to the idea of collars and sharing space but we still have some trouble with it. But San said it would get easier later on. We will see. 

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Saturday Easy

            I love sunpuddle mornings.
                Going for walks
             Doing investigations 
       Just sitting in my bed chillaxing

Friday, August 28, 2015


TGIF - time to say thanks for the week and relax for a bit. Oh no! I have acupuncture today!!!

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Ms Akira wins again

Akira has to wear the collar as I thought it would be helpful to prevent her from over-grooming in a more direct away, apart from reiki and acupuncture treatments. For the first few weeks this worked very well indeed until I noticed that her hind feet were showing evidence of bites and she had a few red patches on her inner legs. 

Then grandma told us to see what Akira had been up to:
She had managed to extend her feet beyond the collar and in this way she had licked away the new fur. Not only that she had also bitten through her skin again.  So I decided to put 2 collars on her. 

In this picture she had  2 collars. But it was not useful as she could still flex her feet to lick them.

So I bought her one S and one L. The M was too loose I thought. So last night she wore both. 
She was not pleased with this new development. As to success; it was not as successful as I imagined as she was still able to lick her feet but thankfully not for an extended time but  she would find a way to do that later on I'm sure. She is very resourceful and  does things slowly but she will get there.

I was advised by some people that what I needed to do was to put the S collar over the L collar. This seemed to be the winning combination for many kitties.  So this is what I will try tonight. 

It's ok San. Sooner or later I will figure it out and what will you do then ?

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Akira's timely reminder

It is important to spend time on your person's lap. It reminds them that you need attention too. But it's important to do this quietly but firmly. See the position of the paw. 

Monday, August 24, 2015

Monday Mood

                  Just chillaxing!

    With a special appearance by Cody who is getting more used to his dad. He seems to like his food and learning how to live indoors. 

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Easy Peasy Sunday

We have had some difficulties with sharing the bedroom. Bujang thinks it's his, Popps wants to use BOTH the seats and Tanaka is anxious he is going to lose his space. Oh dear.  But as before we are taking it very slowly. The only one who is not bothered is Ms Akira :)
Popps has had quite an eventful week beginning with her sessions as a cat model for the acupuncturist. Since she is white, he said it would be easier for clients to see the actual massage. 

Popps: I praised her about modelling and helping vet n  other cats. She said she felt important and was the center of attention! BUT P said she doesnt bother about helping other cats who need massages. :) She reminds me of a very tough Big Sister who is used to life on the streets. 
Akira is not much bothered by the new arrangement of living spaces as it doesn't affect her at all. She is going through the days getting stronger and less bothered by events around her which is a good thing. She didn't complain about the color anymore so I guess she is resigned to it. 

Tanaka is the one who is most affected by the new arrangement and by the fact that Popps insists on using BOTH the seats and would run him off the room.His  curiosity continues to give all his sisters and Bujang problems. 

Tanaka: He is quite feeling low but still optimistic. He said he would just stay with you then if P doesnt him to be near. He said he asked Popps lots of things as he was bored and wanted to chat. He felt she is cool and tough- all those years thus he wanna know how it's like being outside
Bujang has resumed acupuncture treatments again. He hated it and yesterday he yelled and swore at the vet. But the vet was able to put the basic needles on his back. Bujang spent the rest of the time fuming. Of cos he is still bullying Popps no end. 

Bujang: He said he wanted to remind P that he was watching and still in charge and yes he saw her too relaxed and too happy in his place. I said this is all yr home to share and you are family. He said he is bored and didnt want to talk about this. He knows it though, I can tell. About acupuncture, he said leave him alone and he doesnt wanna go any more. I said it helps him he said he doesnt think so.

I have to try to convince him that if he relaxes and allows the doctors to help him, he would have to spend less time with them. But he doesn't think this a good idea at all. :))

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Saturday Easy

    Afternoon nap near a window. My fav activity. 

Friday, August 21, 2015


    We had some problems with the new living arrangements but we are working through them. I am still monitoring the situation but for today it's time to rest and relax. Happy TGIF everyone. 

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Just Because Popps

    She is looking much like her old self.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Tuesday Tweet

Last Sunday San decided to put my cage in the living room under Akira's night cage. I was very surprised and pulled the bedding out and toppled my water bowl. But San did not scold me. She merely changed the bedding and replaced the water. Then she asked Feen to tell me that it's time to think about a new arrangement. Since I am family, I have to be comfortable with the new family routines. It was not so bad as I only eat in it. I sleep in the study as always and I can go to the kitchen, if I want, after my meals. I don't much like it though but San says we have to learn a new way as she was tired of having chairs in her bedroom and wants to have them at the dinner table like before. 
My brother Bujang was very curious and sat with me for a bit. 

Monday, August 17, 2015

Monday Mood

I fink its time I posted somefing. I noticed that Bossy Boots had a lot of air time these past few days. It's time to give her the boot! 
17th August is also Black Cat Appreciation Day. We thought of our rainbow brother Megat. Rest well and play hard at the bridge Megat. 

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Easy Peasy Sunday

This week was a very busy week for San but not for us. We are fortunate we have a good sitter who will help us out when San had to work late and make sure we get our TCM or bring us to the acupuncturist. We thank our caregiver Cousin R very much. 
The only exciting thing that happened was Popps decided to sit at this cat seat. This seat used to belong to our rainbow brother Totoro. Other than that, life was just the way we like it, no excitement and a lot of naps.

Well San had made new changes for our living arrangements involving Popps. She doesn't know how Popps is going to react and what kind of new routines she would have to put in place yet. But she is hopeful that with Fern's help, we can make it happen as painlessly as possible for everyone. 
      I have to see it to believe it!

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Saturday Easy

Saturdays are for napping near windows

Friday, August 14, 2015


San saw this on FB and told us we were furry  lucky to be indoor cats. I do not have much experience offur the outdoors since I came to live wif San when I was only about 8 weeks old. But my sisfur Bossy Boots was from outside and I fink she would have had to cope wif many offur these fings. 
I do not envy hur at all as she is a warrior cat like San says. I am much more laid back. But I have to complain about the flashy box. 
San takes pikshurs offur us at any time at all. There should be a law on taking pikshurs when we are asleep. 
Or when all we wanted to do was enjoy a few moments with our iPads. 
Or just looking out offur the window, taking in the breeze
      Or we are just hanging out!
You must excuse that boy cat as he doesn't know about life outside but I do. I do not miss the outdoors  at all. TGIF everyone. 

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Cody at home

Jeffrey-Cody is doing very well indeed on his new home. He has now conquered the top position on the wall. His mom said he was fed-up with being harassed by his sister. He is also getting used to his dad. He has had some difficult times as all his caregivers have been women.
           Sleeping on the job

Monday, August 10, 2015

Monday Mood


Akira: She said she didn't like the collar as she couldn't  see on the sides and the back. I explained why she had to wear it. She said whats wrong with licking her paws/legs? So I said don't do that so much as she would lose her hair. She said it didn't matter. 

She only has it on after TCM. She usually sleeps in the afternoon and so won't be licking her fur off. It's only after dinner and TCM that she does it more. When she sleeps at night I take it off.  I suppose I should make her wear it all day but I think slowly does it. She has learnt how to walk with it without stumbling and how to climb with it. She has also eaten with it on but I saw that she would not eat much of the little that she does eat. Once she has figured out how to get on my lap  with it, I think it will be ok to put it on for a longer period. 

Sunday, August 09, 2015

Our Golden Jubilee

Today is our Golden Jubilee and we have many thanks that we have many things for ourselves that many countries still do not - clean water, good education for all, good hospitals and housing (although now becoming increasingly unattainable for everyone). There may be many things wrong with our government still but we love our country and we are glad to be here. 

Saturday, August 08, 2015

Saturday Easy

The two girls looked at each other yesterday. They may be comparing collar patterns. Popps collar fits her more snugly than Akira's collar fits hers. But fortunately Akira has figured out how to walk with the collar and yesterday she did very well. 
I do not know if this was a lesson for me but for the very first time she sat on my lap facing away. I think it was much more comfortable for her to sit like this. The good thing was she figured out how to sit on my lap and did not trip on the saucers much. 
Popps fell asleep right after I took off her big collar. She settled down and closed her eyes. She did not protest when I put her cat collar back on but looked at me reproachfully and then closed her eyes to sleep. Maybe she figured out that collar 
was so much better than the saucer. 
Grandma was afraid that they would suffocate in their sleep if they wear the big collars. I also wanted them to be more comfortable when they're sleeping at night and they seemed to appreciate it.