Friday, August 14, 2015


San saw this on FB and told us we were furry  lucky to be indoor cats. I do not have much experience offur the outdoors since I came to live wif San when I was only about 8 weeks old. But my sisfur Bossy Boots was from outside and I fink she would have had to cope wif many offur these fings. 
I do not envy hur at all as she is a warrior cat like San says. I am much more laid back. But I have to complain about the flashy box. 
San takes pikshurs offur us at any time at all. There should be a law on taking pikshurs when we are asleep. 
Or when all we wanted to do was enjoy a few moments with our iPads. 
Or just looking out offur the window, taking in the breeze
      Or we are just hanging out!
You must excuse that boy cat as he doesn't know about life outside but I do. I do not miss the outdoors  at all. TGIF everyone. 


Eileen and Jessica said...

I agree. My mum found me when I was wandering by myself in the park. I was lost and frightened and very hungry. I have been an indoors cat now for 16 years and I am very happy. Have a restful weekend, from Jessica

Kari said...

We know how lucky we are to be indoor kitties. It upsets our Mum when she sees kitties alone outside
Tanaka! You are the most glowing golden kitty! Your furs are very special.
We love seeing all of you in the same day! A wonderful weekend for all.