Sunday, August 23, 2015

Easy Peasy Sunday

We have had some difficulties with sharing the bedroom. Bujang thinks it's his, Popps wants to use BOTH the seats and Tanaka is anxious he is going to lose his space. Oh dear.  But as before we are taking it very slowly. The only one who is not bothered is Ms Akira :)
Popps has had quite an eventful week beginning with her sessions as a cat model for the acupuncturist. Since she is white, he said it would be easier for clients to see the actual massage. 

Popps: I praised her about modelling and helping vet n  other cats. She said she felt important and was the center of attention! BUT P said she doesnt bother about helping other cats who need massages. :) She reminds me of a very tough Big Sister who is used to life on the streets. 
Akira is not much bothered by the new arrangement of living spaces as it doesn't affect her at all. She is going through the days getting stronger and less bothered by events around her which is a good thing. She didn't complain about the color anymore so I guess she is resigned to it. 

Tanaka is the one who is most affected by the new arrangement and by the fact that Popps insists on using BOTH the seats and would run him off the room.His  curiosity continues to give all his sisters and Bujang problems. 

Tanaka: He is quite feeling low but still optimistic. He said he would just stay with you then if P doesnt him to be near. He said he asked Popps lots of things as he was bored and wanted to chat. He felt she is cool and tough- all those years thus he wanna know how it's like being outside
Bujang has resumed acupuncture treatments again. He hated it and yesterday he yelled and swore at the vet. But the vet was able to put the basic needles on his back. Bujang spent the rest of the time fuming. Of cos he is still bullying Popps no end. 

Bujang: He said he wanted to remind P that he was watching and still in charge and yes he saw her too relaxed and too happy in his place. I said this is all yr home to share and you are family. He said he is bored and didnt want to talk about this. He knows it though, I can tell. About acupuncture, he said leave him alone and he doesnt wanna go any more. I said it helps him he said he doesnt think so.

I have to try to convince him that if he relaxes and allows the doctors to help him, he would have to spend less time with them. But he doesn't think this a good idea at all. :))


Tom, Tama-Chan, Sei-Chan, Bibi-Chan, Gen-Chan, Vidock, Violette said...

Still a work in progress, right? But you are all very lucky that San takes such good care of you and always listens to all of you. Relax, Tanaka-Chan. You will be fine!

The Chans

Kari said...

We will pray it all works out soon. Poor Popps has been a street kitty and just wants every thing she sees because she has been deprived so long. A home must seem like a palace to her.
Hope you are feeling better, Bujang.

Eileen and Jessica said...

We are sure that with time and paticience, everyone will adjust to the new arrangements and get along. Every cat just needs to adjust in their own time and way. Happy Sunday from Jessica