Saturday, August 08, 2015

Saturday Easy

The two girls looked at each other yesterday. They may be comparing collar patterns. Popps collar fits her more snugly than Akira's collar fits hers. But fortunately Akira has figured out how to walk with the collar and yesterday she did very well. 
I do not know if this was a lesson for me but for the very first time she sat on my lap facing away. I think it was much more comfortable for her to sit like this. The good thing was she figured out how to sit on my lap and did not trip on the saucers much. 
Popps fell asleep right after I took off her big collar. She settled down and closed her eyes. She did not protest when I put her cat collar back on but looked at me reproachfully and then closed her eyes to sleep. Maybe she figured out that collar 
was so much better than the saucer. 
Grandma was afraid that they would suffocate in their sleep if they wear the big collars. I also wanted them to be more comfortable when they're sleeping at night and they seemed to appreciate it. 


Eileen and Jessica said...

These donut collars are a great idea and they do look at least more comfortable than those stiff cones. We hope you have a restful weekend. How is the com kitty doing at the vet?

meowmeowmans said...

We agree with Eileen and Jessica, these collars are a wonderful idea!

Have a great weekend!

Kari said...

They look so cute! San, you are so wonderful about keeping the kitties healthy and comfortable.
They are lucky to be with you and Gran.