Friday, July 31, 2015


Hooray! I will not be going for acupuncture today as my doctor called in sick. I think he should take his own TCM! It would cure him in no time just like it made me better. 

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Thursday Thots

  What's that San? What's with pipes and cymbals?
  What's with the chanting and singing?

Last night the kitties were all up even after 8 as there was a Chinese funeral across our flat, at the void deck. Sudden bursts of pipes and clashes of cymbals made the boys anxious. Bujang was on alert the whole time and Tanaka although more relaxed did not sleep. Only the girls were not bothered. Bossy Boots fell asleep almost immediately after I gave her the night snack in the study and Ms Akira was grooming as usual.

The pipes lasted until almost 10 pm though. It has been quite some time ago that I heard pipes and chanting. These days funerals are apt to be just a few people sitting at tables quietly and watching over the coffin of the deceased. 

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Wednesday Whisperz

What? More pictures?
I need some sleep san.

My eyes are getting better with the medicines that the doctors had given me. San has also misted my face (it was quite unpleasant to be sprayed on with water let me tell you) with the herbs that my acupuncturist had given me. After 3 days of the vet 's medicine she thought she would try the TCM one. There was also a different set of cleansers that we now use in the kitchen as I like to lie and roll about on the kitchen floor. San is still monitoring that. She also noticed that I liked lying on the bath mat and she has decided to change the mat much more frequently than before. With all this she hopes my allergies would abate and I will look as well as before.
     This was me at Hari Raya before I had all this trouble. 

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Tuesday Tweet

At dinner I first notice the bean walking to the kitchen. Then I hear the clink of plates  and the marvelous sounds of cans being opened. But still I pretend that nothing has happened and I am not interested. Then I hear San calling me 'Bujaaaaangg!' Only then do I make my way slowly to the kitchen for food. It is a game we both play.
But sometimes I get it wrong and San would just come and swoop me up and carry me to the kitchen. I don't like it so much when that happens though. 

Monday, July 27, 2015

Monday Mood

      My eyes are better and I am glad. 

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Easy Peasy Sunday Thanks

It is that time of the week to count our blessings and we have quite a list so our post is a long one. 
This week did not begin to well for me. No my family was much the same. Bujang still pestered me no end. The trouble began when I had an allergy. San noticed that my eyes were red but she thought nothing of it until I showed her that I was not feeling too well. 
San sat with me at night and she saw that I was sad and my face was different. 
So she brought me to the vet and we got some antibiotic eye cream. After two days of using it I felt better. 
This was me last night when San came in to say goodnight. No more angry red spots. 
Yes. We did have a good week. I was not stressed when Popps ran after me TWICE! I knew she didn't mean any harm and she wanted to play. Fern told me this last week but I have not figured out how to play as yet. San said it will come to me. 
I went to see Adrian my osteopath yesterday and he said that my tail bone was a little crooked. So he did a very hard massage to put it in its right place. Adrian said it was a painful massage but I was a clever and strong girl for not making a fuss and allowing him to help me.
I usually snuggle at night wif San. I know she appreciates me sleeping on the bed wif her or sometimes on her chest or her arm. She would usually lay still. I fink that is because she loves me and wants me to be comfurtable. 
I went to the acupuncturist this week. It was my turn and I sat like a champion. San said at the end offur the year I would have to give some bloods to the vet to check my kidneys. If they are better I don't have to go so often anymore. The blue collar helps me to concentrate and so I don't have the urge to take out any offur the needles myself. 
Yes. This was the most important thing. I felt that I deserved some peace and quiet and I was glad I did not have to discipline anyone much. 
Ok. I admit that my suspicion of Popps have not abated. I think she is trying to take my place. I don't like that and had tried to keep her in her place. This week I had told her to stay in the kitchen. San was not pleased that I was bullying Popps and gave me time-out and allowed Popps to stay in the living room. Maybe I was too harsh on her. I have to think about that a little. 
All in all we had a pretty good week. We are grateful for our blessings and our good friends. We hope your Sunday is a blessed one as well. 

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Saturday Easy

I am feeling much better after San put some antibiotic eye gel on my eye lids and eyes. The vet said I may have some kind of allergy. It used to be itchy around my face but today I am so much better. So it's Saturday Easy for me. 
It is still a little red but so much better than a few days before. So we're changing the cleaner that we use into one that has enzyme action. It would be better for her and the other kitties. Also we are just trying to give her beef for this week to see if she is allergic to chicken and vice versa. The food experiment will take a few weeks though. 

Friday, July 24, 2015



Thursday, July 23, 2015

Jeffrey_Cody at home

His pawrents built this for him as he is a shy cat and also bored. He told Fern that he ran away because he saw a gap in the grill and he was bored. He is learning to play with his sister. He is also a climber so his pawrents thought he would enjoy this but he is slower at experimenting with new things. His sister Halley is still top cat.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Wednesday Whisperz

       San I don't think I need anymore of that TCM. I will be ok. 

Akira trying to tell me that she doesn't care for anymore meds! When it's time for TCM she would always meow softly in protest. But she is a champion at taking the meds. 

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Tuesday Tweet

Tanaka usually falls asleep quite quickly with San in the Aircon room. He loves to burrow into san's blanket. 
But I would usually talk to San about the issues of the day and we listen to the Compassionate Mantra together. These days I sleep on the bed as well. If you're wondering why my picture is darker I told San I do not want the flash. It hurts my eyes. 

Sunday, July 19, 2015

We did it!

Since it was my first Hari Raya San thought it would be good for my to tell you what I thought about it. 

Poppy: She said she didnt like the noise and people disturbing her. I explained it's new year thus family visited. She said hope not too often.

I was quite ok when there was no one but my family in the house. I didn't like it when there were strangers. San changed my flower as she said the first one was rather dark for me. Flower or not, I hope this would not be the way things are from now on.

Akira was quite ok as she spent the day before playing with Bujang and the Friday in her room. She wanted to get out but I told her it was better she was inside as the day may get very noisy. 
San was right. So I was glad to be away from all of it. 

Akira:  I asked whether she liked the flower on her collar, she said she knew it's nice thats why you let her wear it. 

Tanaka: He said he was happy and relaxed. He wondered why B got all attention, though. He said he was ready to be admired by the guests. But he didnt say this because of jealousy. 

Bujang: He said He knew it's special occasion and felt tired and wasnt quite sure what the kids wanted from him. 
Otherwise, he was fine and peaceful and hoped the special day went well.

Bujang was a good host and entertained the kids. He also sat with grandma afterwards as Grandma had a headache from the noise. 

All in all I am very glad that the kitties survived it as well as they did. There was some stress but later they all slept it away. We are a very quiet family and not really used to a sudden rush of people and noise at all. 

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Saturday Easy

Bujang and grandma taking time out today after the chaos of yesterday. He did his host duties but got a little fed up when the small kids insisted on giving him attention. He later escaped into the cabinet. 

Today would be a much more quiet time for all of us - cats and humans both. 

Friday, July 17, 2015

Hari Raya

San and the beans wore their finery today as its Hari Raya , which celebrates the end of Ramadan. We also put on ours. 

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Thursday Thots

Tomorrow is Hari Raya. Our house will be busy with guests and there will be a lot of noise. So I am taking time out today as I might have to play host again. I am Boss and it's what I do.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Wednesday Whisperz

I told San that I had not made an appearance here for some time and today I thought it would be a good day for me. No I don't really have anything new to say. I am just quite bored at acupuncture and wish for more fun things to do. 

I have much improved in my own habits and point of view. San asked if we should post my conversation with Craig, my Reiki advisor. I said ok. 

Craig: I have now completed Akira's treatment. Akira was actually pretty chatty (for her) today. I asked how she was and she said she was really well and certainly seemed in good spirits. She said she likes her routine, food and comfort at the moment. I asked how she felt within herself and she said she feels much more focused and centred. She does not feel like she is a victim or that the other cats (Tanaka in particular) reduce her confidence anymore. She likes herself much more now and feels she is just as important as the other cats and is an important part of the family. I asked her about her over grooming and she said she does it because it's what she does. It is very much a habit now, although it does not feel like it is being directed by insecurities anymore. This is wonderful to hear her say as it seems to show that she is moving forward.

I told San she should get a Reiki Advisor for herself. She asked me who will give the advisor the blue papers to pay him. Hmmmmm.  I told San that she can share my advisor. I am a kind and generous kitty and loves San very much. 

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Tuesday Tweet

      A new picture of Cody. 

In the past week, he had the flu, he tried to escape from the house and now he has an eye problem. He is really testing his pawrents. 

On a positive note his mom says;

He learn how to play what Halley plays and Halley will follow him to the unexplored realms of the house. 

If only Popps can do this. I think it's a tuxedo thing San. 

Monday, July 13, 2015

Monday Mood

Yeah. For Bossy Boots, his nemesis. 

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Easy Peasy Sunday

This is the last Sunday before Hari Raya. We have been busy advising San and telling her how to keep the house tidy. She doesn't do much housework and so needs a lot of help. We had a quiet week as she had exams and so we stayed in most times except Bujang who needs to exercise daily and he likes to go for walks more than anything else. 

We have posted this picture of Cody many times but until we get new ones from his mom San says we only have this if we need to share news. Cody did a bad thing and jumped out of his house's grilled door on Friday night. He gave his pawrents such a fright and when his daddy tried to catch him, he bit his daddy legs!! But his mom kept calm and after a bit when she was sure he was calm, she carried him home and gave him a talking to. She managed to wipe him some but she said he was smelly, something about his anal glands acting up when he had that fright. But now his pawrents meshed up the whole door grills so he should be safe inside. Woah! He gave us all a fright !

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Saturday Easy

      I am just hanging out on grandma's bed. It's quiet in the house which is just as I like it. San is going shopping for Hari Raya things as next week is Hari Raya. It will be my first one. 

Friday, July 10, 2015


          TGIF! More naps for me

I can rest and let San do all the disciplining of the kitties especially Popps! She is very bossy all the time and wants to sit in all of my places. I am not pleased and have spoken to her several times !

Thursday, July 09, 2015

Community Cats

           CODY (ex community cat)

Fern: the girl cat is ok but nosy. She is a tomboy. It's better here when I am not afraid and have to run away when people chase me. 

Taking care of community cats or comm cats as we fondly call them can be as harrowing as taking care of your own kitties. Of course all comm cats have a name. Sometimes they are just called by their colour like Blackie. Our comm cat Manis (Sweetie) was found with a lump under her chin last month. 
She is a sweetheart and her caregiver has been with her for many years. Now she is much older and has grown a little thinner although still very healthy. However last month our Town Council officer alerted us to the fact that she had this growth. (It is rare that a TC officer does this though so we have much to be thankful for although we think they can do more to help our comm cats)
It took us some time to get her some help - calls to the vet, to the trapper , to a shelter before we can even do anything. It was not feasible to bring her back home as my cats , especially Miss Bossy Boots would not be happy about it. 
Fern: Yes I can sleep here (in Akira's room) but the kitchen  is still mine at night.

She had a minor operation to remove the growth and the vet sent the growth to a lab to see if the tumour was malignant. Then we sent her to a shelter for a week to recuperate. 

2 weeks ago we found that that the growth was not malignant and she could be released back to her community. 

This morning she is a happy kitty eating breakfast. 
Breakfast is a mixture of canned food and no grain kibble
We are glad she is safe and happy in her own territory again.
Our very own Miss Bossy Boots like to tell us via Fern that 'it's a hard life living downstairs.'  
Miss Bossy Boots (ex comm cat) taking a snooze with her favorite lion.