Thursday, July 09, 2015

Community Cats

           CODY (ex community cat)

Fern: the girl cat is ok but nosy. She is a tomboy. It's better here when I am not afraid and have to run away when people chase me. 

Taking care of community cats or comm cats as we fondly call them can be as harrowing as taking care of your own kitties. Of course all comm cats have a name. Sometimes they are just called by their colour like Blackie. Our comm cat Manis (Sweetie) was found with a lump under her chin last month. 
She is a sweetheart and her caregiver has been with her for many years. Now she is much older and has grown a little thinner although still very healthy. However last month our Town Council officer alerted us to the fact that she had this growth. (It is rare that a TC officer does this though so we have much to be thankful for although we think they can do more to help our comm cats)
It took us some time to get her some help - calls to the vet, to the trapper , to a shelter before we can even do anything. It was not feasible to bring her back home as my cats , especially Miss Bossy Boots would not be happy about it. 
Fern: Yes I can sleep here (in Akira's room) but the kitchen  is still mine at night.

She had a minor operation to remove the growth and the vet sent the growth to a lab to see if the tumour was malignant. Then we sent her to a shelter for a week to recuperate. 

2 weeks ago we found that that the growth was not malignant and she could be released back to her community. 

This morning she is a happy kitty eating breakfast. 
Breakfast is a mixture of canned food and no grain kibble
We are glad she is safe and happy in her own territory again.
Our very own Miss Bossy Boots like to tell us via Fern that 'it's a hard life living downstairs.'  
Miss Bossy Boots (ex comm cat) taking a snooze with her favorite lion. 


Tom, Tama-Chan, Sei-Chan, Bibi-Chan, Gen-Chan, Vidock, Violette said...

Cody and Popps are lucky in that they have not only full tummies, but homes of their own now. We are so glad that Manis' growth turned out to be benign.

The Chans

Eileen and Jessica said...

I agree with you, Pops. I too was a lost kitty fending for myself and I must say, life is so much better in my forever home. I hope your Comm Cat enjoys many more years. Meow from Jessica