Sunday, July 05, 2015

Easy Peasy Sunday Thanks

This week we have many things to be grateful for. One of the most important was our kitty Jeffrey found his forever home. We had many people to thank for this and one of the most important was Nebisa who made it her mission to help us. We also thank all of you here for your prayers and good wishes. 
                                                                CODY as is
We thank Poppy or Popps or Popsicle as well. She has been a constant joy in our house. She is fierce about her independence and very particular with what she wants or does not want. In this Sunday picture, she was just enjoying the simple pleasure in a sunpuddle. 
Tanaka had tried very hard to make friends with Popps. We have much to thank him for the lessons he taught us about optimism and play.  He is a 'good boy' and just loves spending time investigating. 
Our peaceful Kitty Akira has grown much in confidence. She loves quiet times and just hanging out enjoying her own company. She now has a more forward- looking view of relationships and thinks of both Popps and Tanaka in a better light. 
Bujang is also learning how to take things easy. His job is just to 'monitor' the kitties and I remind him every morning that he should just rest and let things go. 


Katnip Lounge said...

It is a joy watching you all grow into relationships! We predict Popps and Tanaka will one day play together.

Kari said...

We love you Cody, and always will. Have the most wonderful life ever! We add our thanks to Nebisa for her help. Aren't happy endings wonderful!

Eileen and Jessica said...

Thank you to San and all the people who helped Jeffrey-Cody find his forever home. Thank you to you four kitties who keep us entertained with your antics. From Jessica

meowmeowmans said...

We are over the moon that Cody (nee Jeffrey) has found his forever loving home! We are grateful for San, and all the other humans who were instrumental in facilitating that. How wonderful that you are all doing so well, and that your outlooks on life and living together are in a good place.


Carly the mao said...

Cody, Jeffrey or also known as tuxedo to me.. I am happy that you have found your furever home. I will miss your face whenever I walk by the carpark but nonetheless very happy that you are safe now :) xoxo