Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Just Because

These days I sit here wif my family. Its close enough for us to be together but not too close in case san grabs me for a selfie pikshur.
san says sorry for the blurry pikshur but I told her nevur mind  I am lovable no matter what!

Monday, September 29, 2014

Monday Mood

Tanaka and Fern talked last night as usual after his Reiki and of course the conversation was about Putih. I had tried to get Putih to wear the collar several times and of course I had also bought her the inflatable collar but we had such so much trouble with that as well. Tanaka was watching the great drama that unfolded yesterday.

Fern: He was a bit cranky and wondered why Putih got all the attention. Later on in the healing he was calm and sighed. and said its ok, with a bit bored face. I explained to him he must support Putih and help her recover. He said "i know, i know". Then he jumped off and said he would look for something else more interesting to do.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Easy Peasy Sunday Thanks

This week the haze has been bad but not as bad as before. But san did not allow us to be outside and so we only got to watch the outside from inside the house. However we give thanks for even having a house to live in. We know about Sherri and her companions who may lose their house and they may not have a place to stay and it will be dangerous to live in a tent or in the woods with so many animals. So we know we are very lucky to be together in a small flat but we are comfortable where we are. We are also thankful that we do not have to worry unlike our friend Putih. She worries about being attacked again but we admire her courage as she still wants to go home and to take care of herself. 
Yesterday san allowed the white cat Putih to walk about my house.  I was up here so I can observe her from far away. She has a blue collar on her. San says it's because she keeps biting her wounds and now she cannot go away as fast as I want her to. Hmmmmm... 
Putih is still safe wif us but  san says that the wounds nearest her rump are open again. But at least there is no more pus, only some clear fluids. She has an upside down collar as she was so stressed when san put the collar the right side up. But she stopped worrying her wounds. But later at night this happened...
She had removed her collar by herself. San was very surprised and although san said it was furry clever, it would now also be a little more troubling. san had tried to get the inflatable collar but the shops only have ones for dogs which are too big for her. However, san says at least she feels comfortable in our house. I don't fink THAT is a good fing though!

All in all I fink we had a good week and we are all safe and healthy. Okay even the white cat is ok I fink. She just hisses at me sometimes. I can take that as I am a boy. I told san we should end our post wif a pikshur of  Bujang and I playing (me trying to beat Bujang up). 
Have a good Sunday effuryone !

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Saturday Easy

san said that yesterday was too hot to be outside and not so good even to be along the corridor. So we went out this morning as the haze was not too bad and we didn't smell burning in the air. 
I was very glad to be out finally as I didn't go walking the whole of last week. I immediately went to my favourite place. It's at the end of a long shallow drain. I get to walk in it if it's dry. 
I got to eat some grass from the ground, not from a package. It smelled good and was crunchy. 
I sat for a bit under this big scratcher tree to look around. 
Of course I also saw Ginger. He followed me about but I was not concerned as he was very respectful of my things and did not hiss at me...well only once. 
I like this space too. But the grass grows in clumps and not so good for eating. I saw a small snail though. I watched it for a bit but it was very S.L.O.W. 
I finally decided just to sit and watched the goings-on. I spent a whole hour here which did not make up for a whole week but better than nothing. I had a good time. 

Friday, September 26, 2014


I am looking forward to a walk this afternoon. san says we can go out for a bit if its cooler. Also it rained on and off yesterday. So its all good.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Thursday Firsts

The first time Tanaka decided to sniff my hair before he sits down to nap and get his quota of scritches in the afternoon. This happened only last month in late August.
The first time Bujang sat here to rest the afternoon away was 3 weeks ago when Putih came to our house to rest and recuperate. He usually just uses this head rest as a walkway from the cat seat hammock to the kitchen.
The first time Akira got off her cat seat to meet Tanaka when he was on his way up to disturb her peace was just last Monday, 22 September. She took quick strides towards him and yelled hysterically in his face. He got such a shock that he stopped for a moment before deciding that the best answer to that was to quickly hide in the cube. He stayed there looking at her for the rest of the evening while she sat on the shelf to preen and nap (cautiously).

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Tanaka Tuesday

 Here I am minding my own business, sitting on the couch. I wanted to see what being  a couch potato human would feel like.
 But I prefer my nap, especially in the afternoons with san
Sometimes san tries to disturb me but I am not bothered. She will leave me alone once her hands become numb :)

Monday, September 22, 2014

Koi Monday

Yesterday we hung some koi banners for both our rainbow kitties Megat and Toro. Last year, we had a toy goldfish for them. It was nice to see the fish swaying in the breeze although in this video, only the ribbons were swaying as the breeze was a gentle one. Once we get a nicer video with the fish and ribbon swinging, we would post that as well.
Both the boys were looking at it from inside the house.
 Our kitty Totoro and Megat

We would usually ask our friend Fern to talk to our rainbow kitties on their anniversary and this year, there was a request for a fish on sticks. Hmmm....so we thought the koi banners would be the closest that we can come to such a thing :) We hung the banners close to both their pots :)

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Easy Peasy Sunday No-Thanks

This Sunday we decided to do a No-Thanks entry. This will be a new one for us. 
It is not very difficult for me to do a No-Thanks entry eventhough I am by nature a loving kitty. I say No-Thanks to going to see Adrian, my osteopath. Eventhough he is very nice I really like staying home much better. I am a homebody. I told my friend Fern this but Fern told me san says the reason I feel better in my muscles is because Adrian helps me with making sure my spine is well all the time. I don't believe that but I will let it pass.  I also say No-Thanks to my brother, the orange cat. He seems a little slow in learning lessons about respecting others. 
This list is a simple one fur me. I say No-Thanks to the white comcat who is still in our house. I thought she was ok and then she went home. BUT she came back ! Why? She frightens me a little and I am a little afraid to go out or to walk around. I told my bruffer Totoro, that he should not send anymore cats to our house. I don't fink Totoro was listening to me. (In one of our sessions with Laura the animal communicator, about 2 years ago, he told Laura this to tell Totoro). I also say No-Thanks to timeouts. I can't help it if my sisfur likes quiet and being left alone. I like fun and energy and running after kitties. 
I am by nature a peace-loving kitty. The little white comcat is ok. She needs a place to rest for a bit and that is ok by me. She hisses a little when I go near her but I know it's because she is a little afraid so I eat in the living room. What I do not like is THUNDER and LIGHTNING. Last night there was so much rain and thunder and the flashes of lightening lit up my bedroom. Eventhough san drew the curtains, it did not stop the lightning from coming into our room and lighting it. I was so afraid that I had to hide under the dresser for 3 hours. I only came up to the bed to sleep at about 4.30 as I woke up san. Really someone should do something about THAT!
We had posted this pic last week but because we spent the whole entry on things we say No-Thanks to, san wants to remind us that we have so many things to be thankful about. but that would be for next Sunday as we have a routine of giving gratitude every two weeks (or so san thinks)

So maybe one thank you now. We thank all the kitties who had ever come to our blog just to read about us. It is good to know that we are part of a big community of cats and cat people and dog people and ok just everyone who loves animals and peace. 

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Saturday Easy

Saturdays are always easy days in our home. It rained this morning which meant all the kitties are asleep , even our comcat Putih. Another good thing about the rain was that it washed away the haze. 
After the rain I sat near the window seat. It was cool and a little breezy. I told san that it would be nice to have a real picture and not a sketched up one as well and she agreed. 

Friday, September 19, 2014


Its time to relax and hang out with the kitties!

san thought on TGIF she would post a pikshur of us that she took yesturday. She was furry sneaky and caught me while I was trying to make my way across her chest! She said THAT would teach me not to be so careless in future.

In community cat news, we are very sad to have to bring our cat Putih back home again. She was so happy to be out and about downstairs. But yesterday we saw that her wounds have opened, but only 3 that we can see. We don't know how this could have happened unless she had worried them all as when we released her, we had made sure that all her wounds had closed up and her skin was healthy.

 The above 2 pictures are of her opened wounds yesterday.
This was what her tail looked like on Monday!

I think we are in for some trouble in the household as the kitties would not be expecting her back again! She may not be too pleased at being a captive as well. We will be bringing her home after dinner this evening. I hope she would come in peacefully :)

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Community Cat Wednesday

Putih was very impatient to be home. She sat close to the door of the carrier, the  faster to jump out of it on Monday when we released her.
Last evening, she came out for dinner. We were afraid she may not make an appearance though but we glad when she did. She ate with gusto and then left quickly.
We had waited until the sores were all healed before we released her. So instead of the usual 10 days indoors, she had to stay for 14 days until all the 5 wounds closed up.

Fern had also spoken to Putih on Monday. She had this to say:

She said she was quite afraid to be outside again but in a way still wants to be where she used to. I asked her to stay way from other cats who might fight with her. She said yr house is comfortable and she is so lucky you helped her. She said she respects all yr kitties. I asked her if she remembers Totoro, she said yes and said she knows Toro has been resting.

ps: Toro used to open the bathroom doors to let her out at night when she was recuperating in our house before. He would sit outside the bathroom door and before long Putih would be walking about in the living room.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Totoro Tuesday

Today we remember our loving kitty Totoro who left us for the bridge on 16 September 2012 from CRF. His ashes rest here, in grandma's jasmine pot. I am glad the jasmine is flowering and we get a faint fragrance in the evening.
When he first came to live with us, he terrorised Bujang and Akira but later they became friends and used to hunt lizards together. This picture also showed his status very well :)
 This was taken in a space of a few minutes when he decided that he would allow us to use the flashy box. He sat here and posed for us.
 Even in the early days, he showed that he was a model and posed for us at anytime at all.
This is my favourite picture of Totoro. We had sat infront of the house for some time together to look at the happenings along the corridor. I remembered it was right after he 'escaped' from the house and had hidden himself in between my upstairs neighbours corridor garden plants. After this escapade, he decided that the outside was too dangerous for him.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Just Because

Peace at last...maybe

Today we will be releasing our comcat Putih downstairs at her own territory. We hope she will continue to thrive there and that she has a peaceful life. Tanaka will have his own life back without getting scared every time he goes to the living room. 

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Easy Peasy Sunday Thanks

This Sunday we are giving thanks for having a forever home. This week we had all gone to see Adrian, our osteopath and he was very pleased with out progress. We were very pleased ourselves. 
Tanaka: Here I was trying to be the Snoopervisor. I decided to walk about as it was no fun waiting in the carrier fur Adrian. Cousin R was furry kind and took care offur me while san was talking to Adrian about my sisfur Akira. I enjoyed my walk. 
Akira: I was glad I was in the carrier. I knew he could not get me so I was very relaxed. I did not even hiss at him. Adrian said I was very affectionate and loving. I know I am but it's still good to hear it from someone else. My spine is ok and I am in good form. Adrian told san that when I am next at the vet, I should check my thyroid but he said it's not so serious. He just felt something in my thyroid that would need checking. 
Here I was outside Adrian's office looking at people passing by. The road was not busy so it was very pleasant to be here. San put me in my walking jacket but I preferred just to sit and watch. I was glad to hear that my spine was not stressed this time and that I was the most healthy kitty among us. I was quite at the osteopath and did not bite or scratch Adrian eventhough san did not tell Fern to tell me to behave. A lot of people stopped by to look at me and they exclaimed that I was very big. One woman said that I was fat!! THAT was uncalled for as I did not call her a name! I showed Adrian that I had some trouble with my hind legs myself. I turned around in my carrier and showed him. So he massaged my muscles a little and told san what she needed to do. I heard san tell Adrian that she would do as he advised only if I let her do it. I don't know about that yet. I have to think seriously if I would allow san to massage me as well. But I am thankful that Adrian figured it out (with my help of course)
We are all thankful that san had tried to show us that a family should have love, joy and peace. 
Bujang: I have found joy in being able to teach my brother and sister how to behave at home and with each other. I have also found joy in just being myself. 
Tanaka: I know that I used to be afraid that san would love my sisfur more than she loves me but I now know that my sisfur is also furry lovable and cute. I do not know if I would be able to leave her in peace and to ignore her but I know san would help me to do it. I know that san loves me as well eventhough I am sometimes naughty. 
Akira: I now have more peace in the house. Tanaka does try to disturb me but now not so often. He knows san would put him on time-out or in the harness if he is naughty. I am now more able to relax even when I see him and try to ignore him when he tries to disturb me. I can only hope that he learns faster.