Sunday, September 07, 2014

Easy Peasy Sunday

This week was a little eventful. We spent quite a lot of it just in the living room as san told us our guest, Putih, needed a lot of time to rest. She was very quiet and only hissed at us if we went too near her cage so we left her alone. We hope she has a good rest and gets well. One thing we are glad is that we all have a home and we do not have to fight gangster cats. 
I am a little afraid of Putih. I know she is in the kitchen and I have been to the kitchen several times to look at her. She is quite fierce and would hiss at me. san tells me I need to help her get better so she can go home. So I spend my time in the bedroom at the cat seat. I told Fern I did not want anuffer girl cat in my house. I was a little confused why she was here but after talking to Fern I know she needed some place safer to get well and san would also have an easier time to clean her wounds. 
I was a little curious about Putih. I went to see her several times when she was in her cage but she kept hissing at me. I didn't hiss back as I knew she needed to rest for a bit in our house. So I usually have food in the living room now instead of in the kitchen. Life for me goes on as usual and that is good. I don't think we need another cat in the house and I told Fern this already and I know Fern has told san. I told Fern a long time ago that I think now is the time for me to get more attention from san as before my rainbow brothers had a lot of her attention as they were not well. But I am glad Putih is safe here to get better. 
Here I am looking after grandma. I saw that she was asleep yesterday and so I sat here to make sure that she had a good sleep. My week has been quiet as usual. I am not afraid of our guest Putih as Fern and san told me that all she needed was a safe place to get well. I understand such things and leave her alone to get better without snooping about at the cage. So I did my bit as a good host. I know that when the sliding door to the kitchen is open Putih would either be in her cage or in the bathroom resting so I would just sit on top of my fridge as usual. But I did ask san for a lot more attention and I am glad that she remembers to sit with me every night. I know she sits with Putih a little but at night as well but that is okay. 

Our last picture is of our guest Putih. She is calm but san thinks she may be a little sad as she is not used to being in a house at all and our space is of course small for her. She is used to big open spaces. 
san: She goes out into the kitchen but loves to be in the bathroom and would go there as soon as we open the cage. One of her wounds has healed very well but there is still a small hole not closed up yet. I have not been able to take a good picture of the other side but even that is healing well. Grandma is much taken with her pretty face and quiet manner :)


Katnip Lounge said...

You are all such wonderful Nurse Cats! We think Putih knows you have her best interest in you said she simply does not understand being "inside". We're happy having a guest didn't disturb any of you.

meowmeowmans said...

It sounds like you are all doing such a great job helping Putih get better. Thank you, dear friends.