Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Community Cat - The Calm after the Storm

There were many things that I had to consider before deciding if I can actually bring home our comcat Putih for the recommended 10 days (hopefully) of recuperation or 14 days. The first thing is how this would affect the amigos. I know that Tanaka would be very upset and might not even consider coming out to the living room at all. This was what had happened before. Bujang might vocalise even more than usual and Akira might overgroom even worse than normal. However, the situation was pretty dire and I had to make a decision before Putih's situation worsened. It was fortunate that we had Fern to help us smoothen the transition. Before we had Fern, I had to wing most of the decisions I have had to make for them. So this post would be the exchange between Fern and the amigos about Putih.
This was Bujang's worried face when he saw Putih in the house.
"I would ask Mummy"
Bujang: Feels worried (that she is gonna be a new member of the family) Jealous a bit. 
Fern told him that it was only temporary but he decided that he would ask me anyway. This was what he did and I had told him that Putih would be at the house only until she recovers and then she would go back. 
Tanaka: Nervous and confused why another girl cat here. He told me (Fern) about Putih before I (Fern) started telling him. I told him to be a gentleman.
Akira: She heard the boys communicating about a new cat in the house (she was in the computer room and so away from the chaos). She was curious at first but later she was calm and understands very well after I explained to her.

san: After the initial sniffing and investigations, the amigos relaxed slightly and just stayed in their happy places. I am pleased to see that Tanaka has not restricted himself to the bedroom only and yesterday had ventured outside into the family living space to relax. There is still an air of anticipation and a lot of curiosity especially when Putih meows loudly from the kitchen but no one is running around crazily at all.

Putih had stayed with us for short periods in the 8 years that I have been taking care of her. She stayed for a week after sterilisation, another week after her false pregnancy and for almost 2 weeks when her leg got bitten due to a cat fight. She could hardly walk then and the vet had to sedate her to lance the pus. This time, I hope it would not be such a long stay as she is not happy to be indoors with 3 strange cats herself.


Tom, Tama-Chan, Sei-Chan, Bibi-Chan, Gen-Chan, Vidock, Violette said...

You are being very brave and generous, Amigos! Putih, we are sending purrs for you to heal quickly and not feel too stressed.

The Chans

Eileen said...

Please let San take good care of poor Putih. I know it is hard to have a strange kitty in your home. I only had to tolerate a lost kitty for one night.
Meow from Jessica