Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Tanaka Report

It has been a long time since my last report. I am shure you want to know what I have been up to. I have nuffing to add to the 'talkies' but san says I have been a good boy. I have not chased the girl cat or chased megat all week but I am B.O.R.E.D! I have also not peed in front of the closet and I know san is pleased with me as I have been out for 3 days in a row. WHEE! In this pikshur, I am resting after my walk yesterday.
I have been doing many fings outside. san is growing somefing in a pot but I fink its dead as I have not seen anyfing growing in there.
 I have been eating some of grandma's plants. san tells me not to do it but I am a cool cat. Anyway I like greens. san is a little worried that I might get sick from eating bougainvillea leaves and I'm sure she would stop me soon but until then...
 Last Sunday I saw Bujang in the window. See? I was quite surprised and couldn't believe my eyes!
 I went nearer to investigate and then....
 WHAP! I jumped at him...
 But it was too difficult to stay on the ledge. But I had FUN!
 Then I decided to continue on my walk. It was quite relaxing.
 I didn't eat the neighbour's plants though. They were still furry small. I don't think they neighbour would allow it!
 I then walked up and down the stairs. It was furry good exercise.
I had a good time. san kept her promise to take me out when I am good. Maybe I should behave a lot more so I would get more walks. Hmmmmm....

Monday, July 30, 2012

Is it safe?

I am scared of the noises! I have sensitive ears and can hear many things. Is it safe?
(this is a very old photo of Totoro but it just fits him to a T)

This was one of the issues that I had asked Fern, our cat whisperer, when she came to our home.  I was concerned as he is the only cat who would run about at the slightest noise and he is afraid of shadows on the walls. Added to this, the vets told me that stress could lead to a worsening of his UTI. "Is it safe?" was the one thing he kept repeating to Fern.
"I do not like Megat. He scares me all the time."

Fern told us Toro showed her a glass wall that separated him from Megat. He did not show Fern this wall with any other cats. It seemed Megat was the only one that scared him as Megat would go out of his way to intimidate him and sometimes there would be a slapping match with Megat as victor. Toro does not mind all the other cats except Megat.

Megat: The cats just irritate me. I am irritated when I see them and so I hit them.
Megat is undergoing Reiki and hs behaviour has much imrpoved, almost immeiately.
Toro thinks Tanaka is a 'nuisance,' because he loves to have fun at the expense of others. He knows that Tanaka is not mean and he just wants to have fun.
We asked Toro whether he minded hanging out with Ms Akira a night. His first reaction was "But I don't know how to play." But as is his sweet nature, he promied he would try.
This was Toro's idea of playing! I had to call Fern and asked her to tell Toro that there is no need to chase Ms Akira. Toro told her he thought that playing means chasing, just like the amigos do when they play. So we told him to just sit and look at her or to blink his eyes and yawn, so Ms Akira would not be afraid. This was what he did yesterday. He just sat and peeked at her from behind the green tunnel :) But Ms Akira was still a little anxious, I had to put him in the room with Tanaka and Megat. If ever I doubted Fern, this would be the one thing that convinces me she could actually talk to the amigos as Toro did not chase Ms Akira at all.
This is actually his job. Every morning as I leave for work, I say goodbye to him and tell him that his job for the day is to look after his own couch (as no one else sits in it) and listen to the noises (he will do this anayway). He should then tell himself that he is safe at home and no one will hurt him. :)
Toro had also expressed a renewed interest in walking in his harness...as long as it was safe. So Fern had pictured him in his harness with me. He said he was interested to know what outside looks like :) So we will be doing that later as well :)

PS: This is the 4th post about our experience. Our last one would be about Megat :)
Just a note: Last Thursday 19/7, Fern, an animal communicator cam to my house to talk to my cats. I was concerned that Ms akira's over -grooming and Megat's aggression to the othe cats were making everyone a trifle stressed. It was an eye-opening experinece and now Ms akira and Megat are undergoing Reiki to balance their systems. We have been having some good results but those updates will be later, after I have posted the animal talk of all the 5 cats :)

Friday, July 27, 2012

Is THAT even necessary?

 Why is there a need to pet me? I do NOT see the necessity!
 I have a job to do. I need to take care of the cats. It's my job!

That was in response to the question as to why he is always so fierce and why he scratches even family who try to pet him on the 19th July. He would bite or use his claws to very good (and painful effect) . Fern said that he did not know that 'that' behaviour is fierce but he did say that he had to protect the kitties and so he did not want to be petted. He did not see why people need to do that.

I had asked Fern to tell him to be nicer to people, especially vets who would need to touch him so they can see if he is alright. He sees the vet for annual checkups or when his claws are too long and they need to be trimmed. It seems he does not like anyone to touch his paws as he feels uncomfortable when they do. When I asked Fern to try to tell him he should allow the vets to touch him, my cat Bujang said , "OK, if they need to BUT not too much!" :)
 He simply adores going for walks but I needed him to know that if the day is wet out, if it rains or if I am late back, we can't go for a walk. Bujang said the following.

Bujang: Why can't go out when it rains?
Fern: Because the grass and ground would be wet (pictures them in her mind so she can have Bujang see it)
Bujang: Why can't go out if its wet?
Fern: Then mummy (me) might get a cold. (pictures me with a cold)
Bujang: (he is not too happy with it) Ok then. I don't want mummy to get a cold.
So now when it's raining out, he actually would relax and sit and not stare at my face intensely, willing me to walk him downstairs :)
I also told Fern to tell him to relax a little and he does not always need to be incharge. He is thinking about it although even to this day, he is still THE BOSS. I was also concerned that Bujang might feel left out since there are so many other cats living with us. Bujang said that he knows I have to give every one some attention and he realises that I may not have so much time to give him BUT if I pay him a little attention now and then, he would be a happier kitty! Fern said that Bujang is a nice and sweet cat with a very mature personality :) I think so too.
 However, Fern says I need to give Bujang a job since he is so responsible so every morning I tell him his job is to take care of the house and every evening when I come home he gets a treat and if its not raining or dark , he gets to go out but only after he eats dinner. If not, he would not eat anything as he only thinks of going out. The other thng that would make him happy is for me to give him different types of food often! WHAT? I told Fern that he gets so many different types of brands of cat food already. Hahaha!

I am bored! B.O.R.E.D. I want to be a cool cat!

Tanaka has been behaving very well,even though he feels bored as he is not llowed to run after Ms Akira and Megat. To his credit, he tried very hard and has not pestered Ms Akira at all eversince last Thursday. He forgot about Megat once or twice but at least he was not as persistent as before in waiting for Megat behind chairs and tables so he could pounce on him.

We had to speak to him about a peeing problem. From January of this year, I smelled pee infront of my closet but we did not manage to catch the cat that did it. I changed and threw out a lot of my stuff as I thought that was where the smell emanated from as some of the stuff and boxes were old and falling apart. Then last week, one of us saw Tanaka peeing infront of the closet. He was caught RED-HANDED! So  I placed the plastic spike mat, which is an  anti-peeing cat guard in front of the closet and asked Fern to tell him to stop peeing and to go to the litter to do it. My cat Tanaka had this to say.

I am bored. I pee because I want to appear cool infront of the others.

When he was told the black spikes were not for him to pee on but to remind him to pee in the litter box, he said, "What?And then I would be BORED!' Fern told him that the smell would make  me and the family unhappy and we have been so happy wth him now that he has stopped chasing the cats. He  said that he would stop but he wanted some balls to play with. He has had many balls that he has lost but we are getting him some table-tennis balls later. Also grandma said she would try to make him some paper balls as they would be light enough for him to bat about as well :))

Just a note: Last Thursday 19/7, Fern, an animal communicator cam to my house to talk to my cats. I was concerned that Ms akira's over -grooming and Megat's aggression to the othe cats were making everyone a trifle stressed. It was an eye-opening experinece and now Ms akira and Megat are undergoing Reiki to balance their systems. We have been having some good results but those updates will be later, after I have posted the animal talk of all the 5 cats :)

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A Cat Just Wants to have FUN!

 Fun is my middle name. I just want to have FUN!FUN!FUN!
I chase the Akira and Megat because its FUN!
 I like all the cats in the house. They are FUN. I don't mind anyone. I also love food.
Fern told him that Ms Akira is the only female cat cat in the house and so he should not chase her.

Tanaka: I chase her because she is afraid of me. Anyway its FUN!
I chase Megat because I know he is the weakest one. It is fun to disturb him.

When Fern told him that Megat is not well and that he should not chase Ms Akira, he appeared to think about it. When she said he would be rewarded with food (since he loves to eat) he said... 
Its a deal! He would try to be nice if he ges food as a reward.

Fern said that Tanaka does not have  amean bone in his body. He just likes fun and alot of activity. So that night (Last tHursday when Fern came to speak with him) I told him that if he does as he promises I would reward him with food. As he is still thin, I think it is quite ok for now although later I hope for him to learn to be nicer to her.

The next morning, he actually ignored Ms Akira. He did not go near her cage, stare at her though the bars of the cage or put his paws through the cage. Instead he sat looking away from her. So he got a reward. Even THIS morning, he immediately went to the kitchen to wait for breakfast instead of going to her cage. I am so pleased with him and have been praising him for this thoughtfulness. Of course he still peers under her door but he has not gone to her cage to pester her at all for 4 days!

His resolve with Megat is not so good. He tried for the weekend but yesterday and this morning, he chased Megat as usual. We have a long way to go :) I told Tanaka that his job is to take care of Megat and not case him. I guess it doesn't work!

When Fern asked Totoro what he thought of Tanaka, he said " He is unbearable." :)) But Toro knows that Tanaka is not scary, unlike Megat.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Easy peasy Sunday

 Our little garden is growing quite well. This section is infront of Ms Akira's room
 I saw our first butterfly and I was very excited about it. But Ms Akira did not catch it as she was fast asleep under her blanket. But at least I know that the butterfly might come again and she may chance about something to interest her.
 This is where we have one lime tree and one pandanus. I had added a some jasmine plant just this morning so we would have more sweet-smelling plants for us and Ms Akira to smell in the morning.
 Butterfly? I don't think I can watch that san. Someone might takeover my couch and I can't have that!
Bujang: I'll think about it. I have a job to do.
san: What's the job?
Bujang: BOSS of course! Who is going to look after the kitties if I look at butterflies?

Friday, July 20, 2012

I think I am pretty...I don't really know

 I am afraid of the 3 boys. I do not know why they are chasing me all the time...
 I want to go out but the living room is too open. There are no safe places for me...but if san carries me around, I would be much braver and I know I would be safe. I would go out then. But only if san carries me.
The reasons she told Fern as to her over-grooming:
I do not know if the boys think I am too pretty and so they chase me. If I make myself more ugly, maybe they would stop. But I am not sure. Maybe I am too ugly. If I groom and make myself pretty, maybe they would stop. My room is ok but  am bored in the room. And when san goes out to work, I miss her and so I groom myself also.
 I like Bujang most of all. He may be big but he is very calm.
Bujang is usually with her at night when she comes out of the room for 1 or 2 hours.
The cat that I woud like to meet at night is Totoro...but only if  Bujang is there. If Bujang is not there I don't want to meet anyone. I do not want the other boys. I do not like them as they chase me.

Oh dear. The whole post has disappeared. Lets see if I can re-write this post again.

Fern came to our house at about 4. I had told the amigos that someone would come by to speak to them and they should just tell her what was on their mind. Then 5 minuts before she came, all the boys stared at the gate...at nothing. I guess they knew our guest was on her way.

Fern said hello to the boys and then went to see Ms Akira. She greeted Ms Akira softly and then I went out to write many more questions as I wanted her to speak to every one ofthe amigos. When I enterd the room again, Fern was seated with her eyes closed and after some time she opened her eyes and smiled and said that Ms Akira was very chatty and friendly. Whenever she says Ms Akira's name, Ms Akira would look at her and then close her eyes quietly.  This happened with all the boys as well. It was amazing to see it.

The workplan was to very slowly introduce Ms Akira to the household. Since she does not like the open living room, Fern suggested that I hold Ms akira and bring her out of the room several times, for longer and longer periods but I must always hold her. Ms Akira said that she would agree to try if I hold her as she would feel safe and secure. So this I can put into action almost immediately. She also wanted to see only Totoro. I think its because Toro is a sweet-natured kitty and she and toro had known each other for about a year before I adopted Megat. So the deal is Bujang + Totoro and NOT Totoro minus Bujang. Bujang must always be involved in any introductions :)

Also Fern told me that Ms AKira does not like the smell of her kibble (renal kibble) and she wanted small treats that smelled of strawberries. She showed Fern pictures of tiny pink kibble. I then asked Fern to tell Ms AKira that she cannot have treats for dinner ...hahaha.

But as Ms akira is willing to try, I would see how it goes. But it will be a long process but I think it itry5 years in a room is quite enough. I hope with this she would over groom less. We will have to see.

I also gave Ms akira a job to do today - Keep a close eye on her oom and to groom less :) I gave all the boys jobs as well as Fern said it would be good to give pets a job so they would feel as though they are helping you but I would post that on another day:)

But the amigos are realy a funny lot!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Cat Whisperer in our midst

I told her many things and she said I was chatty and a nice kitty.

Today we had an animal communicator Fern to come to our house as I feel that we may need more help than what the vets can give us, especially for Ms Akira. It was very exciting for me and for the amigos and I didn't think all of them would be so chatty and their personalities shone through everything.  I had been to Laura Stinchfield's blog and read about her as well as listened to her radio show and thought I should give this a shot. I am glad I did and as Fern said I could blog about our meeting, I would be doing so in the weeks to follow. We had also decided on a course of action that might help Ms Akira and the boys (but not with Tanaka and Megat, as she does not like them yet) can get together. Hopefully in the months to come, she would get a little better. Ms Akira and Megat are both also getting Reiki for emotional help.

I do not know how many people believe in animal communicators but I would do really anything to get help for the amigos :). I think they have a special skill and gift that would be helpful for us here. Our first instalment will be tomorrow for Ms Akira as I have some work stuff to get through tonight :)

PS. sorry Fern if I get some of the words wrong as I didn't get all the words they said on paper :)

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Amigos Wednesday Lazeabout


Tomorrow we are going to have quite an exciting day at home. I have decided to call in additional help, a pet communicator and behaviourist,  for Ms Akira and her continued over-grooming problems even with clomicalm. I thought it best that she comes to see all of them in their usual environment and then go from there. We will write about it once we know all the details.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Taking It Easy on Monday

 The boys (and sometimes enemies) taking it slow...
This fits Toro very well too...

I had originally bought this cat seat for Bujang since he is our biggest cat at 8kg. Bujang has used this only once or twice as he prefers sitting by the window in the living room or sleeping on grandma's bed where no one disturbs him. Totoro was the first brave kitty to sit here although he has now abandoned this for his favourite couch :) Itis close to impossible to buy ample seating for the kitties and this petshop is one of the very few to stock brand of cat trees. It is also made of pine so its long-lasting as well.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Easy Peasy Sunday

 This Sunday our hibiscus showed her first flower. It was a nice orange one. The hibiscus is in a high pot outside so no fears about the cats getting sick from it.
 Totoro decided to do laundry duty ...
 Megat decided to get higher as the morning was busy with chores. he did not want any!
 Ms Akira was far too busy surveying the land to bother about laundry or chores!
 Big BOSS was watching the house! No one gets off chores except himself and maybe...
Tanaka, who was our resident neighbourhood watch kitty!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Saturday Cuddle

The amigos were very relieved when the little calico girl went to her forever home. Akira was not very upset when she saw the calico in the kitchen but she did not enter the kitchen at all. Only Megat was  unfazed and Totoro was not very concerned. But Tanaka refused to come out of the bedroom for 3 days and would not enter the kicthen at all. But now everything is ok and everyone has relaxed considerably. Phew!