Saturday, June 30, 2007

Calico girls' night out ...and in...

MC's after dinner grooming...

Ms indooors...

I made a special trip to comb the playground to look for MC after feeding Putih and I saw her stalking through the grass. I rang my keys and she turned about to locate the sound. Then when she saw me making my way to her, she growled a little and came towards the food. As she was rather distrustful of me still, I sat a few feet away while she ate hungrily. then I figured I should try to come closer as I think I will try to get her spayed next week as I have the spay slot at the Animal Clinic. Cik Mina at work is still growling and snarling whenever she sees me so THAT would take some more time I think. I think if she comes everyday, I should be able to get close enough to get her into Bujang's carrier.
Ms Akira the other calico sat for abit with me. She had spent the whole day on top of the cupboard in the computer room as we had guests and she isnot exactly the most friendly of cats. The boys immediately fell asleep after the guests left as they had been awake all day trying to figure out who the people were and of course when we have guests every one of them would be on the alert. That must be very exhausting for each of them :)

Boys on saturday

Megat on a bed of flowers...

Bujang on the coffee table. watching...

El Toro trying to break out...

2 cats on the dining table...

On Saturdays, we at the amigo house only rest and relax.

MC's missing posters

Well some more bad news about MC's posters. I should have expected it to happen I guess. All the posters that I had put up are no more. I found one in the bin but as it was all mixed up with the trash I didn't rescue it. I do not know why the cat ones are trashd while the numerous ones about tuition and housing are still standing. I can only think that possibly the posters were too big. I should have smaller ones but I thought these would be inconspicious and would not achieve my objective of finding MC's owner. Since I do not have a printer, I can't make new posters for the weekend!!
MC was not at dinner yesterday. If she was the one that my cousin saw fighting with FatBoy, then she has survived quite well as her fur still looks beautiful and she looked healthy. I think she may be like Big Casanova. He is really beautiful and very healthy like FatBoy but he does not come to dinner often. So my guess is Big casanova and MC may be pets sent out by clueless pet owners who still harbour romantic notions of pet freedom. My only hope is that these pets do not meet the reality of abuse and lonely deaths.

Friday, June 29, 2007

News from MC poster

Waiting until cats have horns eh...

I am still waiting for someone to call to tell me that MC has an owner. But there has been no calls or messages or anything. I am afraid that no one is going to take responsibility for MC. I think she is an escaped kitty as she looks well and her fur is clean. She is also a confident kitty. I hope to see her this evening. Actually my real hope is that she is already home with the people who love her.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Stop it will ya

Megat reminding me of my duty ...

This is the first week of work and so I am busy at the computer. Megat has tried to sit on my keyboard several times, obviously to remind me I have more importnat things like playing with him. Toro and Bujang just amused themselves by running after each other. I try to sit at the deskstop everyday so Ms Akira can hang out with me for a bit. But the amigos are getting really impatient with me I fear. :)

Public service notice

My public service notice...

I pasted this notice next to the lifts in the blocks surrounding the place that I saw the mystery cat - MC. I posted one in my block this afternoon whenI got home from work. When I went down to feed Minah, the poster was gone. I do not know if it had fallen and someone had thrown it in the bin or someone actually brought it home.
The bad thing is I did not see MC for dinner. I asked the people who were milling about if they had seen her but no one had. I hope the poor kitty is ok.
I wonder if I would get a call from the TC about putting up illegal notices. Hmmmm....

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Is this the mystery cat?

Mystery Cat?

Side View :)

Top View :)

Front View :)

Back View :)

Mystery Cat
I finally saw the mystery cat - maybe. She's calico with a beautiful long tail. She was not afraid of me when I came to give her some food so I think she belongs to someone. She actually meowed when she saw the food on the grass and came towards me and the food so I think she belongs or used to belong to someone. She is as small as Ms Akira but with a lower growl.
I told grandma to tell the person who had told her she had lost her cat but grandma doesn't know where this person lives. :( Maybe tomorrow I would print out the cat pic and put it on the notices for the person to contact me or something. She is too pretty to be about all by herself and rather tame to boot. If she belongs to nobody, then I would have to spay her. I think it would be easier to catch her (if she comes back to dinner) than to catch Cik Mina who still distrusts me. I do not think the mystery calico's mom would be pleased if she sees her cat with a tipped ear!

Today Cal came out to have dinner. She took a few mouthfuls of Salmon Dinner and then she dartered about. I thought the young girl who was walking near her scared her but not so. She saw a lizard and started to chase it about. Then with one strong paw she caught it and ate the whole lizard sans tail in 2 bites. Then she ate the tail that was jumping about still :) -I bite. 1 small lizard in 3 bites! Not a bad catch. It was only after that that she ate the rest of her salmon dinner:)
I think someone else is feeding Putih as when I had finished feeding her, I saw a young woman coming towards us with a plastic bag. She was startled when she saw me and she started to move towards the playground. But as I was feeding the mystery calico, I saw her sitting where I had fed Putih before. When she left, she looked behind her, just like I would do or the old aunty would have done. So that is why I think she was feeding Putih. But she fed only Putih I guess as the rest of the Wild Bunch are always hungry.

Power to you Bujang




Bujang has been slowly taking back power from Megat. The last few weeks saw him being on the same bed as Megat, staring Megat down and he no longer runs frantically when Megat gives him THE STARE.
I first saw it when we were both just hanging out in bed. He was just sitting and minding his own business when Megat decided to try to scare him. Since Bujang did not start as usual, Megat was at a loss of what to do. I watched the two of them try to stare each other down and finally Megat decided it would be best if he did the retreating. From this point on, I think Bujang reclaimed some power that he lost.
Today, Bujang just decided he would sit on this cushion, which Megat had decided early on belonged to him. More power to you Bujang :)
Megat on the other hand has got more confident in other areas, like sitting with grandma. Nowadays he would actually make a point of going to grandma and requesting some attention. :)

My neighbour Totoro

Totoro - the forest sprite with his umbrella...

Totoro hanging out with the kids in a field of flowers...

My cat Totoro hanging out with me...

Ok. I think both Totoro are very helpful and friendly. I am glad Toro lived up to his namesake :)
Thanks to cat_aunty who sent us the pics.

Who's knocking on my door

Cat litter!! Yawn....
I thought it would be easier for me just to have the cat food delivered to my house, instead of me having to lug cat food weekly! So this afternnon, the PL delivery guy came to deliver 8 bags of litter and 30 cans of Salmon Dinner for Cal - her favourite.
Bujang welcomed the delivery guy with a furtive looks but at least he was out in the living room but safely on the tbale, away from the door :) The rest of the gang disappeared and Ms Akira hid under the floor mat. Grandma told me she has taken to hiding under mats eversince last week when the neighbour upstairs had done some home improvement.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Yes its a mystery

I also say...

When I came back from feeding the WildBunch (and Cal has decided to hide once again), the neighbour's domestic help told me that she saw a calico kitty outside my door this morning! HUH! I asked to describe the kitty. She said it looked like Minah! I was flabbergasted as I have never brought Minah to my flat and I don't think she would know how to look for me upstairs.
Then I remembered grandma telling me that one of the neighbours had told her that they had lost their cat. This must be the kitty that my cousin saw when I was in HK; the one who had fought with FatBoy. I do not know how she managed to come home. But I am really amazed as to why this kitty decided to sit outside my door and in addition, I am also amazed by the fact that I have never seen this elusive kitty- a little calico. I also do not know which neighbour this was that had lost the kitty, if indeed this is the lost kitty in the first place. I do not think its Minah as that would be next to impossible.

Cal finally out in the open

Cal out at the void deck...

Cal looking well despite the hide-and-seek...
Finally Cal decided to come out into the open to eat dinner. This void deck is a very open place and I'm glad she is not afraid to be out. The residents usually just look at her or avoid her when they see her eat with me in attendance. I would usually sit beside her (and all the other WB) and wait for her to have enough of her Salmon Dinner. I have to see today whether this was just a fluke though.
When I ring the keys for Cal, FatBoy would also help me to look around for her and he would meow his 'invite'. This FatBoy is one smart kitty :)

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Sunday Thoughts

It's my house too...

As I was making my way out this afternoon I caught Toro relaxing on the sofa with grandma's favourite cushions. Of cos Toro was wide awake by the time I clicked his pic with my nokia :) He is always the one who is quite willing to pose for pictures :)
Work begins tomorrow and I think I will miss being with the amigos during the day. Their routine is the same - wake up, yell at me to wake up, have breakfast, take a nap, sit under the sun and nap some more, sit outside when I let them, nap again until dinner, eat and then play. Finally everyone settles down to sleep at about 11 pm.
The WildBunch are all at attendance today, even Cal who came out from under a red colt when I rang the keys.
I am just finishing the lst bits of work with Ms Akira on my lap. she has been whining the whole day, even after grandma lets her sit on her lap twice. She is sitting quietly looking at nothing. The rest of the boys are outside...napping. :)

Animal Planet

Let me at him too...

He's running from a goose?

Toro watched Animal Planet this morning quite avidly. In these picures, he was watching the episode about a top dog who got spooked by a goose in his kennel. :) The dog was running towards him and Toro got very excited by all the chaos on TV. The second picture got him a little calmer as it was just about how the goose and dog became friends :) Toro sat to watch the whole episode and left when Animal Planet showed some dolphins. :)

Saturday Outside

All leashes in a row...

The 3 kitties waiting for instructions...

Toro' giving me special instructions cos he is kind of nervous when he is outside...

Toro in a romantic feline pose...

Toro enjoying himself outside...

Saturday morning found the 3 kitties quite eager to be out, even Ms Akira although she did not make it out at all. The kitties were rather nervous as there were intermittent sounds of drilling from upstairs. They jumped everytime they heard it. Bujang was out only for a while as the neighbours kids came whizzing along the corridor on their skateboard and he got spooked for abit.
So it was Toro who actually had the most fun outside. He came in when he got nervous and then he went out again...several times. As I was sitting at the door, he was much braver to sit outside by himself. Bujang just rested near the door the whole time. I think he had quite enough of surprises to last him the whole day.
The rest of the day was pretty quiet as the kids had gone down to play and there were only a few people walking past our house. Megat was nowhere to be seen. These days, he prefers to sit on the bed by himself while everyone is outside in the living room. In this way, he actually gets the whole room to himself unless one of the kitties want to go to the bathroom. :)


The WildBunch are eating from aluminium bowls these days. Their whiskers do not touch the sides of the bowls and so they are much happier. Even FatBoy is taking a new interest in Snappy Tom since I have put the contents in the flat alumiium bowl. I am glad cos I bought Snappy Tom by the dozen and if he doesn't est it, no one else is going to, except Minah sometimes.
FatBoy has a new routine for feeding. After I fed him, I would usually feed Cal. But these days Cal does not appear at 7.10. So I would feed Putih first and trace my steps back. It was quite interesting to see that one day, I came down at 7 and FatBoy was not at his feeding station. I jingled the keys and called out his name but he still did not appear. So I went to feed Putih instead at the playground. After Putih had taken about 2 bites of fussiecat, I felt Fatboy at my side! He was panting hard from running! I think he ran about looking for me and found me at the playground. He had seen me at the playground once when he followed behind me. So I guess he remembered where I might be and just ran about to look for me. Anyway, Putih is my last station but I would usually go back to round up FatBoy and bring him back to his block. Sometimes he is still hungry and so he would get the last bits of fussiecat which he simply loves.
Now the routine is Minah, Fatboy, Cal (if she is there), Putih, Cal (if she is not at her station the first time), FatBoy (cos I have to make sure he gets back to his flat) and Minah. Minah usually gets some kibble before I go back. It takes me about 40 minutes. I am so much better at this now as before it would have taken me 1 hr 30 minutes...and that was without Putih!!
Sometimes Big Casanova comes to dinner. When this happens I know Cal would take alot of persuading to eat. I now feed her in-between cars (which is dangerous for her as well) in the carpark or yesterday she was under a car (out of the carpark). She simply refuses to come out to the void deck to eat. I have yet to discver how to entice her to get out from under and between cars for dinner.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Cik Mina's great escape

Who is she taking in now?
I was supposed to get Cik Mina to the vet today. I brought this carrier to work yesterday so the aunties at work can help me to catch her. But Cik Mina escaped twice - once from me and once from the auntie. So the whole capture was a total failure and Cik Mina runs a 1000 miles away when she sees either of us. So her spaying has to be delayed by 3 weeks as the next date I can get is on the 5th of July.
I hope nothing will happen to Cik Mina before then.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Sunday trials

Ms Akira relaxing under the lamps...

At this late hour I thought I would catch up on work. Next week is the last week of vacation but people like me have to get back to work already. :( However, Ms Akira has other ideas. She came down from the top of the cupboard and decided she wanted to sit with me for a while - on my lap under the lamps. So here I am , blogging with a cat who is not going to get up any time soon. :)

No meds!

No I do not want any meds...

Grandma and I had such a time trying to get Megat to take his vitamins. We walked up to him, he ran. I gave the boys some treats and he came creeping to get some. Of course he slipped from my fingers when I tried to grab him. He ran circles around the both of us. He is a very nimble 10 year old! When I came home from feeding the WB, grandma caught hold of Twinkle-toes and I gave him his 0.5 mm of ARCferon. He went, "Ack!Ackk!" and ran off to hide. Poor Megat is now sleeping on the green sofa behind me, quite peacefully. :)

WildBunch on Sunday

Cats in a community

The WildBunch was pretty relaxed today except Cal who I had to wait for close to 30 minutes. I was afraid it would rain and didn't have an umbrella with me. I had visions of Putih getting drenched in the rain as the aunty had told me she didn't have a habit of getting in from the rain at all. So instead of waiting for Cal to appear I went to find Putih. I had to walk right up to her before she saw me. I think its because I forgot to ring my keys. :) She ate 3/4 of the 80 g of fussiecat. I was pleased as if it rains, she would not be so hungry.

Then I went back to the carpark and waited for Cal with FatBoy. he polished the rest of the fussiecat and then I saw Cal waiting for me in the carpark. I do not know why she has decided not to come out but would wait in the shadows for me to make her out. I was jjust about to go home when I saw her. She ate 1/2 of her salmon dinner and scratched me for good measure as I tried to stop her from leaving :) It served me right for forgetting to give her some respect :)

Of course FatBoy polished off her food and then went about his business. It struck me that the only WildBunch who had never scratched me was FatBoy! He's very even-tempered and loving.

Let's Play

Who's there?

Bujang was trying to get at Da Bird from inside the red tunnel. Toro likes to be in here too when he stalks Da Bird. He likes to run through the tunnel and then pounce at the flying lure. Megat had explored the tunnel only once. He didn't like it much. Probably because it reminds him too much of closed places.

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Friday, June 15, 2007

Is nothing sacred?

Toro sitting with me as his shelf was occupied by an intruder!

It was none other than The Great Pretender Megat!

Toro decided he would tell Megat a thing or two about rights!

Toro was not happy when he came into the computer room and saw Megat on his throne. But being the clever cat that he was, he very calmly sat with me and then slowly came up on the 2nd shelf to investigate more closely. Megat was at first oblivious to this but after a few seconds, he stopped grooming and looked at Toro. The two boys had a quiet staring match after which Toro decided to turn his back to Megat and acted nonchalant. After about 1 minute, Megat came down from Toro's throne and looked for something else to do. Right now Toro is busy grooming himself on his favourite shelf and Megat is nowhere to be found.
I guess they sorted it out for themselves :)

Lilo at the vet

A little fuzzy pic of Lilo...

This is Lilo. She is one of the two cats that my cousin adopted some time ago from M. She is very pretty and has green eyes. She is at the vet at the same time as Bujang. I was so surprised when he (my cousin) entered the vet's and saw me. He immediately asked me if I had seen his son and Lilo. I told him I was the only one there with Bujang. He was quite distressed and rushed out again. After abit, he entred the clinic again and told me his son was on his way. It seemed Lilo was sick and she had been vomitting for 2 days. She would drink water and then she would vomit.

Poor Lilo was looking quite tired and my cousin was trying to comfort her. Then I had to bring Bujang to see the doc for his nails . After we came out, the doc called for Lilo. I was glad that Bujang and I were at the vet for just some nail-trimming and nothing more serious.

Nail trimming day

No leave me alone pleaasseeee...

Waiting for a cabbie...

Bujang looking anxious...or looking for a way out...

Finally Bujang went to the vet for his nail appointment. He waited quietly at the vet. There was no one there but us. Then the vet called "Bujang" and we went into the 'room'. I put Bujang's carrier on the table and the vet chatted with us for a bit. She said one her collegues had recorded that Bujang was apt to struggle and bite. Sigh...poor Bujang has a record!
I told her that he did that when he had to take his blood test for his sterilization when he was 6 months. I admitted that he did attempt to bite the nurse and they actually had to put a cloth over him to restrain him. She then asked me when I last fed him. I told her that it was 9 am and she said just in case she has to sedate him she would need all the info. She then told me that it was not wise to sedate him all the time if he has to get his nails trimmed. She doesn't recommend it. I told her that if she has to sedate him then I would not want his nails trimmed. It seemed so overboard to do that to my cat!
She was quite pleased to know my decision and started talking to Bujang softly. Bujang was still quiet and was quite afraid. Then she opened the door to the carrier and told him he was a handsome boy and a few nails would not hurt. I told the doc just trim the front nails as I do not want him to get more stressed out. The nurse came and she held his neck and face gently. The doc then spoke softly and told him that she would trim his nails and he did not have to see them done :) She then very quickly clipped one...then two more and then the last 2. He did not struggle wildly but he started to growl softly in his chest. WAH!
The three of us all looked at each other! Bujang was a little tense but he did not show his teeth yet. The vet then moved around slowly to the other side and spoke to him again. The nurse moved closer to Bujang to get a firmer grip. Very quickly she cuts one, two, three. Then Bujang decided that enough was enough. He yelled and showed his very sharp fangs. He also tried to free himself! Everyone froze! The vet told him only 2 more and I told Bujang that after the two nails, he would be able to get out of the clinic. Once Bujang relaxed a bit, the vet very quickly tried to trim his other nails but someone opened the adjoining room's door and he started to snarl again. The vet told the 2nd nurse to be quiet and to keep still. It was all very tense!
Then after a few minutes, she took his paw in her hand again gently and trimmed the rest! WOAH! SUCCESS! HURRAH! WOOHOO!
The whole operation was done in fewer than 10 minutes. I paid $14.oo and the doc said that she hoped he would not remember the whole procedure as she expects to see him next month for nail trimming. Maybe next time we can go for 3 out of 4 feet :)
After that, I sent Bujang to the groomer's as she was just beside the clinic. She was quite relieved to know that she did not have to cut his nails. She said it would take 3 people to cut his nails but only 1 to bathe him. So Bujang got his front paws nails cut and he got a nice bath also. I think we had had a successful day.

Megat at rest

Some bald spots on his right side...

U don't wanna mess with me!

I saw that Megat did not have much hair on the right side of his body, not only on his back. I don't think he is growing anymore hair in these places. he seemed happy enough with himself though:) I don't think there is any real remedy for cat pattern baldness :)